Donations Management

The Trust often times receive donations on behalf of the Ministry of Health. These donations are basically supposed to be distributed freely to the Health facilities. The Trust shall indeed endeavour to accomplish this noble cause as intended by the donor. However the Trust shall request some management costs to be borne by the recipient of the donation for the following reasons.

  1. Handling of the donations by the Trust staff
  2. Storage of the donations into the Trusts warehouses pose a problem especially when the donation will take longer before the distribution list is produced for the facilities benefiting from the donation
  3. Distribution costs incurred by the Trust to distribute the donations. These include, fuel, wear and tear to the vehicles, allowance costs the members of staff involved in the deliveries of the donations and handling and management of the donations while in transit to the health facilities.

In line to this. It has been observed that at times donations take too long before the distribution list is provided. And again most of the donations have short shelf life. Therefore, the Trust shall abide by the following procedure in order to shorten the period with which the donations would remain in the Trusts warehouses or indeed reduce make sure that the short life that the donations would have be utilized within its shelf life.

Once the Trust has received any donation,

  1. The Trust shall immediately ask the Ministry of Health (MOH) for a distribution list for the said donation
  2. Once the MOH has given the Trust the distribution list, the distribution shall begin
  3. The Trust shall distribute the donation based on the list provided
  4. if the MOH list is not forth coming, the Trust shall take the donation as a KIT and would make a choice to donate it as a whole to either one facility or two/three. Those facilities would liaise with the other facilities if the donations could he shared among themselves.
  5. The Trust shall make sure that the donation is treated with a single invoice.

If there are any other observations to the contrary, Please use our feedback form on the site for any comments.