MR ANDREW CHIKOPA MSc Strategic Mgt, BSc Econ - Member

MR ANDREW CHIKOPA MSc Strategic Mgt, BSc Econ - Member

MR ANDREW CHIKOPA MSc Strategic Mgt, BSc Econ - Member

On the Board, Mr. Chikopa Represents the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) of which he is the current Executive Director.

Mr. Chikopa is experienced in Strategy and Programme Development, Team Management, Financial and Human Resources Management, Partnerships Management, Communication and Representation, and Governanace.

He is a Board Member of Platinum Solutions Pvt Ltd and a member of the Malawi Health Sector Joint Fund, Malawi HIV/AIDS Partnership Forum, Malawi Global Fund Coordination Committee, Youth Arm Organization, St Dominic the Benovelont Group, and St Anthony of Padua Fundraising Committee.

He holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management (Marketing) from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom, a Bachelor of Social Science [Economics] from the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College and a Postgraduate University Certificate in Marketing from the University of Malawi.

He likes reading informative magazines, newspapers and attending social gatherings. Anoint




29 May 2018

Board Of Directors