The Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) exists by Government’s General Notice Number  125/1968 of the Finance and Audit Act to operate as a commercially oriented Treasury Fund with the purpose of purchasing, storage and distribution of medicines and medical supplies for the public health facilities.

Revision of the legal status of the then Central Medical Stores (CMS) to become a Public Trust was initiated in early 2000.

Following Cabinet approval of the Trust Deed  in October 2008, the CMST Board of Trustees was appointed in November 2010 and revocation of the 1968 Medical Stores Fund Order followed in July 2011. Registration of the Central Medical Stores as a Public Trust was in August 2011.



A Public Trust is foreseen to judiciously and efficiently estimate and buy the medical and pharmaceutical demands of the population through proper public procurement, appropriate  storage and proficient distribution of the supplies to user facilities. 


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