Dr. MOSES CHISALE, BSc, Doct. Pharm, CU Pharmacology

Dr. MOSES CHISALE, BSc, Doct. Pharm, CU Pharmacology

Dr. MOSES CHISALE, BSc, Doct. Pharm, CU Pharmacology

Director Pharmaceutical Operations

Dr Chisale has been with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Temporary Advisor for the Essential Medicines Program and a substantive Regional Advisor for Pharmaceuticals in the WHO African Region based in the Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. 

He has provided technical advice and direct technical support to countries in Africa for the formulation and implementation of national medicine policies with focus on regulatory and quality assurance systems, rational use, supply chain management and pharmaceutical sector governance. He has served as Pharmacist and then Principal Pharmacist at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

He holds a State Doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Dijon (France), a Bachelor of Science from University of Malawi — Chancellor College,  a Certificate in Medical French from the University of Clermont (France) and a University Certificate in Pharmacology from University of Paris VII (France).

He has co-authored various technical documents including guidelines for the formulation of national medicine policies, training manual on the management of drugs at health centre level, various newsletters, drug price indicators and guidelines for the prevention and clinical management of snakebites in Africa.




29 May 2018

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