AA - Tablets and Capsules, BB - Injectables, CC - Vaccines, DD - Raw materials, EE - Galenicals,
FF - Surgical dressings, GG - Sutures, HH - Surgical equipment, II - Opthalmic, KK - Dispensary,
LL - Hospital equipment, MM - Laboratory Reagents, NN - X-ray films, PP - Dental, QQ - Miscellaneous,
RR - Hospital beddings, TB - TB Medicines

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Item Number Item Description Unit of Issue
AA000300 6 - Mercaptopurine 50mg, tablets 10
AA000600 Acetazolamide 250mg, tablets 100
AA000900 Acyclovir 400mg, tablets 100
AA000901 Acyclovir 200mg, tablets 100
AA001200 Albendazole 200mg,Chewable tablets 1000
AA001500 Albendazole 400mg, Chewable tablets 100
AA001560 Alfacalcidol 1mcg (One Alpha) 30
AA001600 Bisoprolol 2.5mg tablets 28
AA001800 Allopurinol 100mg, tablets 100
AA001810 BG Blutamine, tablets 28
AA001900 Atorvastatin 20mg 28 tabs
AA001949 Cellcept (mycophenolate) 500mg tablets 30
AA001950 Cellcept (mycophenolate) 500mg tablets 50
AA001960 Carvediolol 6.25mg 100
AA001970 Clindamycin 300mg, Capsules 10
AA002100 Allopurinol 300mg, tablets 100
AA002200 Glyceryl Trinitrate 500mcg, sublingual, tablets 100 Tablet
AA002300 Cyclosporine 25 mg(Sandimmun Optoral 25mg capsules) 50
AA002400 Alprazolam 0.25mg, tablets 60
AA002450 Perindopril (Corvesyl) 5mg tablets 30 tabs
AA002451 Perindopril (Corvesyl) 4mg tablets 30
AA002700 Aminophylline 100mg, tablets 1000
AA002750 Simvastatin 20mg tablets 30
AA003000 Amiodalone 100mg,Tablets 100
AA003300 Amitriptyline 25mg, tablets 100
AA003350 Sodium bicarbomirate 500mg (BicuNorin) 100
AA003600 Amlodipine 10mg, tablets 100
AA003900 Amlodipine 5mg, tablets 100
AA004200 Amoxycillin 250mg dispersible tablets 1000
AA004250 Decortin (Prednisolone) 5mg tablets 30
AA004300 Decortin (Prednisolone) 10mg tablets 30
AA004350 Candersartan 8mg tablets (Blopren) 28
AA004500 Amoxycillin 250mg, Dispersible Tablets 1000
AA004800 Amoxycillin 250mg, capsules 1000
AA005100 Amoxycillin 250mg, Tablets 1000
AA005400 Amoxycillin 500mg plus Clavulanic acid 125mg tablet 100
AA005401 Amoxycillin 500mg plus Clavulanic acid 125mg tablet 30
AA005700 Anastrazole 1mg, tablets 10
AA006000 Aripiprazole 10mg, tablets 100
AA006300 Artesunate 50mg+Amodiaquine 153mg(base) (12+12s), tablets 100
AA006600 Artesunate 50mg+Amodiaquine 153mg(base) (3+3s), tablets 100
AA006900 Artesunate 50mg+Amodiaquine 153mg(base) (6+6s), tablets 100
AA007100 Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg 30 tabs
AA007200 Aspirin 300mg, tablets 1000
AA007250 Aspirin 100mg(protect), tablets 30 tabs
AA007500 Aspirin 75mg, tablets 1000
AA007800 Atenolol 100mg, tablets 100
AA007840 Atenolol 50mg 1000
AA008100 Atenolol 50mg, tablets 100
AA008400 Azathioprine 50mg, Tablets 10
AA008700 Azithromycin 500mg, Capsules 3
AA008701 Azithromycin 250mg 6
AA008702 Azithromycin 500mg,Tablet 30
AA008706 Azithromycin 250mg 100
AA008750 Baclofen 10mg 28
AA009000 Benzhexol 5mg, tablets 100
AA009300 Bicalutamide 50mg tablets 100
AA009600 Bicalutamide 50mg, Tablets 10
AA009900 Bisacodyl 5mg, tablets 1000
AA009940 Bisoprolol 5mg tablets 30
AA010200 Bromocriptine 2.5mg, tablets 100
AA010500 Busulphan 2mg, tablets 100
AA010800 Calciferol 250 micrograms, tablets 100
AA01085 Colecalciferol(Dekristal) 20000 IU, tablets 100
AA010850 Colecalciferol olige 20000 IU, tablets 100
AA011100 Calcitriol 0.5 Micrograms 100
AA011400 Calcium gluconate 600mg , tablets 100
AA011420 Calcium Sandoz Forte 500ng 20
AA011450 Candesartan 4mg tablets (Atacand 4mg) 90
AA011700 Capecitabine 500 mg, tablets 10
AA012000 Captopril 12.5mg, tablets 100
AA012300 Captopril 25mg, tablets 100
AA012600 Carbamazepine 200mg, tablets 1000
AA012900 Carbimazole 5mg, tablets 100
AA013200 Cephalexin 250mg, Capsules 100
AA013250 Chlorambucil 2mg,film coated tablet 25
AA013500 Cetirizine hydrochloride 10mg, tablets 100
AA013501 cetrizine 25 Mg Tablets 100
AA013800 Chlorambucil 5mg, Tablets 10
AA013830 Chloramphenicol 250mg 1000
AA014100 Chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg 1000
AA014400 Chlorpromazine 100mg, coated tablets 1000
AA014700 Chlorpromazine 25mg, coated tablets 100
AA015000 Cimetidine 400mg, tablets 100
AA015300 Cinnarizine 15mg, tablets 100
AA015600 Ciprofloxacin 250mg, tablets 100
AA015900 Ciprofloxacin 500mg, tablets 100
AA016200 Cloxacillin 250 mg, Capsules 1000
AA016300 Cloxacillin 250 mg, Capsules 100
AA016500 Cloxacillin 500 mg, Capsules 100
AA016800 Clozapine 100mg, tablets 100
AA017100 Clozapine 25mg, tablets 100
AA017400 Codeine phosphate 15mg, tablets 100
AA017700 Codeine phosphate 15mg, tablets 28
AA018000 Codeine phosphate 30mg, tablets 28
AA018300 Conjugated Oestrogen 0.625mg, tablets 100
AA018600 Cotrimoxazole 480mg, tablets 1000
AA018900 Cyclophosphamide 100mg, tablets 100
AA019200 Cyclophosphamide 50mg, tablets 100
AA019500 Cyclophosphamide 50mg, tablets 10
AA019560 Cyclosporine 50mg (Sandimmum Neoral Capsule) 60
AA019561 Cyclosporine 50mg (Sandimmum Neoral Capsule) 50
AA019800 Dapson 100 mg Tablets 100
AA020100 Dexamethasone 0.5mg, tablets 100
AA020400 Diazepam 5mg, tablets 1000
AA020401 Diazepam 5mg, tablets 1000
AA020700 Diclofenac sodium 100mg , Slow Release tablets 100
AA021000 Diclofenac sodium, 50mg , tablets 100
AA021001 Diclofenac sodium, 50mg , tablets 100
AA021002 Diclofenac sodium, 50mg , tablets 1000
AA021300 Digoxin 250 micrograms, tablets 100
AA021600 Digoxin 62.5 micrograms, tablets 100
AA021900 Dihydrocodeine 30mg, tablets 100
AA022200 Diltiazem 30mg Tablets 100
AA022500 Doxycycline 100mg, Capsule 1000
AA022800 Enalapril 10mg tablets 100
AA023100 Erlotinib 100mg, Tablets 10
AA023400 Erlotinib 150mg, Tablets 10
AA023700 Erythromycin 250mg, enteric coated tablets 1000
AA024000 Estramustine Phosphate 140mg, Capsules 10
AA024300 Etoposide 100mg Tablets 100
AA024600 Etoposide 50mg, Capsules 100
AA024900 Etoposide 50mg, Capsules 8
AA025200 Ferrous sulphate 200mg / folic acid 250 micrograms, coated t1000
AA025500 Ferrous sulphate 200mg, sugar coated tablets 1000
AA025800 Flucloxacillin 250mg, Capsules 100
AA026100 Flucloxacillin 500mg, Capsules 100
AA026400 Fluconazole 200mg, tablets 100
AA026700 Fludarabine Phosphate 10mg, tablets 5
AA027000 Fluoxetine 20mg, tablets 100
AA027100 Fluoxetine 20mg, tablets 1000
AA027300 Flutamide 250mg, tablets 30
AA027600 Flutamide 250mg, tablets 10
AA027900 Folic acid 5mg, tablets 1000
AA028200 Furosemide (Frusemide) 40mg, tablets 1000
AA028250 Fosamax 70mg tablets 4
AA028251 Garbapentin(Neurontin)400mg 100
AA028400 Nifedipine 30mg(Adalat XL 30mg) tablets 28
AA028500 Gefitinib 250mg, tablets 10
AA028800 Glibenclamide 5mg, tablets 1000
AA028850 Glibenclamide 5mg, tablets 100
AA029100 Granisetron 4mg Tablets 100
AA029400 Griseofulvin 125mg, tablets 100
AA029500 Griseofulvin 125mg, tablets 1000
AA029700 Griseofulvin 250mg, tablets 100
AA029701 Griseofulvin 250mg, tablets 1000
AA029800 Glyceryl Trinitrate Sublinqual 500mcg, Tablet 100
AA030000 Haloperidol 5mg, tablets 100
AA030300 Haloperidol 2mg, tablets 100
AA030600 Hydralazine 25mg, tablets 100
AA030900 Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, tablets 1000
AA030901 Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, tablets 28
AA031200 Hydrocortisone acetate 20mg, tablets 100
AA031500 Hydroxyurea 1000mg, tablets 100
AA031800 Hydroxyurea 500mg tablets 10
AA031810 Hydroxyurea 500mg Capsule 10
AA032100 Hydroxyurea 500mg, capsules 10
AA032150 Hydroxyurea 500mg, capsules 100
AA032400 Ibuprofen 200mg, coated tablets 1000
AA032700 Imatinib Mesylate 100mg, capsules 30
AA033000 Imatinib Mesylate 400mg, capsules 30
AA033300 Imipramine Hcl 10mg, tablets 100
AA033301 Imipramine Hcl 25mg, tablets 100
AA033302 Imipramine Hcl 25mg, tablets 1000
AA033600 Indomethacin 25mg, Capsules 1000
AA033900 Indomethacin 25mg, tablets 1000
AA034200 Isosorbide dinitrate 10mg, tablets 100
AA034500 Ivermectin 6mg, tablets 100
AA034800 Ketoconazole 200mg, tablets 100
AA035100 Lenalidomide 10mg, capsules 10
AA035400 Lenalidomide 5mg, capsules 10
AA035700 Letrozole 2.5mg, tablets 10
AA036000 Leucovorin 15mg, tablets 30
AA036300 Leucovorin 15mg, tablets 10
AA036600 Lisinopril 10mg , tablets 28
AA036900 Lisinopril 20mg, tablets 28
AA037200 Lithium carbonate 250mg, tablets 1000
AA037500 Lithium carbonate 600mg, tablets 1000
AA037800 Lomustine 40mg, Capsule 10
AA038100 Loperamide HCl 2mg, tablets 1000
AA038400 Lorazepam 1mg, tablets 100
AA038700 Lorazepam 2mg, tables 1000
AA039000 Losartan 25mg, tablets 28
AA039300 L-Thyroxine sodium 100 micrograms, tablets 100
AA039400 Labetalol 100mg 30
AA039450 Labetalol 100mg 100
AA039500 Losartan 50mg, tablets 30
AA039600 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x6, Dispesible tablets 30
AA039900 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x12, Dispersibletablets30
AA040200 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x18, tablets 30
AA040500 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x24, tablets 30
AA040800 Magnesium trisilicate compound 250mg, tablets 1000
AA041100 Megestrol Acetate 40mg, tablets 10
AA041400 Melphalan 2mg, tablets 10
AA041700 Mercaptopurin 50mg, tablets 10
AA042000 Metformin hydrochloride 500mg, tablets 100
AA042001 Metformin hydrochloride 500mg, tablets 100
AA042300 Metformin hydrochloride 850mg, tablets 1000
AA042301 Metformin hydrochloride 850mg, tablets 100
AA042600 Methotrexate 10mg, tablets 100
AA042900 Methotrexate 2.5mg, tablets 10
AA043000 Methotrexate 2.5mg, tablets 100
AA043200 Methyldopa 250mg, tablets 1000
AA043500 Methylphenidate 5mg, tablets 100
AA043800 Metoclopromide 10mg, tablets 100
AA044100 Metronidazole 200mg, tablets 1000
AA044400 Mianserin 10mg, tablets 28
AA044450 Midazolam 15mg,Tablet 100
AA044700 Mirtazapine 15mg, tablets 100
AA045000 Misoprostol 200 mcg, tablets 100
AA045300 Morphine sulphate 10mg (slow release), tablets 60
AA045600 Nalidixic acid 500mg, tablets 1000
AA045900 Nicotinamide 50mg, tablets 1000
AA046200 Nifedipine 10mg, tablets 100
AA046500 Nifedipine 20mg (slow release), tablets 100
AA046800 Nifedipine 5mg (Slow Release), tablets 100
AA047100 Nitrofurantoin 50mg, tablets 1000
AA047400 Norethisterone 5mg, tablets 100
AA047700 Norfloxacin 400mg , tablets 100
AA048000 Olanzepine 10mg, tablets 100
AA048300 Olanzepine 15mg, tablets 100
AA048600 Omeprazole 20mg, Capsules 100
AA048900 Ondancetrone 8mg, tablets 10
AA049200 Ondansetron 4mg, tablets 10
AA049500 Paracetamol 500mg, tablets 1000
AA049800 Pericyazine 4 mg, tablets 100
AA050100 Phenobarbitone 30mg, tablets 1000
AA050400 Phenytoin sodium 100mg, coated tablets 1000
AA050700 Phenytoin sodium 25mg, coated tablets 1000
AA051000 Potassium chloride 600mg (slow release), tablets 1000
AA051300 Praziquantel 600mg 1000
AA051600 Prazosin 1mg , tablets 100
AA051900 Prednisolone 2.5mg, tablets 1000
AA052200 Prednisolone 25mg, tablets 1000
AA052500 Prednisolone 5mg, tablets 1000
AA052800 Prednisolone 5mg, tablets 100
AA053100 Procarbazine Hydrochloride 50mg, capsules 10
AA053400 Procyclidine 5mg, tablets 100
AA053700 Proguanil hydrochloride 100mg, tablets 100
AA054000 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg, coated tablets 1000
AA054300 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg, coated tablets 100
AA054600 Propantheline bromide 15mg, tablets 100
AA054800 Propylthiouracil 50mg 100
AA054900 Propranolol hydrochloride 40mg, tablets 1000
AA054950 Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 20mg, tablets 100
AA054955 Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 20mg, tablets 1000
AA055200 Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 25mg, tablets 1000
AA055500 Quentiapine 100mg, tablets 100
AA055800 Quinine sulphate 300mg, sugar coated tablets 1000
AA056100 Ranitidine 150mg, tablets 100
AA056400 Resiperidon 1mg 100
AA056401 Resiperidon 4mg 100 tabs
AA056700 Salbutamol 4mg, tablets 1000
AA056750 Sildenafil Citrate 50mg 4
AA057000 Simvastatin 10mg, tablets 28
AA057300 Sodium valproate 200mg, tablets 100
AA057600 Sorafanib 200mg, tablets 10
AA057700 Sorafenib 300mg, tablets 10
AA057900 Spironolactone 25mg, tablets 100
AA058200 Sulphadoxine 500mg / pyrimethamine 25mg (SP), tablets 1000
AA058500 Sunitinib 25mg, tablets 10
AA058800 Sunitinib 50mg, tablets 10
AA059100 Tamoxifene 20mg, tablets 10
AA059400 Temozolomide 100mg, capsules 5
AA059700 Temozolomide 20mg, capsules 10
AA060000 Temozolomide 250mg, capsules 5
AA060300 Terbinafine 125mg Tablets 100
AA060600 Terbinafine 250mg Tablets 100
AA060900 Thalidomide 100mg, capsules 10
AA061200 Thalidomide 200mg, capsules 10
AA061500 Thalidomide 50mg, capsules 10
AA061800 Thioridazine 25mg, tablets 1000
AA062100 Thioridazine HCL 100 mg, tablets 1000
AA062400 Tramadol 50mg, capsules 100
AA062700 Tramadol hydrochloride 50mg, tablets 100
AA063000 Tranexamic acid 500mg, Capsules 100
AA063300 Tranexamic acid 500mg, Tablets 100
AA063600 Trifluoperazine 5mg, Tablets 100
AA063650 Valsatan 160mg+Hydrochlorthiazide 25mg 28
AA063900 Verapamil 40mgTablets 100
AA064200 Vitamin A 100,000 IU, Capsules 1000
AA064250 Vitamin A 200,000 IU, Capsules 1000
AA064500 Vitamin B complex strong, Tablets 1000
AA064800 Vitamin, multiple, Tablets(Without Cyanocobalamine) 100
AA065100 Warfarin sodium 1mg, Tablets 100
AA065400 Zinc sulphate 20mg, Tablets 100
AA065500 Exemestane 25mg 30
AA065600 Cyclosporine 25mg (Sandimmum Optoral) 50
AA065700 Ledifos(sofosofir 40mg + Ledipasfir 90mg) 28
AA065800 Ledifos(sofosobuvir 400mg + Ledipasvir 90mg) 28 tabs
BB000300 5 - Fluorouracil 25mg /ml, 10ml Each
BB000301 5 - Fluorouracil 25mg /ml, 5ml Each
BB000600 5 - Fluorouracil, 25mg/ml, 20ml Each
BB000601 5 - Fluorouracil, 25mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB000900 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) 250mg/5ml, Each
BB000901 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) 500mg/10ml Each
BB000910 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) 500mg/10ml Each
BB001200 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) 250mg/5ml, Each
BB001500 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) 25mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB001800 Acetylchloline Chloride 20mg and Solvent (Miochol Injection)Each
BB002100 Actinomycin D 500 mcg PFR, (with mannitol) Each
BB002400 Actinomycin D, 10mg Each
BB002700 Actinomycin D, 5mg Each
BB003000 Acyclovir 25mg/ml, 20ml Each
BB003050 Adenosine Injection EACH
BB003300 Adrenaline 1/1000, 1ml Each
BB003600 Amifostine for Injection 300mg, vial Each
BB003900 Amifostine for Injection 500mg, vials Each
BB004200 Amikacin 50mg/ml,2ml Each
BB004500 Aminophylline 25mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB004800 Amiodalone 50mg/ml,3ml Each
BB005100 Amphotericin B 50mg, PFR Each
BB005400 Ampicillin injection 500mg, PFR Each
BB005450 Amoxycillin 250mg + Clavilanic Acid 50mg injection InjectionEach
BB005460 Azithromycin Injection EACH
BB005700 Andolex mouth wash, 25ml bottle Each
BB006000 Artesunate 60mg PFR, with diluent Each
BB006300 Atracurium 10mg/ml Injection Each
BB006600 Atropine sulphate 600 micrograms/ml, 1ml Each
BB006900 Benzathine benzylpenicillin 1.44g (2.4MU), PFR Each
BB007200 Benzylpenicillin 3g (5MU), PFR Each
BB007500 Bevacizumab 25mg/ml, 4ml Each
BB007800 Bleomycin 10IU Each
BB008100 Bleomycin 15IU Each
BB008400 Bleomycin 15mg (15,000 IU) PFR Each
BB008700 Bleomycin 20IU Each
BB009000 Bleomycin 30IU Each
BB009300 Bortezomide 2mg/vial Each
BB009600 Bortezomide 3.5mg/vials Each
BB009900 Bupivacaine spinal hyperbaric 0.5%, 4ml ampoule Each
BB010000 Bupivacaine spinal isobaric 0.5%, 4ml ampoule Each
BB010200 Bupivacaine spinal isobaric 0.5%, 10ml ampoule Each
BB010500 Calcium Chloride Vials Each
BB010800 Calcium gluconate 10%, 10ml Each
BB011100 Capecitabine 500mg vial Each
BB011400 Carboplatin 10mg/ml, 15ml (150mg) injection Each
BB011700 Carboplatin 10mg/ml, 45ml ( 450mg) injection Each
BB012000 Carmustine 100mg Vial Each
BB012300 Carmustine 100mg, PFR with diluent Each
BB012400 Cynocobalamine B12 injection Each
BB012600 Cefotaxime 500mg, PFR Each
BB012900 Ceftazidime 1g PFR Each
BB013200 Ceftazidime 500mg PFR Each
BB013500 Ceftriaxone 1g, PFR Each
BB013800 Cervical Cancer Vaccine, PFR Each
BB014100 Chlorambucil 2mg tablets Each
BB014400 Chloramphenicol Sodium 1g, PFR Each
BB014700 Chlorpromazine hydrochloride 25mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB015000 Cisplatin 10mg PFR Each
BB015300 Cisplatin 20mg PFR Each
BB015600 Cisplatin 50mg PFR Each
BB015900 Clopixol Acuphase 50mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB016200 Clopixol Depot 200mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB016500 Cloxacillin 500mg PFR Each
BB016800 Cyclophosphamide 1g PFR Each
BB017100 Cyclophosphamide 200mg PFR Each
BB017400 Cyclophosphamide 500mg PFR Each
BB017700 Cytarabine 500mg vial Each
BB018000 Cytarabine 100mg PFR Each
BB018300 Cytarabine 1g PFR Each
BB018600 Dacarbazine 200mg in 20ml vial Each
BB018900 Dacarbazine 200mg, PFR Each
BB019200 Dacarbazine 500mg, PFR Each
BB019500 Dactinomycin 0.5mg, PFR Each
BB019800 Dactinomycin for Injection 0.5mg (Actinomycin D) Each
BB020100 Dalteparin/Fragmin Each
BB020400 Darbopoetin 100mg Injection Each
BB020700 Daunorubicin 20mg vial Each
BB021000 Daunorubicin Hydrochloride for Injection 20mg Each
BB021050 Denosumab 500mg Each
BB021300 Dexamethasone Injection 4mg/1ml Each
BB021301 Dexamethasone Injection 5mg/2ml,2ml Each
BB021600 Dextrose (glucose) 5%, 1000ml Each
BB021900 Dextrose (glucose) 5%, 100ml Each
BB022200 Dextrose (glucose) 5%, 500ml Each
BB022500 Dextrose 50% 500ml Each
BB022800 Dextrose 50%, 50ml Each
BB023100 Dianeal + Dextrose 1.5% intraperitoneal dialysis solution. wEach
BB023400 Dianeal + Dextrose 2.5% intraperitoneal dialysis solution. wEach
BB023700 Dianeal + Dextrose 4.5% intraperitoneal dialysis solution. wEach
BB023710 Denosumab 500mg Each
BB024000 Diazepam 5mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB024300 Diclofenac sodium 75mg/ml, 3ml Each
BB024600 Digoxin 250 micrograms/ml, 2ml Each
BB024900 Dobutamine 250mg/20ml, 20ml Each
BB025200 Docetaxel 80mg PFR with Diluent Each
BB025500 Docetaxel concentrate, 20mg/0.5ml PFR with solvent Each
BB025800 Docetaxel, Concentrate, 120mg/3ml PFR with solvent Each
BB026100 Dopamine 40mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB026400 Doxorubicin 50mg vial Each
BB026700 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 10mg, PFR Each
BB027000 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 10mg/5ml Each
BB027300 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 20mg, PFR Each
BB027600 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 50mg PFR Each
BB027900 Doxorubicin Hydrochloride 50mg/25ml Each
BB028200 Enoxaparin 100mg/ml,3ml Each
BB028500 Ephedrine sulphate 30mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB028800 Epirubicin Hydrochloride for Injection 10mg Each
BB029100 Epirubicin Hydrochloride for Injection 50mg Each
BB029400 Erythropoietin (4000IU) Each
BB029700 Erythropoietin 10,000IU Each
BB030000 Erythropoietin 2000IU Each
BB030300 Erythropoietin 4,000IU Each
BB030600 Etomidate 2mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB030900 Etoposide 100mg/5ml, 5ml Each
BB031200 Etoposide 10mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB031500 Etoposide 20mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB031800 Etoposide 20mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB032100 Etoposide 500mg/25ml,Injection Each
BB032400 Fentanyl 50micrograms/ml,2ml Each
BB032700 Filgrastim 300mcg PFR Each
BB033000 Flucloxacillin 250mg, PFR Each
BB033300 Fluconazole 2mg/ml, 25ml Each
BB033600 Fludarabine 50mg vial Each
BB033900 Fludarabine Phosphate for 50mg PFR Each
BB033950 Flumezanic 0.1mg/ml Each
BB034200 Fluphenazine decanoate 25mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB034500 Furosemide (Frusemide) 10mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB034800 Furosemide (Frusemide) 20mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB035100 Ganciclovir Injection – 500mg per Vial , PFR Each
BB035400 Gancilovir 500mg Injection Each
BB035700 Gelatin 500ml pack intravenous infusion Each
BB036000 Gemcitabine 1g PFR Each
BB036300 Gemcitabine 200mg, PFR Each
BB036600 Gentamycin Sulphate 10mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB036900 Gentamycin Sulphate 40mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB037200 Goselerin Aceta 3.6mg depot injection Each
BB037500 Granisetron 1mg Injectable Each
BB037600 Glycophyrrolate Acetate 0.2mg/ml, 5mL Each
BB037800 Haloperidol 5mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB038100 Haloperidol decanoate oily 50mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB038400 Heparin sodium 5,000 IU/ml, 5ml Each
BB038700 Human Plasma Albumin 20% (Albusol),50mls Each
BB039000 Human Plasma Albumin 20% (Albusol),50mls Each
BB039300 Hyaluronidase 1500IU/1ml, 1ml Each
BB039600 Hydralazine hydrochloride 20mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB039900 Hydrocortisone (Intrathecal Use) 100mg 2ml vial (plain or pEach
BB040200 Hydrocortisone 100mg Each
BB040500 Hydrocortisone acetate 25mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB040800 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate iv 50mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB040820 Hydroxyethyl starch, 500ml EACH
BB041100 Ifosfamide 1g,10ml Each
BB041400 Ifosfamide 1gm with Mesna 600mg Each
BB041700 Ifosfamide 2g With Mesna 1200mg. Each
BB042000 Ifosfamide 3g, 20ml vial Each
BB042300 Imipenem 500mg Injection Each
BB042600 Insulin Biphasic(Intermediate and short acting Insulin 30/70Each
BB042900 Insulin soluble 100 IU/ml, 10ml Each
BB043200 Insulin zinc suspension (lente) 100 IU/ml, 10ml Each
BB043500 Irinotecan Hydrochloride 100mg/5ml Each
BB043800 Irinotecan Hydrochloride 40mg/2ml vial Each
BB044100 Iron Sucrose 20mg/ml(Venofor injection) Each
BB044400 Ketamine hydrochloride 50mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB044700 Labetalol 5mg/ml, IV Each
BB045000 L-Asparaginase for injection 5000 K.U./vial Each
BB045300 L-Asparaginase for Injection10000 K.U./Vial Each
BB045600 Leucovorin Calcium 15mg PFR Each
BB045900 Leucovorin Calcium 50mg PFR Each
BB046200 Leuprolide Acetate for Injection 3.75mg Each
BB046500 Leuprolide Acetate Injection 1mg/ml Each
BB046800 Lignocaine hydrochloride 1%, 25ml Each
BB046900 Lignocaine hydrochloride 2%, 30ml Each
BB047100 Lignocaine hydrochloride 2%, 25ml Each
BB047400 Lignocaine hydrochloride 5%+glucose 7.5%,heavy spinal,2ml Each
BB047700 Lignocaine Hydrochloride Injection and Adrenaline 1:100000 IEach
BB047720 Lignocaine HCL21.3mg, Adrenaline 0.0125mg &methylparab0.1% Each
BB048000 Liposomal Doxorubicin Hydrochloride concentrate, 10mg Each
BB048300 Liposomal Doxorubicin Hydrochloride Concentrate, 40mg/2ml Each
BB048600 Lorazepam 4mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB048700 Lorazepam 1mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB048900 Magnesium Sulphate 50%, 2ml ampoule Each
BB049200 Mannitol 20%, 250ml Each
BB049500 Medroxyprogesterone acetate injection 150mg/mL, 1mL vial witEach
BB049800 Melarsoprol (Mel B) 3.6%, 6ml Each
BB050100 Melphalan 50mg vial Each
BB050400 Meropenem 500mg Injection Each
BB050700 Mesna 100mg/ml, 10 ml Each
BB051000 Mesna 100mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB051300 Mesna 100mg/ml, 4ml Each
BB051600 Mesna 200mg/ml Each
BB051900 Methotrexate 50mg vial,2ml Each
BB052200 Methotrexate 50mg/ml ,2ml, preservative free for IntrathecaEach
BB052500 Methotrexate 100mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB052800 Methotrexate 15mg/ml, (Preservative free), isotonic Each
BB052801 Methotrexate 15mg/3ml, (Preservative free), isotonic Each
BB053100 Methotrexate 25mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB053400 Methotrexate 25mg/ml, 2ml, without preservatives Each
BB053700 Methotrexate 500mg/20ml Each
BB054000 Methylprednisolone acetate 40mg/ml,2ml Each
BB054100 Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate 40mg PFR Each
BB054300 Methylprednisolone acetate 500mg,PFR Each
BB054600 Metoclopramide hydrochloride 5mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB054900 Metronidazole 5mg/ml, 100ml Each
BB054950 Midazolam 1mg/ml,1ml Each
BB055200 Mitomycin, 10mg, PFR Each
BB055500 Mitomycin, 2mg, PFR Each
BB055800 Mitoxantrone 20mg Injection Each
BB056100 Morphine sulphate 10mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB056101 Morphine Sulphate 15mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB056400 Mucaine gel, vials Each
BB056700 Naloxone 0.02mg/ml,2ml Each
BB056800 Nalbuphine Hydrochloride 10mg/ml Each
BB057000 Neonatolyte intravenous fluid 200ml bags Each
BB057100 Neupogen 300 mcg Each
BB057300 Neostigmine 2.5mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB057301 Neostigmine 2.5mg/5ml,5ml Each
BB057350 Nimodipine 60Mg Injection EACH
BB057380 Nitroglycerine Injection (Iv) EACH
BB057400 Nitrocycin 50mg iv Each
BB057600 Noradrenalin 1mg/ml, 4ml Each
BB057650 Omeprazoleiv EACH
BB057900 Ondancetrone 8mg/2ml Injection Each
BB058200 Ondansetron, 4mg/2ml Each
BB058500 Oxaliplatin 5mg/ml, 20ml Each
BB058800 Oxaliplatin, 100mg/50ml Each
BB059100 Oxaliplatin, 50mg/10ml Each
BB059101 Oxaliplatin, 50mg/25ml Each
BB059400 Oxytocin 10 IU/ml, 1ml Each
BB059500 Paracetamol Injection 10mg/ml, 100mL Each
BB059700 Paclitaxel 6mg/ml, 50ml Each
BB060000 Paclitaxel concentrate 6mg/ml, 16.67ml (100mg) injection Each
BB060300 Paclitaxel concentrate 6mg/ml, 43.4ml (260mg) injection Each
BB060600 Paclitaxel concentrate 6mg/ml, 50ml ( 300mg) injection Each
BB060900 Paclitaxel concentrate 6mg/ml, 5ml (30mg) injection Each
BB061200 Pamidronate Disodium for Intravenous Infusion 60mg Each
BB061500 Pamidronate Disodium for Intravenous Infusion BP 90mg Each
BB061800 Pancuronium Chloride 2mg/ml,1ml Each
BB061850 Pantoprazole Iv EACH
BB062100 Paraldehyde, 10ml Each
BB062400 Pemetrexed for Injection 500mg Each
BB062500 Pentoprazole Sodium Injection, 40mg Each
BB062700 Pethidine hydrochloride 50mg/1ml, 2ml Each
BB063000 Phenobarbitone sodium 200mg/ml, 1ml Each
BB063300 Phenytoin soldium 50mg/ml,2ml Each
BB063600 Phytomenadione 10mg/ml, 1ml (Vitamin K) Each
BB063900 Phytomenadione 2mg/ml, 1ml (Vitamin K) Each
BB064200 Pilocarpine nitrate 0.5%,1ml Each
BB064500 Piperacillin 2g+Tazabactam 0.25g/50ml, 50ml Each
BB064800 Piperacillin and Tazobactam (3.375g, 4.5g vial) Each
BB065100 Potasium Chloride 150mg/ml,10ml Each
BB065400 Potassium chloride 20%, 10ml Each
BB065700 Pralidoxime mesylate 200mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB066000 Procaine benzylpenicillin, 1g PFR Each
BB066300 Procaine benzylpenicillin, 3g PFR Each
BB066600 Procyclidine HCl 5mg/ml, 2ml ampoule Each
BB066900 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB067200 Propofol 10mg/ml,10ml Each
BB067500 Quinine dihydrochloride 300mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB067800 Ranitidine Vials 50 mg vial Each
BB068100 Rituximab 100mg Inj Each
BB068400 Rituximab 500mg vial Each
BB068700 Salbutamol sulphate 1mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB069000 Sodium bicarbonate 4%, 50ml Each
BB069300 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 1000ml Each
BB069600 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 200ml Each
BB069900 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 500ml Each
BB070200 Sodium lactate + glucose (darrows half-strength in dextrose Each
BB070500 Sodium lactate + glucose (darrows half-strength in dextrose Each
BB070800 Sodium lactate + glucose (darrows half-strength in dextrose Each
BB071100 Sodium lactate + glucose (paed), 20ml Each
BB071400 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 1000ml Each
BB071700 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 500ml Each
BB072000 Sodium mercaptoethane Sulphate (Mesna)100mg/ml Each
BB072050 Sodium Valproate Injection EACH
BB072300 Suramin sodium 1g, PFR Each
BB072600 Suxamethonium chloride 50mg/ml, 2ml Each
BB072900 Thiopentone sodium 500mg, PFR Each
BB073200 Topotecan Injection IP, 2.5ml Each
BB073500 Tramadol 100mg Injection Each
BB073800 Tranexamic acid 100mg/ml, 5ml Each
BB074100 Tranexamic Acid 500mg vial Each
BB074400 Triamcinolone acetate 40mg/ml,1ml Each
BB074700 Trypan Blue 0.06% 1ml Injection Each
BB075000 Vancomycin 500mg for injection,10ml Each
BB075050 Vasopressin 2Mcg Injectable EACH
BB075300 Vecuronium Bromide 10mg, PFR Each
BB075600 Vinblastine 1mg/ml, 10ml in flip top vial Each
BB075900 Vinblastine Sulphate 10mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB075901 Vinblastine 2mg EACH
BB076200 Vincristine 1mg/ml, 10ml Each
BB076500 Vinorelbine sulphate, 10mg/ml Each
BB076800 Vinorelbine sulphate, 50mg/ml Each
BB077100 Water for injections, 10ml Each
BB077400 Zoledronic acid 4mg PFR, With diluent Each
BB077500 Zoladex 10.8 mg Each
BB077700 Zoledronic Acid, 4mg/5ml Each
BB077800 Trastuzumab 600mg/5ml injection, PFR EACH
BB077900 Trastuzumab 440mg/ 5ml injection, PFR EACH
BB077910 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) 500mg/5ml EACH
CC000300 Anti-D human immunoglobulin 300 micrograms/ml Each
CC000600 Anti-snakebite serum (for Central and Southern African snakeEach
CC000900 Hepatitis B vaccine, 20mcg/ml, 10ml vial Each
CC001000 Hepatitis B vaccine, 20mcg/ml, 1ml Each
CC001200 Human Papillomavirus (types 6, 11, 16 and 18) recombinant vaEach
CC001500 Rabies vaccine course, (1x 5, 0.5ml/dose PFR and 1x5 vials dEach
CC001800 Tetanus antitoxin 1500 IU/ml, 1 ml Each
CC002100 Tetanus antitoxin 5000IU/ml, 4ml Each
CC002400 Yellow fever vaccine 10-dose (5ml) vial, PFR + diluent ampouEach
CC002401 Yellow fever vaccine 5-dose (2.5ml) vial, PFR+diluent ampou Each
DD000300 Acetone 5L
DD000600 Acid alcohol 500ml
DD000900 Alcohol 96% (drum) 200L
DD001200 Anise oil 100ml
DD001500 Bentonite 500g
DD001800 Benzoic acid 500g
DD002100 Benzyl benzoate (drum) 200L
DD002110 Benzypenicillin 3g Each
DD002150 Bottle Top Each
DD002400 Brilliant Green 100g
DD002450 Bronopol powder,1gm Each
DD002700 Calamine 25Kg
DD003000 Chloramine 500g
DD003300 Chloroform 500ml
DD003350 Chloroform Drum Strength 5L
DD003600 Citric acid 500g
DD003900 Coal tar, crude 500g
DD004200 Crystal violet (Gentian violet) 100g
DD004500 Emulsifying wax 25Kg
DD004800 Ferrous sulphate 500g
DD005100 Formaldehyde liquid 2.5L
DD005400 Formaldehyde liquid 40% 5L
DD005700 Glacial acetic acid 500ml
DD005701 Glacial acetic acid 99% 5L
DD006000 Glycerine (drum) 200L
DD006300 Glycerine, 500ml Each
DD006301 Glycerine, 1000ml Each
DD006350 Green Colourant,40ml Each
DD006600 Hydrochloric acid, concentrated 2.5L
DD006900 Iodine 1kg
DD007200 Lemon oil 100ml
DD007500 Menthol crystals 100g
DD007800 Methyl alcohol 2.5L
DD007850 Morphine sulphate powder,Bp98% -102% Anhydrous substance,1kgEach
DD008100 Nitric acid 2.5L
DD008150 Packaging jar Plastic 5L
DD008400 Paraffin hard 25Kg
DD008700 Paraffin liquid (drum) 200L
DD009000 Paraffin soft yellow (drum) 175kg
DD009300 Phenol crystals 500g
DD009600 Potassium iodide 1kg
DD009900 Propylene glycol 2L
DD009901 Propylene glycol 2.5L Each
DD009950 Red Colourant,40ml Each
DD010200 Salicylic acid 25Kg
DD010250 Soda Lime 5kg
DD010500 Sodium citrate 500g
DD010800 Sodium nitrate 100g
DD011100 Sodium thiosulphate 500g
DD011400 Sulphur precipitated 1Kg
DD011700 Wheat starch 500g
DD012000 Zinc oxide 25Kg
DD651500 Barium enema administration kit (tubing, Air insufflator anEACH
DN000100 Misoprostol 200mcg 60
DN000110 Lignocaine 1%, 10ml Each
DN000130 Lignocaine 2%, 30ml Each
DN000140 6L Safety boxes/box of 10 Each
DN000150 Mackingtosh 200 X 125 Cm Each
DN000200 Albendazole 400mg 200
DN000300 Albendazole 400mg 500
DN000350 Bs120 Mindray Analyzer (Mindray Bs120 with an ISE component Kit
DN000400 Ciprofloxacin 750 mgTablets 100
DN000500 Co-Amoxiclav 750mg Tablets 20
DN000550 Cotton Wool 500g Each
DN000560 Chlorine Solution 3.5% (JIK) 1L
DN000600 Praziquantel 600mg Tablets 1000
DN000700 Amlodipine 5mg Tablets 30
DN000800 Praziquantel 600g Tablets 500
DN000900 Loperamide injection, 50ml Each
DN001000 Sibestrepol herbal ointment each
DN001100 Loperamide injection, 100ml Each
DN001200 Azithromycin 500mg tablets 500
DN001210 Azithromycin 250mg tablet 500
DN001300 Azithromycin dihydrate 250mg f/c (blister) 4
DN001400 Amoxicillin 500mg 1000
DN001500 Zinc sulphate 20mg Tablets 100
DN001600 Metformin 500mg tablets 30
DN001650 Methylated spirit 5L
DN001700 Heparin Sodium injectin 5000 IU Each
DN001750 Hand Gloves Large 100
DN001755 Hand Gloves Medium 100
DN001760 Hand Gloves Small 100
DN001761 Hand Instrument Each
DN001765 Hand Sprayer Each
DN001770 Head Covers Each
DN001775 Infrared Thermometers Each
DN001780 Scrub Size Extra Large Pair
DN001785 Scrub Size Large Pair
DN001790 Scrub Size Medium Pair
DN001795 Scrub Size Small Pair
DN001800 Captopril 50mg tablet 20
DN001810 Sprayers, manually operated Each
DN001850 Surgical mask (Patients) Each
DN001900 Spironolactone 25mg 20
DN001940 Shoe covers Each
DN002000 Dextrose 25%, 500ml each
DN002050 SD Bioline Mal Pf (HRP2), kit/25 Each
DN002100 Metronidazole suspension 40mg/ml 120 ml Each
DN002110 Benzylpenicillin 3g(5MU) Each
DN002150 Medical and surgical supplies (VMMC) Kit
DN002200 Cefixime 400mg f/c (blister) 10
DN002250 Heamacue HB 301 50
DN002300 Hydralazine hydrochloride 50mg s/c (blister) 500
DN002400 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 5ml injection each
DN002401 Stand mobile for poskom Each
DN002450 Vertical Sterilizing machine (Autoclave) Each
DN002500 Vitamin A 200,000 IU EACH
DN002550 Washing machine Each
DN002600 Praziquantel 600g Tablets 100
DN002680 Reinforced non sterile isolation gown Each
DN002700 Vitamin A + E 500
DN002800 Metronidazole injection 500mg/100ml each
DN002900 Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (MRDT) Kits 25 tests
DN003000 Israel Donation kit, 17 items kit
DN003100 Khalifa Donation kit, 123 items Kit
DN003200 Nano hybrid composite kit KIT
DN003300 Cotton Tipped Applicator 200
DN003400 Endodontic Irrigation syringe 100
DN003500 Serological pipette EACH
DN003600 Y-type Blood set EACH
DN003700 Midstream Collection Kit EACH
DN003710 Tarpaulin reinforced plastic sheet, 4x5m Each
DN003750 Tetanus toxoid 5ml Each
DN003800 Cefixime 400mg f/c (blister) 100
DN003900 Dia Pad EACH
DN004000 BZK Towelete 100
DN004100 Ankle Brace EACH
DN004120 Apron, disposable, plastic 75cmx125cm 100
DN004130 Apron, protection, plastic reusable,heavu duty 100
DN004140 Battery drycell alkaline AA 1.5V Each
DN004150 Biohazard bag, adult size Each
DN004160 Blanket medium 150cmx200cm Each
DN004170 Body bag adult size 230cmx100cm Each
DN004180 Body bag infant, 120cmx80cm Each
DN004190 Cool pack Each
DN004200 Gauze Sponge 4'x4' 16 Ply 10
DN004210 Coverall medium Each
DN004211 Coverall, protection, CatIII, type4, L Each
DN004220 Coverall with hood Each
DN004230 Gloves powder free examination, large 100
DN004240 Gloves powder free examination, medium 100
DN004250 Gloves powder free examination, small 100
DN004260 Gloves powder free examination, small Pair
DN004261 Gloves, Utility 12
DN004270 Gumboots size 42 Pair
DN004280 Gynaecological gloves, size 7 ˝ Pair
DN004290 Head band Each
DN004295 Coverall large each
DN004300 Cotton Balls 300
DN004309 Instruments for tents Set
DN004310 MF coverall,XL Each
DN004320 Nasal cannula, adult Each
DN004322 Nasal oxygen prongs Adults Each
DN004330 Nasal oxygen prongs (neonates) Each
DN004340 Nasal oxygen, adult Each
DN004350 Nasal oxygen, child Each
DN004360 Overpack cardboard + polysyrene insert Each
DN004370 Pedal bins/step bins 20 Litres Each
DN004380 Protective footwear boots, size 8 Each
DN004390 Protective footwear boots, size 9 Pair
DN004400 Pant Lines 22
DN004401 Protective footwear boots, size 10 Pair
DN004402 Proctective Eye Wear Each
DN004410 Rectangular tent 24m2 Each
DN004420 Reinforced plastic tarpaulin 4x50m Each
DN004430 Silver cloth tape Each
DN004440 Soap Each
DN004450 Patient stretcher, 2 section,180x55x80cm with side rails Each
DN004458 Patient stretcher, 2 section,180x55x80cm with side rails Each
DN004460 Thermometer body Each
DN004470 Povidone iodine 10% solution 200ml
DN004473 Povidone iodine 10% solution, 500ml Each
DN004475 Top guard kit Each
DN004480 V-max goggles Each
DN004481 goggles protecting glass each
DN004490 Yellow bags Each
DN004500 Thermacare Heat Wraps EACH
DN004590 Zinc oxide plaster 2.5cm x 9m 12
DN004600 Gauze Sponge 2'x2' 200
DN004650 Absorbent Gauze Roll 90cm X 100m Each
DN004660 Gauze 10 X 10 Cm Each
DN004700 Gause Swab 4"X4" Non Woven 50
DN004800 Oral Dispensing Syringe 10ml EACH
DN004900 Facial Tissue 2 Ply 144
DN005000 X - Ray Casette 35cm x 43cm each
DN005100 X - Ray Casette 35cm x 35cm each
DN005200 X - Ray Casette 18cm x 43cm each
DN005300 X - Ray Casette 30cm x 40cm each
DN005400 X - Ray Casette 24cm x 30cm each
DN005500 Disposable Electrosurgical Contro EACH
DN005550 Disposable Theatre Cap 21 Each
DN005600 X - Ray Casette 18cm x 24cm each
DN005700 Sharp Disposable Container, plastic each
DN005800 Needle, Disposable, 27 G. each
DN005900 Air Insufflator each
DN006000 One - Short Inflator each
DN006100 Syringe 1ml Each
DN006200 Syringe 60 ml Each
DN006250 Paracetamol 500mg tablets 10
DN006300 Pyridoxine 25mg tablets 100
DN006400 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x6, Dispesible tablets 30
DN006500 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x12, Dispersibletablets30
DN006600 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x18, tablets 30
DN006700 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x24, tablets 30
DN009884 Adult Diapers Each
DN021900 Polyglactin 910, 3/0, 1/2 Circle Round bodied 20mm, 70cm 12
DN039600 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x6, Dispesible tablets 30
DN039900 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x12, Dispersibletablets30
DN040200 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x18, tablets 30
DN040500 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x24, tablets 30
DN043200 Insulin zinc suspension (lente) 100 IU/ml, 10ml Each
DN043300 Micronutrient Powder, 1g sachet x30 Each
DN043400 Ready To Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF F-100) 92g(Net) Sachet
DN100000 Ergometrine maleate 0.2mg/ml, 1ml EACH
DN100001 Filing Cabinet EACH
DN100100 Dexamethasone 4mg/ml injection EACH
DN100101 Dexamethasone injection 5mg/ml Each
DN100200 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 500ml EACH
DN100300 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 1000ml EACH
DN100400 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 1000ml EACH
DN100500 Morgen clamps Each
DN100700 Ampicillin 1g EACH
DN100800 Benzathine benzylpenicillin 1.2MIU vials, powder for injectiEACH
DN100900 Metronidazole 5mg/ml, 100ml EACH
DN101000 Artesunate injection 60mg/ml,1ML EACH
DN101100 Benzathine Benzylpenicillin 2.4MU EACH
DN101200 Calcium gluconate 10%, 10ml EACH
DN101300 Omeprazol Injection 40mg Each
DN101400 Oxytocin 10 IU/ml, 1ml Each
DN101500 Ampicillin (as sodium salt) 500mg vials, powder for injectioEACH
DN101600 Calcium gluconate 100mg/ml, 10ml ampoules 20
DN101700 Gentamicin Sulphate 10mg/ml, 2ml EACH
DN101800 Gentamicin Sulphate 40mg/ml, 2ml EACH
DN101850 Gluteraldehyde solution 2% buffered (Cidex) with activator Each
DN101860 Hand wash disinfectant bottle 500ml
DN101865 Hand rub disinfectant. 118ml x 24
DN101880 Mouth Pops Each
DN101900 Hydralazine hydrochloride 20mg/ml, 1ml EACH
DN102000 Sodium Chloride 45mg,9mg/ml,5ML EACH
DN102100 Artesunate 60mg for inj+sodium carbonate 5%, 1ml+NACL 0.9%, EACH
DN102200 Hematology Blood Analyzing Machine-XFA6100 Each
DN102300 UPS 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 700VA -630Watt (Eaton 9130-700VA) Each
DN102400 Centrifuge hematrocit 12.000rpm with rator and leading ScaleEach
DN102500 Refrigerator/Freezer, 1/110C, net capacity 159 + 104 Lirtes Each
DN102600 Waterbath 7 Litres, dimensions 24 x 21 x 14cm, range 10-950CEach
DN104400 Mask, high-fil, FFP2/N-95, no-valve, nonster Each
DN135350 Glucometer SD EACH
DN260000 Oral rehydration salt, satchet for 1L EACH
DN260200 Azithromycin dihydrate 200mg base/5ml suspension, 15ml Bottle
DN260201 Azithromycin dihydrate 200mg base/5ml suspension, 30ml Each
DN260300 Magnesium Sulphate Injection 500mg Each
DN260400 Tasitosterol Ointment Each
DN260500 Clotrimazole 100mg vaginal 6
DN260600 Clotrimazole 500mg vaginal tablet (blister 10 x 10, with app100
DN260700 Magnesium Sulphate Injection 500mg/ml (50%) 10ml EACH
DN260900 Chlorinated lime HTH (Calcium hypochlorite) 70% 50kg
DN261000 Chlorhexidine digluconate solution 7.1%, 10ml 10ml
DN261100 Reusable Equipment Kit KIT
DN261200 Management of Complication Kit KIT
DN261220 Medical plastic bin 20L Each
DN261225 Medical plastic bin, 50L Each
DN261230 mobile folding hospital ward screen,5 Panel Each
DN261235 Mobile patient couch Each
DN261240 Plastic buckets 20L Each
DN261245 Plastic buckets, 10L Each
DN261300 Disposable Equipment and Drugs Kit KIT
DN261400 Sexually Transmitted Injection Kit KIT
DN261500 Sitostrerol Herbal Ointment 0.25% EACH
DN261600 Clean derivery KIT
DN261700 Rape Kit KIT
DN261800 Autoclavable Test Tubes 100
DN261900 Male Condom Kit KIT
DN262000 Oral Band Injectable Contraceptive KIT
DN262100 Vaginal Examination Kit KIT
DN262200 X-Ray Casette 35 x 43 CM EACH
DN262300 X-Ray Casette 35 x 35 CM EACH
DN262400 X-Ray Casette 18 X 43 CM EACH
DN262500 X-Ray Casette 30 X 40 CM EACH
DN262600 X-Ray Casette 24 X 30 CM EACH
DN262700 X-Ray Casette 18 X 24CM EACH
DN262800 Adult Anasthesia Circuit EACH
DN262850 Adrenaline 1mg/ml Each
DN262900 Aloa Surgical Gloves Power Free Size 6.5 EACH
DN263000 Biohazard EACH
DN263100 Blood Collection Needle 100
DN263110 Blood collection tube 4ml, EDTA K2, PET plastic bottle with 100
DN263120 Frame tent partitions+side walls white bundles 6mx12m each
DN263130 Frame tent covers+ground sheets 6mx12m Each
DN263140 Horizontal table top autoclave falcon SA252F, capacity 24 LtSet
DN263150 Bupivacaine spinal hyperbaric 0.5% Each
DN263151 Horizontal table top autoclave falcon SA300H, capacity 40 LiSet
DN263160 Infectious sample transport box BioPack 1 Each
DN263170 Liquid soap 5L
DN263171 Liquid soap 500ml
DN263180 Pulsoximeter Nonin Onyx vantage 9590 unit Each
DN263190 Tent, light weight, rectangular, 72m2 Each
DN263200 Clearing System EACH
DN263300 Clinisut Suture ViolateBralded Polyglactic Size 1 Cutting 12
DN263400 Cystoscopy Pack 1
DN263500 Disposable Probe Covers EACH
DN263600 Examination Free Medium Latex 100
DN263700 Examination Free Medium Nitrile 100
DN263800 Face Mask EACH
DN263900 Feeding Tubes EACH
DN264000 Head Immobilizer EACH
DN264100 Infusion Set 60 Drops EACH
DN264200 Kotex Natural Balance Self Seal EACH
DN264300 Magnesium Sulphate Injection 50% EACH
DN264400 Midstream Collection EACH
DN264500 Needle 18G EACH
DN264600 Needle 23G EACH
DN264700 Oxytocin EACH
DN264800 Reproductive Health Kit 1 Part A 1
DN264900 Reproductive Health Kit 2A 1
DN264950 Reproductive Health Kit 6B 1
DN265000 Reproductive Health Kit 2B 1
DN265100 Reproductive Health Kit 3 1
DN265200 Reproductive Health Kit 4 1
DN265300 Reproductive Health Kit 5 1
DN265400 Reproductive Health Kit 6A 1
DN265500 Reproductive Health Kit 6B 1
DN265600 Reproductive Health Kit 8 KIT
DN265700 Reproductive Health Kit 9 1
DN265800 Single Cotton Applications EACH
DN265900 Sterile Towel Drapes EACH
DN266000 Sterilization Pounces Circult EACH
DN266100 Stilneck extrication Collar EACH
DN266150 UNFPA Kit 2A, Clean delivery-individual Kit
DN266151 UNFPA RH Kit 2B, clean delivery (blue) Each
DN266152 UNFPA RH Kit 5, traetment of sexually transmitted infectionsKit
DN266153 UNFPA RH Kit 6A, clinical delivery assistance reusable equipKit
DN266154 UNFPA RH Kit 6B, clinical delivery assistance, drugs and disKit
DN266155 UNFPA RH Kit 8, management of miscarriage and complications Kit
DN266156 UNFPA RH Kit 9, suture of tears (vaginal examination (purpleKit
DN266157 UNFPA RH Kit 11B, referral level b (fluorescent green) Kit
DN266200 Unistik EACH
DN266300 X-Ray Sponges EACH
DN560000 Stainless steel bed pans EACH
DN560050 Buckests/lids (50 litres) no taps Each
DN560051 Buckets with lid and tap 40 litres Each
DN560052 Buckets with lid and tap 60 litres Each
DN560053 Mopping buckets with wheels Each
DN560054 Wide shallow heavy duty basins 60 litres Each
DN600000 HIV 1+2 lateral flow quicktest, human serum/plasma/whole blo100 tests
DN600200 Hospital bed, 195x90cm, 2-saction with mattress frame Each
DN700000 Disposable eating utensills, pak-50 Kit
DN994000 Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative - Intro Kit KIT
DN999200 WHO Donation KIT
DN999300 Indian donation KIT
DN999400 Therapautic milk F-75 EACH
DN999500 Therapautic milk F-100 EACH
DN999600 Male circumcision medical procedure kits KIT
DN999610 Medical consummables (Mid-wifery kit 3A) Each
DN999620 Medical consummables (Mid-wifery kit 3B) Each
DN999700 Trachoma-october 2014 Each
DN999800 Buyer direct Aid of Kuwait Donation for QECH Each
DN999900 Islamic Relief Donation KIT
DN999910 Manual Vacuum Aspiration beds (MVA Beds) EACH
DN999920 Delivery Bed/Table EACH
DN999930 Hospital Beds EACH
DN999940 Hospital Mattresses EACH
DN999950 Digital BP Machine (sphygmomanometer) EACH
DN999960 Autoclaves machine EACH
DN999970 Drip Stand EACH
DN999980 Adult Weighing Scale EACH
DN999990 Autoscope EACH
DN999991 Suction Machine EACH
DN999992 Baby Vacuum Extractor EACH
DN999993 Delivery Packs EACH
DN999994 Dressing Packs EACH
DN999995 Examination Couch EACH
DN999996 Office Desk EACH
DN999997 Office Chair EACH
DN999998 Cupboard EACH
DN999999 Hospital Waiting Bench EACH
EE000300 Fouorescein Sodium Sterile Ophthalmic Strips 0.6mg 100
EE000600 Acid concentrates Each
EE000900 Activated charcoal powder, 500g Each
EE001200 Acyclovir eye ointment 3%, 5g Each
EE001201 Acyclovir 5% Cream 10g
EE001500 Adacin Cream 15g Each
EE001800 Alcohol 96%, 5L Each
EE001801 Alcohol 95%, 5L Each
EE001802 Alcohol 100%, 5L Each
EE001850 Amethocaine hydrochloride eye drops 1% , 1ml Each
EE002100 Amethocaine hydrochloride eye drops 1% , 5ml Each
EE002400 Amethocaine hydrochloride eye drops 1%, 20ml Each
EE002700 Amoxycillin 125mg/5ml suspension, PFR to make 100ml Each
EE003000 Amoxycillin/Clavulanic acid 125 mg/31.25 mg per 5 ml.PFR Each
EE003300 Atropine Sulphate eye drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE003600 Atropine Sulphate Eye Drops 1% 5ml Each
EE003900 Beclomethasone diproprionate inhalation, 50mcg/dose, 200 dosEach
EE004200 Benzoic acid 1%+ salicylic acid 2% compound lotion, 500ml Each
EE004500 Benzoic acid 6% + salicylic acid 3% ointment, 500g Each
EE004510 Benzoic acid 6% + salicylic acid 3% Lotion 500ml
EE004800 Benzyl benzoate application 25%, 500ml Each
EE005100 Benzyl Peroxide Gel 10% Each
EE005400 Benzyl Peroxide Gel 2.5% Each
EE005700 Benzyl Peroxide Gel 5% Each
EE006000 Betamethasone 0.1% – Neomycin 0.5% Eye Ointment, 3g Each
EE006300 Betamethasone cream 0.1%, 15g Each
EE006600 Betamethasone sodium ear drops 0.1%, 10ml Each
EE006900 Betoptic 0.5% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE007200 Bimatoprost 0.03% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE007500 Bismuth subgallate compound suppositories Each
EE007800 Black disinfectant, 5L Each
EE008100 Brilliant green paint 0.1%, 500ml Each
EE008400 Calamine lotion 15%+ sulphur 2%, 500ml Each
EE008450 Calamine Lotion 15%, Zinc oxide 5%, Sulphur 5%, 500ml Each
EE008700 Calamine lotion aqueous 15%, 500ml Each
EE009000 Cetrimide 15% + chlorhexidine 1.5% solution.for dilution, 5LEach
EE009300 Chloramphenicol 0.5% + Dexamethasone 0.1% 10 ml Each
EE009600 Chloramphenicol 1% Eye Ointment 5g Each
EE009900 Chloramphenicol 125mg/5ml, PFR, to make 100ml Each
EE010200 Chloramphenicol ear drops 5%, 5ml Each
EE010500 Chloramphenicol eye drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE010501 Chloramphenicol 0.5% & Mercuric Nitrate 0.002%,5ml Each
EE010502 Chloramphenicol eye/ear drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE010800 Chlorhexidine 1.5% solution, 5ml Each
EE011100 Chlorhexidine 4% solution, 5ml Each
EE011400 Chlorhexidine mouthwash(Andolex Mouth Wash) Each
EE011700 Chlorinated lime HTH (Sodium hypochlorite) 70%, 50Kg 50Kg
EE012000 Chlorpheniramine 2mg/5ml suspension, 100ml Each
EE012001 Chlorpheniramine 2mg/5ml suspension, 60ml Each
EE012050 Chroralhydrate 250mg,Oral Each
EE012300 Ciprofloxacin ear/eye drops 0.3mg/ml, 5ml Each
EE012301 Ciprofloxacin eye drops, 0.3%, 5ml 5ML
EE012350 Commercial Enteral Nutrition EACH
EE012360 Cromolyn Sodium Ophthalmic solurion, 2% W/V, 5ml 5ML
EE012361 Sodium Cromolyn 2% w/v, 10ml 10ML
EE012380 Nitroglycerine Spicey EACH
EE012600 Citirizine syrup 5mg/5ml, 200ml Each
EE012900 Clotrimazole cream 1%, 20g Each
EE013200 Clotrimazole ear/eye drops 1%, 20ml Each
EE013500 Clotrimoxazole vaginal pessaries, 500mg Each
EE013600 Clotrimoxazole vaginal pessaries, 100mg 6's
EE013800 Coal tar, crude, 500g Each
EE013950 Cotrimoxazole 120mg/20g tablets EACH
EE014100 Cotrimoxazole 240mg/5ml, suspension, 100ml Each
EE014400 Cyclopentolate 0.5% + Phenylephrine Eye Drops 2.5% Each
EE014700 Cyclopentolate hydrochloride eye drops 0.5%,5ml Each
EE014799 Defibrillator Gel EACH
EE015000 Dexamethasone 0.1% and Neomycin 0.35% (as sulphate) eye dropEach
EE015300 Dexamethasone eye drops 0.1%, 5ml Each
EE015301 Dexamethasone eye/ear drops 0.1%, 5ml Each
EE015600 Dextran '70' 0.1%hypromellose 0.3% eye drops, tears natural,Each
EE015900 Dextrose monohydrate (glucose), 500g Each
EE016200 Diclofenac Suppositories 100 mg Adult Each
EE016500 Diclofenac Suppositories 25mg infant Each
EE016520 Diclofenac Cream 1% EACH
EE016521 Diclofenac Gel Each
EE016800 Docusate sodium ear drops 0.5%, 10ml Each
EE017100 Econazole 2% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE017400 Emedastine 0.05% eye drops Each
EE017700 Emulsifying Ointment, 500g Each
EE018000 Erythromycin ethyl succinate suspension 125mg/5ml, PFR, tomaEach
EE018300 F100 Therapeutic Milk,10.26kg(Net) 90Sachets
EE018600 F75 Therapeutic Milk,12.3 kg(Net) 120Sachets
EE018900 Ferrous sulphate mixture paediatric 60mg/5ml, 100ml Each
EE019200 Flucloxacillin 125mg/5ml elixir, PFR, to make 100ml Each
EE019500 Fluid, viscoelastic hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, 2% w/v, 3mEach
EE019800 Fluorescein sodium eye drops 1%, 5ml Each
EE019820 Fluorescein sodium Strips 1mg (100) Each
EE020100 Fluticasone proprionate 50mcg/metered spray 200 metered doseEach
EE020400 Gentamicin 0.3% + Dexamethasone 0.1% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE020700 Gentamicin 0.3% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE020701 Gentamicin 0.3% eye /ear drops, 5ml Each
EE021000 Gentamicin Eye Drops 0.3%, 10ml Each
EE021300 Gentian violet paint, aqueous 1%, 500ml Each
EE021600 Gluteraldehyde solution 2% buffered (Cidex) with activator, Each
EE021601 Cidex opa,5L 5L
EE021900 Glycerine suppositories (adult), 4g 12
EE022200 Glycerine suppositories (child), 2g 12
EE022201 Glycerine Suppositories, Child, 75%w/w 10
EE022500 Halothane (fluothane) Each
EE022800 Halothane 250ml Each
EE022850 Hand wash disinfectant bottle 100ML
EE023100 Hydrocortisone eye ointment 1%, 3.5g Each
EE023400 Hydrocortisone skin ointment 1%, 15g Each
EE023700 Hypertonic Saline ( Sodium Chloride 5%) Eye drops, 10ml Each
EE024000 Iodine solution, aqueous (LUGOL'S), 50ml Each
EE024300 Iodine solution, weak (iodine tincture) 0.5%, 500ml Each
EE024600 Iodine strong 10% solution, 500ml Each
EE024700 Iodine plus iodide 100ml
EE024900 Ipratropium bromide 0.02% solution for nebulising, 2.5ml Each
EE025200 Isoflurane Each
EE025500 Ketoconazole suspension 100mg/5ml, 100ml Each
EE025800 Lactulose 200ml bottle Each
EE026100 Latanoprost (xalatan) eye drops 0.005%, 5ml Each
EE026120 Latanoprost 0.005%, & Benzalkonium Chloride 0.02%,50mcg/ml 5ml
EE026400 Latanoprost 0.005% + Timolol mealate 0.5% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE026700 Lignocaine gel 2%, 30g Each
EE026755 Lignocaine spray, 10% (for gastroscopy) EACH
EE027000 Lindane 1 % Cream Each
EE027300 Medical oxygen 12cu.ft Each
EE027600 Medical oxygen, 220cu.ft Each
EE027900 Medical oxygen, 24cu.ft Each
EE028200 Medical oxygen, 48cu.ft Each
EE028500 Methylated spirit (70% in Water), 5L Each
EE028800 Metronidazole oral suspension 200mg /5ml, 100ml Each
EE029100 Miconazole cream 2%, 20g Each
EE029400 Miconazole ear drop, 10ml Each
EE029700 Miconazole eye drops 1%, 10ml Each
EE029750 Midazolam 5mg,Spray Each
EE030000 Mitomycin C eye drops, 5ml Each
EE030300 Morphine sulphate suspension 50mg/5ml (strong), 500ml Each
EE030350 Morphine sulphate suspension 10mg/5ml 500ml
EE030600 Morphine sulphate suspension 5mg/5ml, 100ml EACH
EE030900 Morphine sulphate suspension 5mg/5ml, 500ml Each
EE030950 Mupirocin Ointment 2% Each
EE031200 Natamycin 1% Eye Ointment 5g Each
EE031500 Natamycin Eye Drops 5% Each
EE031800 Neomycin 5mg + Bacitracin 400IU skin ointment, 15g Each
EE032100 Nitrous oxide, 24cu.ft Each
EE032400 Nitrous oxide, 31.3kg Each
EE032700 Nystatin oral suspension 100,000 IU/ml, 20ml Each
EE033000 Nystatin pessaries 100,000 IU 100
EE033050 Octenidine Wash,500ml Each
EE033100 Nystatin pessaries 100,000 IU 15
EE033300 Ofloxacin 0.3% + Prednisolone sodium Phosphate 0.5% eye dropEach
EE033600 Ofloxacin eye/ear drop 0.3%, 5ml Each
EE033601 Ofloxacin 0.3% eye drops 5ml, with dropper EACH
EE033900 Oral rehydration salt, 20.5g satchet (WHO formula) for 1L soEach
EE034200 Paracetamol Suppositories 125mg(Children) 10
EE034500 Paracetamol Suppositories 250mg(Adult) 10
EE034800 Paracetamol syrup 120mg/5ml, 100ml Each
EE035100 Paraffin liquid, 500ml Each
EE035101 Paraffin liquid, 250ml Each
EE035400 Perasafe 81g (Sterilizing solution for outrEach) for 5 litreEach
EE035700 Pilocarpine Hydrochloride 4% Eye Drops 10ml Each
EE035710 Pilocarpine Nitrate & Hydroxypropylmethyl 2% 5ml
EE036000 Pilocarpine hydrochloride eye drops 4%, 5ml Each
EE036300 Podophyllum paint 20% in compound benzoic tincture, 20ml Each
EE036600 Podophyllum paint 10% in compound benzoin tincture, 20ml 20ml
EE036900 Podophyllum paint 5% in compound benzoic tincture, 20ml Each
EE037200 Povidone eye drop 5%, 5ml Each
EE037500 Povidone iodine 1%, 250ml Each
EE037600 Povidone iodine 1%, 500ml Each
EE037800 Povidone Iodine 10% Aqueous Solution (200ml) Each
EE038100 Povidone iodine 10% in alcoholic solution, 500ml Each
EE038110 Povidone iodine 5% in alcoholic solution, 500ml Each
EE038400 Prednisolone Acetate eye drops 1%, 5ml Each
EE038700 Prednisolone sodium phosphate eye drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE038701 Prednisolone sodium phosphate eye drops 0.5%, 10ml Each
EE039000 Promethazine hydrochloride elixir 5mg/5ml, 100ml Each
EE039300 Proparacaine hydrochloride 0.5% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE039600 Ready To Use Therapeutic(RUTF)15.1kg(Net) 150Sachets
EE039650 Remiccine Jelly Sachets EACH
EE039900 Resomal,10.92 kg(Net) 100Sachets
EE040200 Retin A Cream Each
EE040500 Salbutamol solution for nebulising 5mg/ml, 30ml Each
EE040600 Salbutamol solution for nebulising 5mg/ml, 15ml Each
EE040800 Salbutamol sulphate aerosol inhalation, 100mcg/dose, 200 dosEach
EE040850 Salbutamol Syrup Each
EE041000 Paraffin Soft Yellow 500g Each
EE041100 Salicylic acid 10% + coal tar 5%, 500g Each
EE041400 Salicylic acid 10% ointment (in YSP), 500g Each
EE041700 Salicylic acid 2% + coal tar solution 15% + sulphur 2% shampEach
EE042000 Salicylic acid 20%, ointment, 500g Each
EE042300 Salicylic acid 5% + Coal tar 2%, 500g Each
EE042600 Salicylic acid 5% + crude coal tar 5% oint (in YSP base), 50Each
EE042900 Salicylic acid 5% + sulphur 5% ointment (in EO base),500g Each
EE043200 Salicylic acid 5% + sulphur 5% ointment (in YSP base),500g Each
EE043500 Salicylic acid 5% lotion (in alcohol 70%), 500ml Each
EE043800 Salicylic acid collodion 12%, 500g Each
EE044100 Salicylic acid ointment 5% (in YSP base), 500g Each
EE044400 Salmeterol 13g with 120 inhalations/canister Each
EE044700 Sidium bicarbonate ear drops 5%, 10ml Each
EE045000 Silver nitrate rhino pencil orange stick Each
EE045300 Silver nitrate stick pencil (toughened) Each
EE045600 Silver sulphadiazine cream 1% 50g Each
EE045900 Sodium Chromoglycate Eye Drops 2%, 10ml Each
EE045901 Sodium Chromoglycate Eye Drops 2%, 5ml Each
EE046200 Sodium chromoglycate spincap 20mg eye drops Each
EE046500 Sodium hypochlorite concentrated solution, 5l Each
EE046501 Sodium hypochlorite 3.5% 750ml
EE046800 Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate(Kayexalate),454g,PFR Each
EE047100 Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30,125ml Each
EE047400 Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 250ml Each
EE047700 Sunscreen Lotion SPF 70, 250ml Each
EE048000 Terbinafine 15mg Cream Each
EE048300 Tetracycline eye ointment 1%, 3.5g Each
EE048600 Tetracycline Ointment 1% – 5gm Each
EE048900 Timolol 0.5% + Dorzolamide 2% eye drops, 5ml Each
EE049200 Timolol maleate eye drops 0.25%, 5ml Each
EE049500 Timolol maleate eye drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE049550 Triamcinolone Cream 10g EACH
EE049800 Tropicamide 0.8% w/v Phenylephrine 5% – 5ml Each
EE049801 Tropicamide 0.5% w/v Phenylephrine 5% ,5ml Each
EE050100 Tropicamide eye drops 0.5%, 5ml Each
EE050400 Tropicamide Eye Drops 1% 5ml Each
EE050700 Vitamin, multiple syrup(without Cyanocobalamine) 100ml
EE051000 Xylometazoline hydrochloride 0.1%, 10ml Each
EE051300 Zinc oxide & salicylic acid paste BP (Lassar's), 500gm Each
EE051600 Zinc oxide 15% ointment (in EO base), 500g Each
EE051900 Zinc oxide 15% ointment +sulphur 5%, 500g Each
EE052200 Zinc paste compound + crude coal tar 5%, 500g Each
EE052500 Zinc paste compound + sulphur 5%, 500g Each
EE052800 Zinc Sulphate Eye drops 0.25%, 5 ml Each
EE052900 Bacillus Thuringiensis Var Israelinsis (Bti) 20L
EE052910 Betamethasone 100mcg, nasal spray EACH
EE052920 Sodium Chromoglycate Nasal spray 4% EACH
FD000100 Allopurinol 100mg 28
FD000200 Aminophylline 100mg 1000
FD000300 Amitriptyline 25mg 1000
FD000400 Amlodipine 5mg 100
FD000500 Aspirin 300mg 1000
FD000600 Atenolol 100mg 1000
FD000700 Carbamazepine 200mg 1000
FD000800 Chlopromazine 100mg 1000
FD000900 Chlorpheniramine maleate 4mg 1000
FD001000 Chloramphenicol 250mg 1000
FD001100 Diclofenac sodium 50mg EACH
FD001200 Digoxin 0.25mg 1000
FD001300 Enalapril Maleate tablets USP 5mg 1000
FD001400 Fluoxetine 20mg saps 100
FD001500 Folic acid 5mg 1000
FD001600 Glibenclamide 5mg 1000
FD001700 Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg 1000
FD001800 Ibuprofen 200mg 1000
FD001900 Metformin 850mg 1000
FD002000 Nifedipine 20mg. SR 1000
FD002100 Nalidixic acid 500mg 1000
FD002200 Omeprazole 20mg 1000
FD002300 Spilonoladone 25mg 1000
FD002400 Tramadol 50mg 100
FD002500 Misoprostol 250mcg tablets 100
FD002600 Risperidone 4mg 100
FD002700 Amitriptyline 25mg 100
FD002800 Codeine Phosphate 30 mg tablets 100
FD002900 Metformin 850mg Tablets 500
FD003000 Misoprostol 200mg tablets 100
FD003100 Diazepam 5mg Tablets 1000
FD003200 Metronidazole 200mg Tablets 1000
FD003300 Silk braided 2/0 12
FD003400 Malaria Antigen pf Test Kits 25
FD003500 Vicryl 2 needle 1/2 circ,Taper cut 45MM 12
FD003600 Captopril 12.5mg 100
FD003700 Cephalexin 250mg 100
FD003800 Chlorpromazine 100mg 1000
FD003900 Chlorpromazine 25mg 100
FD004000 Cimetidine 400mg 100
FD004100 Ciprofloxacin 250mg 100
FD004200 Dexamethasone 0.5mg 100
FD004300 Digoxin 250 micrograms 100
FD004400 Digoxin 62.5 micrograms 100
FD004500 Doxycycline 100mg 1000
FD004600 Flucloxacillin 250mg 100
FD004700 Frusemide 40mg 1000
FD004800 Griseofulvin 125mg 100
FD004900 Haloperidol 2mg 100
FD005000 Hydralazine 25mg 100
FD005100 Indomethacin 25mg 1000
FD005200 Loperamide HCl 2mg 1000
FD005300 Magnesium trisilicate compound 1000
FD005400 Metformin hydrochloride 500mg 100
FD005401 Metformin hydrochloride 500mg 500
FD005500 Methyldopa 250mg 1000
FD005600 Metronidazole 200mg 1000
FD005700 Morphine sulphate 10mg (slow release) 60
FD005800 Nifedipine 10mg 100
FD005900 Paracetamol 500mg 1000
FD006000 Phenobarbitone 30mg 1000
FD006100 Phenytoin sodium 25mg 1000
FD006200 Potassium chloride 600mg (slow release) 1000
FD006300 Praziquantel 600mg 1000
FD006400 Prednisolone 5mg 100
FD006500 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg 100
FD006600 Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 20mg 1000
FD006700 Quinine sulphate 300mg 1000
FD006800 Ranitidine 150mg 100
FD006900 Salbutamol 4mg 1000
FD006901 Salbutamol 4mg 100
FD007000 Sulphadoxine 500mg / pyrimethamine 25mg (SP) 1000
FD007100 Vitamin B complex strong 1000
FD007200 Vitamin, multiple 100
FD007300 Zinc Sulphate 20mg 100
FD007400 Insulin zinc suspension (lente) 100 IU/ml, 10ml EACH
FD007500 Acetazolamide 250mg 100
FD007600 Atenolol 50mg 100
FD007700 Vincristine sulphate 1mg PFR EACH
FD007800 Benzhexol 5mg 100
FD007900 Bisacodyl 5mg 1000
FD008000 Aminophylline 25mg/ml,10ml Each
FD008100 Flucloxacillin 250mg 28
FD008200 Silk 0, 48mm, 1/2 cycle, cutting, Black Braided 12
FD008300 Silk 0, 30mm, 1/2 cycle, cutting, Black Braided 12
FD100000 Benzylpenicillin 3g (5MU), PFR EACH
FD100051 Benzathine benzylpen.pfr/inj  2.4MIU Each
FD100100 Bleomycine 15000 units/vital EACH
FD100200 Bupivacaine spinal 0.5% 4 ml amp isobaric EACH
FD100300 Calcium gluconate 10%, 10ml EACH
FD100400 Celtraxone 1gm vial EACH
FD100500 Chloramphenicol 1g vial EACH
FD100600 Chlorpromazine injections 50mg/ 20ml EACH
FD100700 Cyclophosphomide EACH
FD100800 Dexamethasone 4mg/ml injections EACH
FD100900 Doxorubicin PFR 50ml vital EACH
FD101000 Heparin sodium 5000 IU/ml, 1ml EACH
FD101100 Diclofenac Sodium Injection 25mg/ml,3ml EACH
FD101200 Fentanyl 0.1mg/ 2ml 2ml injection EACH
FD101300 Fluphenazine decacrate 25mg/ml 1ml ampoule EACH
FD101400 Frusemide 20mg/ml 2ml EACH
FD101500 Gelatin 500mg / pack EACH
FD101600 Gentamicin 80mg/ml 20ml EACH
FD101700 Haloperidol 5mg/ml, 2ml Injection EACH
FD101800 Hydralazine hcl 20mg/ml 1ml ampoule injection EACH
FD101900 Hydrocortison injection 100mg EACH
FD102000 Ketamine hydrochloride 50mg/ml, 10ml EACH
FD102100 Lignocaine HCL 2% injection, 20ml EACH
FD102200 Manittol 20% 500ml bottle EACH
FD102300 Metocloplomide 5mg/ml 2ml injection EACH
FD102400 Metronidazole 5mg/ml, 100ml EACH
FD102500 Potassium chloride 20% 10ml EACH
FD102600 Cisplatin 50mg/ml injection EACH
FD102700 Daunorubicin HCL 20mg injection EACH
FD102800 Methyl Prednisolone 40mg/2ml EACH
FD102900 Neostigmine Injection BP EACH
FD103000 Morphine Sulphate 15mg/ml, 1ml EACH
FD103100 Hydroxyethyl Starch Haes-steril 6%/500ml EACH
FD103200 Pethidine injection 100mg/2ml EACH
FD103300 Etoposide 20mg/ml Ampoule
FD103400 Insulin soluble HMGE100IU 10ml vial EACH
FD103500 Insulin lente 100IU 10ml vial EACH
FD103600 Ampicillin injection 500mg, PFR EACH
FD103700 Adrenaline 1/1000, 1ml 1000
FD103800 Aminophylline 25mg/ml, 10ml EACH
FD103900 Atropine sulphate 600 micrograms/ml, 1ml EACH
FD104000 Cefotaxime 500mg, PFR EACH
FD104100 Ceftriaxone 1g, PFR EACH
FD104200 Chlorpromazine hydrochloride 25mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD104300 Dextrose (glucose) 5%, 1000ml EACH
FD104400 Diazepam 5mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD104500 Flucloxacillin 250mg, vial, PFR EACH
FD104600 Frusemide 10mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD104700 Gentamicin Sulphate 40mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD104800 Haloperidol decanoate oily 50mg/ml, 1ml ampoule EACH
FD104900 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate iv 50mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD105000 Lignocaine hydrochloride 1%, 25ml EACH
FD105100 Lignocaine hydrochloride 2%, 25ml EACH
FD105200 Lignocaine hydrochloride 5%+glucose 7.5%,heavy spinal,2ml EACH
FD105300 Magnesium sulphate 50%, 2ml ampoule EACH
FD105400 Oxytocin 10 IU/ml, 1ml EACH
FD105500 Paraldehyde, 10ml EACH
FD105600 Pethidine hydrochloride 50mg/1ml, 2ml EACH
FD105700 Phenobarbitone sodium 200mg/ml, 1ml EACH
FD105800 Phytomenadione 2mg/ml, 1ml (Vitamin K) EACH
FD105900 Phytomenadione 10mg/ml, 1ml (Vitamin K) EACH
FD106000 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg/ml, 2ml EACH
FD106100 Sodium chloride 0.9%, 1000ml EACH
FD106200 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 1000ml EACH
FD106300 Thiopentone sodium 500mg, PFR EACH
FD106400 Ultravist 370,50ml 10
FD150000 Rabies vaccine course, (1x 5, 0.5ml/dose PFR & diluent x 5 vEACH
FD200000 Formaldehyde 40% (Formalin solution) 5L EACH
FD200100 Ethanol absolute 99% min GRG 5g
FD250000 Amoxycillin 125mg/5ml PFR, 100ml 100ml
FD250020 Amoxycillin 250mg Tablets 1000
FD250050 Amoxycillin 250mg Capsules 1000
FD250100 Chloramphenicol 125mg/5ml , PFR,100ml 100ml
FD250200 Chloramphenicol eye drops 0.5% 10 ml 10ML
FD250300 Gentamicin Eye Drops,0.3%. 5ML EACH
FD250400 Gluteraidehyde solution 2%(cidex) with activator OPA 5 ml 5ML
FD250500 KY Jelly ( Lubricationg jelly) 82g 82g
FD250600 Lignocaine Gel 2% 20g 20g
FD250700 Salbutamol sulphate aerosol inhalation, 100mcg/dose, 200 dosEACH
FD250800 Cotrimoxazole oral suspension 240mg/5ml 100ml
FD250900 Atropine Sulphate 1% eye drop.10ml Bottle
FD251000 Cotrimoxazole 480mg tablets 1000
FD251050 Cotton wool, 500g, roll Each
FD251100 Metronidazole oral suspension 200mg/5ml 100ml
FD251200 Clotrimazole 1% cream 20g EACH
FD251300 Hydrocortisone 1% skin ointment EACH
FD251400 Erythromycin ethyl succinate suspension 125mg/5ml, PFR 100 ml
FD251500 Multivitamin syrup 100 ml
FD251600 Benzoic acid 6%+salicyclic acid 3% (whitefield's ointment) 500g
FD251700 Benzoic acid + salicylic acid compoundLotion 500ML
FD251800 Benzyl benzoate application 25% 500ML
FD251900 Bismuth subgallate compound suppositories 12
FD252000 CalamineLotion + sulphur 2% 500ML
FD252100 CalamineLotion aqueous 500ML
FD252200 Cetrimide 15% + chlorhexidine 1.5% solution.for dilution 5L
FD252300 Chloramphenicol 1% eye ointment 3.5g
FD252400 Chloramphenicol eye drops 0.5% 5ML
FD252500 Chlorpheniramine 2mg/5ml suspension 100ML
FD252600 Clotrimazole pessaries 500mg EACH
FD252700 Dexamethasone eye drops 0.1% 5ML
FD252800 Emulsifying ointment 500g
FD252900 Erythromycin ethyl succinate suspension 125mg/5ml, PFR 100ML
FD253000 Ferrous sulphate mixture paediatric 60mg/5ml 100ML
FD253100 Gentamicin 0.3% eye drops 5ML
FD253200 Gentian violet paint, aqueous 1% 500ML
FD253300 Gluteraldehyde solution 2% buffered (Cidex) with activator 5L
FD253400 Glycerine suppositories (adult), 4g 12
FD253500 Glycerine suppositories (child), 2g 12
FD253600 Hydrocortisone eye ointment 1% 3.5g
FD253700 Iodine solution, weak (iodine tincture) 0.5% 500ML
FD253800 Lignocaine gel 2%, 30g 30g
FD253900 Methylated spirit 5L
FD254000 Nystatin oral suspension 100,000 IU/ml 20ml
FD254100 Oral rehydration salt, 20.5g satchet (WHO formula) for 1L soEACH
FD254200 Paracetamol syrup 120mg/5ml 100ML
FD254201 Paracetamol syrup 120mg/5ml,60 ml Each
FD254300 Pilocarpine hydrochloride eye drops 2% 5ML
FD254400 Promethazine hydrochloride elixir 5mg/5ml 100ML
FD254500 Salbutamol solution for nebulising 5mg/ml 30ML
FD254600 Salicylic acid 10% ointment (in YSP) 500g
FD254700 Salicylic acid 5% + sulphur 5% ointment (in YSP base) 500g
FD254800 Salicylic acid ointment 5% (in YSP base) 500g
FD254900 Silver nitrate stick pencil (toughened) EACH
FD255000 Silver sulphadiazine cream 1% 50G 50g
FD255100 Tetracycline eye ointment 1% 3.5g
FD255200 Vitamin, multiple syrup 100ML
FD255300 Zinc oxide & salicylic acid paste BP (Lassar's) 500g
FD255400 Zinc oxide 15% ointment (in EO base) 500g
FD255500 Zinc oxide 15% ointment +sulphur 5% 500g
FD255600 Zinc paste compound + sulphur 5% 500g
FD300000 Bandage WOW 7.5cm X 4.5M 12 Rolls
FD300100 Dressing Gauze paraffin Dressing 10cm x 10cm 36
FD300200 Gauze Absorbent 90cmX91m,roll Roll
FD300300 Gauze Swab 10cmX10cm, 12 ply 100
FD300400 Zinc oxide plaster 7.5cm x 5m EACH
FD300500 Bandage, crepe 7.5cm x 1.4m (4m when stretched) EACH
FD300600 Dressing, paraffin gauze 9.5cm x 9.5cm (square) Pack of 36
FD300700 Gauze, absorbent 90cm X 100m EACH
FD300800 Gauze, absorbent 90cm x 40m EACH
FD300900 Gauze, swabs 8-ply 10cm x 10cm 100
FD301000 Plaster, elastic adhesive 7.5cm x 5m EACH
FD301100 Plaster, extension 7.5cm x 5m EACH
FD301200 Plaster, zinc oxide 7.5cm x 5m EACH
FD301300 Anti-D human immunoglobulin 250 micrograms/ml EACH
FD301400 Liquid human diploid cell rabies vaccine course, (1x 5, 0.5mEACH
FD301500 Bandage, crepe 10cm 1.4mLong (4m when stretched) EACH
FD301600 Bandage WOW 15cm X 3.6 M 12
FD350000 Catgut chromic 2 on needle round bodied ˝ circle 48 mm 12
FD350100 Braided synthetic sterile polyglactin 910 surgical suture 12
FD350200 Polyamide 6 Blue monofilament 4-0 ( 3/8 c), 45cm,19mm rever12
FD350300 Polyamide 6 Blue monofilament 5-0,(3/8 c), 45cm, 16mm cuttin12
FD350400 Black Braided silk 2,(1/2c), 75cm, 40mm round bodied 12
FD350500 Vicryl 0 75cm cutting 12
FD350600 Vicryl 1 ,75cm reverse cutting 12
FD350700 Vicryl 2,75cm reverse cutting 12
FD350800 Vicryl 2,75cm round bodied 12
FD350900 Vicryl 3-0 ,75cm round bodied 12
FD351000 Vicryl 4-0 75cm cutting 12
FD351100 Braided synthetic sterile polyglactin 910 surgical suture 0 12
FD351200 API 20 E teststrips EACH
FD351300 API NH teststrips EACH
FD351400 API 20 NE teststrips EACH
FD351500 Polyamide 6 Blue monofilament 5-0,(3/8 c), 45cm, 16mm cuttin12
FD351600 Polyamide 6 Blue monofilament 5-0,(3/8 c), 45cm, 16mm cuttin12
FD351700 PolySilk 1 Rounded Bodied 12
FD351800 Vicyl 10-0 (10cm Spatula) 12
FD351900 Ethilon 3 - 0, 45cm Reverse Cutting 12
FD352000 Ethilon 2 - 0, 45cm  Cutting 12
FD352100 Sutures 2 Chromic 90cm 12
FD352200 Ethilon 0, 40mm reverse cutting 12
FD352300 Ethilon 1, 90mm cuttting 12
FD352400 Ethilon 5-0 45cm cutting 12
FD352500 Braided synthetic sterile polyglactin 910 surgical suture 2 12
FD352600 Ethilon 0, on cutting needle 12
FD352700 Ethilon 3/0, on cutting needle 12
FD352800 Ethilon 4/0, on cutting needle 12
FD352900 Silk braided 1 on needle 12
FD353000 Silk braided 2 on needle 12
FD353100 Vicryl 0, 10/0 12
FD353200 Vicryl 0, on tappercut needle 12
FD353300 Vicryl 1, on reverse cutting needle 1/2 circle 12
FD353400 Vicryl 2 reverse cutting needle 1/2 circle 12
FD353500 Vicryl 2 round bodied needle 1/2 circle 12
FD353600 Catgut chromic 2 on needle round bodied ˝ circle 50mm 12
FD353700 Catgut chromic 2, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD353800 Ethilon 0, ˝ circle reverse cutting 12's 12
FD353900 Ethilon 0, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD354000 Ethilon 1, ˝ circle cutting needle 12's 12
FD354100 Ethilon 2/0, ˝ circle cutting needle 12's 12
FD354200 Ethilon 2/0, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD354300 Ethilon 3/0, curved reverse cutting needle 12's 12
FD354400 Ethilon 4/0, ˝ circle cutting needle 12's 12
FD354500 Ethilon 4/0, ˝ circle slim blade reverse cutting 12's 12
FD354600 Ethilon 5/0, ˝ circle slim blade reverse cutting 12's 12
FD354700 Silk braided 1, ˝ circle cutting needle 12's 12
FD354800 Silk braided 2, ˝ circle cutting needle 12's 12
FD354900 Vicryl 0, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD355000 Vicryl 0, ˝ circle taper cut needle heavy 12's 12
FD355100 Vicryl 1, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD355200 Vicryl 1, ˝ circle taper cut heavy 12's 12
FD355300 Vicryl 2, ˝ circle round bodied heavy 12's 12
FD355400 Vicryl 2, ˝ circle taper cut 12's 12
FD355500 Vicryl 3/0, ˝ circle round bodied taper 12's 12
FD355600 Vicryl 4/0, ˝ circle round bodied 12's 12
FD400000 Abdominal packs EACH
FD400100 Cannula IV(without vent)12 sets packed in apoly bag) Each
FD400200 Autoclave tape 18mm x 50m EACH
FD400300 Bag Urine drainage 2000ml EACH
FD400400 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 18 10
FD400500 Colostomy Bags, disposable 25cmx13cm 100
FD400600 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 18 (with introducer) 2 weach
FD400700 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 10 (with introducer) 210
FD400800 Foley catheter 2 way size 20 10
FD400900 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 8 (with introducer) 2 w10
FD401000 Foley catheter 2 way size 12 10
FD401100 Foley catheter 2 way size 14 10
FD401200 Foley catheter 2 way size 16 10
FD401300 Giving Sets Adult EACH
FD401400 Giving sets paediatrict 25set
FD401500 Nasogastric Tube size 10 100
FD401600 Nassal Cannula paeds 25G X 90mm 25
FD401700 Needle Spinal disposable cutting bevel '23G 25
FD401800 Needle Spinal disposable cutting bevel '25G 25
FD401900 Needle spinal disposable cutting bevel'22G 25
FD402000 Perfuser syringes 50
FD402100 Scalpel blade size 24 (individually wrapped) 100
FD402200 Scalpel blade size 20 (individually wrapped) 100
FD402300 Scalpel blade size 21 (individually wrapped) 100
FD402400 Scalpel blade size 22 (individually wrapped) 100
FD402500 Scalpel blade size 23 (individually wrapped) 100
FD402600 Stethoscope binaural chest type EACH
FD402700 Suction tubes Size 5 25
FD402800 Suction tubes 50
FD402900 Suctioning tubes for neonaters 20
FD403000 Syringe disposable, 50 ml (No Needle 50
FD403100 Syringes disposable on niddle 21G 20ML 100
FD403200 Tube, feeding CH 6 100
FD403300 Tube, feeding CH 8 100
FD403400 nasogatric tubes(stomach tubes) CH 16 EACH
FD403500 suction catheters(suction tubes) size 12 EACH
FD403600 suction catheters(suction tubes) size 8 EACH
FD403700 Syringe,10ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21ndl EACH
FD403800 Tracheostomy Tube size20 cuffed 5.0mm EACH
FD404000 Nasal Oxygen Cannula -Adults each
FD404100 Suction catheter FR 5 EACH
FD404200 Foley catheter FR 10 2-way EACH
FD404300 Foley catheter FR 8 2-way EACH
FD404400 Autoclave tape, 1.5cm wide, 12mLong Roll
FD404500 Bags colostomy disposable 25.5cm x 13cm 10
FD404600 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 16 EACH
FD404700 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 18 EACH
FD404800 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 20 EACH
FD404900 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 22 EACH
FD405000 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 24 EACH
FD405100 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 14 EACH
FD405200 Catheter disposable female FG 14 EACH
FD405300 Catheter disposable female FG 16 EACH
FD405400 Catheter Foley"s retention 20-30cc FG 20, 3 way EACH
FD405500 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 14g EACH
FD405600 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 18g EACH
FD405700 Catheter Foley's retention 10-20cc FG 18, 2 way EACH
FD405800 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 14 EACH
FD405900 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 16 2 way EACH
FD406000 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 18 EACH
FD406100 Giving set iv administration + needle 15 drops/ml EACH
FD406200 Glove disposable powderedLatexLarge 100
FD406300 Glove disposable powderedLatex medium 100
FD406400 Glove gynaecological elbowLengthLarge EACH
FD406500 Glove gynaecological elbowLength medium EACH
FD406600 Glove surgeon's size 7 sterile pair
FD406700 Glove surgeon's size 7˝ sterile pair
FD406800 Glove surgeon's size 8 sterile pair
FD406900 iv giving sets (paediatric) with calibrated burrette EACH
FD407000 iv giving sets (paediatric) with volume regulator between 10EACH
FD407100 Mask face dispoasble paper, 2- ply 100
FD407200 Scalp vein set disposableLuer 21g EACH
FD407300 Scalp vein set disposableLuer 23g EACH
FD407400 Scalp vein set disposableLuer 25g EACH
FD407500 Syringe, 20ml, disposable with 21g needle EACH
FD407600 Syringe, 50ml, disposable, with 19g needle EACH
FD407700 Syringe, 5ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g needle EACH
FD407800 Syringe, autodestruct, 10ml, disposable with 21g needle EACH
FD407900 Syringe, autodestruct, 20ml, disposable with 21g needle EACH
FD408000 Syringe, autodestruct, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 23g neEACH
FD408100 Syringe, autodestruct, 5ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g neEACH
FD408200 Thermometer digital EACH
FD408300 Bag tablet dispensing, polythene, disposable 9 x 10cm 50
FD408400 Apron, disposable, polythene 100
FD408500 Apron, surgeon's polythene, footLength EACH
FD408600 Syringe,2ml,disp.hypol + 23g ndl Each
FD600000 Blood grouping serum Anti -A EACH
FD600100 Blood grouping serum Anti -AB Bottle
FD600200 Blood grouping serum Anti -B EACH
FD600300 Blood grouping serum Anti -D EACH
FD600400 Field stain A, 25g EACH
FD600500 Field stain B dry powder EACH
FD600600 Glucostics SD checks 50
FD600700 India Ink, box EACH
FD600800 Keylab albumin, 40ml 5
FD600900 Keylab alkaline phosaphate, 40ml 5
FD601000 Keylab ALT/GPT, 40ml 5
FD601100 Keylab AST/GOT, 40ml 5
FD601200 Keylab calcium, 40ml 5
FD601300 Keylab cleaning reagent, 250ml 2
FD601400 Keylab creatinine, 40ml 5
FD601500 Keylab direct billrubin 40ml 4
FD601600 Keylab gamma GT, 40ml 4
FD601700 Keylab thermal printer paper, pack 5
FD601800 Keylab total billrubin, 40ml 5
FD601900 Keylab Urea/bun, 40ml 5
FD602000 Multistix 50
FD602100 Oil immersion, bottle 100ml Bottle
FD602200 Transfusion set blood admin+pump+needle EACH
FD602300 Ant Human Globulin 10ml Amps
FD602400 Determine Hepatitis B Test Kit 100TST
FD602500 Agar, Blood Base 500g
FD602600 Agar, MacConkey, salt free EACH
FD602700 Agar, MacConkey, with salt EACH
FD602800 Auramine ‘O’ Gurr powder 100g
FD602900 Gram Stain Kit EACH
FD603000 Indole lab reagent EACH
FD603100 XLD Medium 500g
FD603200 Act 5 Diff WBC Lyse EACH
FD603300 Act 5 Diff fix EACH
FD603400 Act 5 Diff Rinse EACH
FD603500 Act 5 Diff HGB EACH
FD603600 Sample cups 1000
FD603700 Act 5 diff diluent 20L
FD603800 Act 5 diff Lyse 1L
FD603900 Act 5 diff control plus EACH
FD604000 Act 5 diff calibrator EACH
FD604100 XLD Agar 500g
FD604200 Simmons citrate EACH
FD604300 Mueller Hinton agar 500g
FD604400 Carry Blair Transport medium 500g
FD604500 Agar Mac conkey 500g
FD604600 Agar Mac conkey No.2 500g
FD604700 Agar Mac conkey No.3 500g
FD604800 Acetone 2.5L
FD604900 Act 5 Diff fix 1L
FD605000 Act 5 Diff HGBLyse 400ml
FD605100 Act tainer (po 8547111) pack KIT
FD605200 Agar, base urea 500g
FD605300 Agar, dextrose 500g
FD605400 Agar, DST 500g
FD605500 Agar, mannitol salt 500g
FD605600 Agar, nutrient 500g
FD605700 Agar, sabouraud dextrose 500g
FD605800 Agar, SIM 500g
FD605900 Agar, TCBS cholera 500g
FD606000 Albumin test kit (HUMAN) 1000ML
FD606100 Alkaline Peptone Agar 500g
FD606200 Alkaline phosphatase test kit -HUMAN KIT
FD606300 Amoxycillin disc 35mcg 1x50discs
FD606400 Ampicillin disc 10mcg 1x50discs
FD606500 Amylase test kit, 5ml-HUMAN KIT
FD606600 Anti - streptolysin (ASOT) test kit KIT
FD606700 Anti-human globulin (Coombs' test),L 10ML
FD606800 Autoclavable Biohazard bags 100
FD606900 Bacitracin 0.04 units, discs 50
FD607000 Bacitracin 0.1 units, discs 50
FD607100 Bactec Standard areobic / culture, Adult 40ml
FD607200 Basin fuchsin powder 100g
FD607300 Beaker Cleaning brushes EACH
FD607400 Bilirubin total and direct test -HUMAN 100
FD607500 Biolyte electrolyte - Conditioning Na Solution 100ML
FD607600 Blood grouping serum Anti-D (IgG/IgM10ml Blend EACH
FD607700 Bottle, blood collecting plain plastic vacuated, 5ml plus va1000
FD607800 Bottle, blood collecting plastic vacuated with fluoride oxal1000
FD607900 Bottle, blood collecting vacuated, 4.5 ml with EDTA K3 tubes1000
FD608000 Bottle, blood culture, 100ml EACH
FD608100 Bottle, blood culture, 50ml EACH
FD608200 Brown Bottles with screw cup 2.5L
FD608300 Bulbs for humalyser 2000 6V 10 W EACH
FD608400 Bulbs microscope 6V 20W EACH
FD608500 Calcium test kit-HUMAN 50ML
FD608600 Cefotaxime 30mcg discs 50discs
FD608700 Cefuroxime 30mcg discs 1x50discs
FD608800 Centrifuge tubes conical shape with screw cup 10ML
FD608900 Cephalexin 30mg discs 50
FD609000 Chloramphenicol discs 50
FD609100 Chloride (Cl-) Electrode for Nova 5 EACH
FD609200 Cholesterol test kit-HUMAN 250ML
FD609300 Ciprofloxacin 5mcl (microlitre) discs 50
FD609400 Cleaning solution for Nova 5 100ML
FD609500 Cloxacillin discs 5mcg 50
FD609600 Conditioning reagent for sodium (Na+) for NOVA 5 100ML
FD609700 Cotrimoxazole disc 25mcg 50
FD609800 Coulter 4C - ES cell control PACK
FD609900 Coulter clenz 5L
FD610000 Creatinine test kit-Human 200ML
FD610100 Cross Match stickerLabel (Government print) 1000
FD610200 Cryptococus Latex antigen test KIT
FD610300 Crystal violet powder 100g
FD610400 Culture swabs, sterile with hard plastic container with cap 1000
FD610500 DBS filter grade 903 50
FD610600 Doxycycline 30mg discs 1x50discs
FD610700 Epics antibody 3x2ML
FD610800 Epics blue tubes 200
FD610900 Epics clenz 5L
FD611000 Epics controls-Low 5x3ml
FD611100 Epics controls-Normal 5x3ml
FD611200 Epics flow check 3x10ML
FD611300 Epics flow count 10ML
FD611400 Epics flow sheath 4x5L
FD611500 Epics TQ preparation reagent EACH
FD611600 Erythromycin discs 1x50discs
FD611700 Facs count Clean , 5L (Ref. 340345) 5L
FD611800 Facs count control. 25 tests (Ref. 340166) KIT
FD611900 Facs Count reagents, 50tests (Ref. 340167) KIT
FD612000 Facs count Rinse, 5L (Ref. 340346) 5L
FD612100 FACSCOUNT Paper thermal 100
FD612200 Fine point permanent marker PACK
FD612300 Fluorescent Microscope Spare bulbs Model BX 41 TF EACH
FD612400 Fluorescent Microscope Spare bulbs ModelL2 Osra Mercury EACH
FD612500 Fluorescent microscope square bulbs 100W EACH
FD612600 Fluorescent microscope square bulbs 50W EACH
FD612700 Funnel (Plastic) EACH
FD612800 Gas generating kit KIT
FD612900 Gentamicin 10mcg (microgram) discs 50
FD613000 Glucose (GOD) test kit HUMAN 4x100ML
FD613100 Glucose (GOD/PAP)HUMAN 1000ML
FD613200 Gram's A fluid 500ML
FD613300 Gram's Iodine 500ML
FD613400 HaemaCue Cleaner 10
FD613500 Haemacue control micro- cuvettes 200
FD613600 Haemacue Hb 201+ - cuvettes 50
FD613700 HaemaCue Hb 201+ Machine SET
FD613800 Hemostat control plasma N,1ml 6x1ml
FD613900 Hemostat control plasma P,1ml 6x1ml
FD614000 Hepatitis B test kit-Dertemine 100tests
FD614100 Hepatitis C test kit 101tests
FD614200 Humastar 180 acid phosphatase 6x15ml
FD614300 Humastar 180 albumin 4x100ml
FD614400 Humastar 180 alkaline phosphatase 10x10ml
FD614500 Humastar 180 alpha amylase 12x10ml
FD614600 Humastar 180 autocalibrator 4x5ml
FD614700 Humastar 180 bilirubin total and direct 2x100ml
FD614800 Humastar 180 cholesterol 4x100ml
FD614900 Humastar 180 GGT 10x10ml
FD615000 Humastar 180 glucose 4x100ml
FD615100 Humastar 180 Pancrease-amylase 6x20ml
FD615200 Humastar 180 Serum caps 500
FD615300 Humastar 180 SGOT (ALT) 10x10ml
FD615400 Humastar 180 SGPT (AST) 10x10ml
FD615500 Humastar 180 total bilirubin 275ml
FD615600 Humastar 180 Total protein 4x100ml
FD615700 Humastar 180 Trygericerides 4x100ml
FD615800 Humastar 180 Urea 2x100ml
FD615900 Humastar 180 Uric acid 3x100ml
FD616000 Humastar 180 wash additive 4x25ml
FD616100 Humatrol N,5ml 6x5ml
FD616200 Humatrol P,5ml 6x5ml
FD616300 Identidisc (optochin) 50
FD616400 Immuno Control TM Cells Beckman CoulterLow PACK
FD616500 Immuno Control TM Cells Beckman Coulter Normal PACK
FD616600 keylab amylase 5x40ml
FD616700 keylab bilirubin direct 4x40ml
FD616800 keylab bilirubin total 5x40ml
FD616900 keylab carroussel EACH
FD617000 keylab cholesterol 5x40ml
FD617100 keylab Chrolide 5x40ml
FD617200 keylab CK MB 19x2.5ml
FD617300 keylab Control normal 10x5ml
FD617400 keylab control pathological 10x5ml
FD617500 keylab extra cleaning 2x250ml
FD617600 keylab GGT 4x40ml
FD617700 keylab Glucose 5x40ml
FD617800 keylab GOT 5x40ml
FD617900 keylab GPT 5x40ml
FD618000 keylab IPO cleaning 2x250ml
FD618100 keylab pierced pressure cups 100pck
FD618200 keylab potassium 5x40ml
FD618300 keylab Sodium 5x40ml
FD618400 keylab Total protein 5x40ml
FD618500 keylab Triglyceride 5x40ml
FD618600 KEYLAB uric acid 5x40ml
FD618700 keylab waste tank EACH
FD618800 keylabserum cups 1000pack
FD618900 Kovac's reagent 100ML
FD619000 Laboratory Digital timer EACH
FD619100 LaboratoryLighter EACH
FD619200 Leishman's buffer ampoules, 10 ml 10ML
FD619300 Lens cleaning tissue 25
FD619400 Liquid fuel burners EACH
FD619500 Magnetic spinning bar EACH
FD619600 Malachite green dry 100g
FD619700 Methylene blue dry 500g
FD619800 Metronidazole 50mcg discs 50
FD619900 Microscope cover slip 22mm x 22mm 50
FD620000 Microscope cover slip 22mm x 45mm 50
FD620100 Microtome blades 50
FD620200 Mindray BC 5500 M50 Cleanset 1L
FD620300 Mindray BC 5500 M50LBALyse 1L
FD620400 Mindray BC 5500 M50LEO 1Lyse 1L
FD620500 Mindray BC 5500 M50LEO 2Lyse 500ML
FD620600 Mindray BC 5500 M50LHLyse 500ML
FD620700 Mindray BC 5500 M50P Probe cleanser 50ML
FD620800 Minotrol TM-16 PACK
FD620900 Monocontainers 4oz (50g) red top 1000
FD621000 Nalidixic acid discs 50
FD621100 New Brilliant CrystalBlue EACH
FD621200 Nitrofurantoin 300mcg discs 50discs
FD621300 Norfloxacin disc 5mcg discs 50discs
FD621400 Norfloxacin disc 5mg 2x50discs
FD621500 Nova 5 electrode (air) EACH
FD621600 Nova 5 fluid pack PACK
FD621700 Nova Electrode Spacer EACH
FD621800 Nova Replacement SLine EACH
FD621900 Novobiocin 5mg discs 50
FD622000 Novobiocin disc 5mg 50
FD622100 Oil immersion (cedarwood) 100ML
FD622200 Optochin disc 50
FD622300 Oxacillin disc 50
FD622400 Oxacillin discs 1mcg 50
FD622500 Oxidase strip reagent 10
FD622600 Paper filter Whatman no.1 size 15cm 100
FD622700 Paper filter Whatman no.1 size 24cm 100
FD622800 Parafilm EACH
FD622900 Penicillin disc 50
FD623000 Penicillin G 1 unit disc 50
FD623100 Petri dishes, disposable 10
FD623200 Phenol crystals 500g
FD623300 Phosphorus test kit-Human 100ML
FD623400 Pipette tips 200-1000mcl (microlitre) 1000
FD623500 Pipette tips 5-200mcl (microlitre) 1000
FD623600 Pipette, pasteur plastic disposable 3ml 1000
FD623601 Pipette,pasteur plastic disposable 3ml 500
FD623700 Potassium (K+) electrode for Nova 5 EACH
FD623800 Potassium permanganate 500g
FD623900 Powder Free Gloves (Large) PACK
FD624000 Powder Free Gloves (Medium) PACK
FD624100 Powder Free Gloves (Small) PACK
FD624200 Pregnancy slide test kit 100
FD624300 Rack for Westergreen ESR to take 6 tubes EACH
FD624400 Rapid Diagnostic Test kit Malaria Bioline 25
FD624500 Rectangular hotplate EACH
FD624600 RedLitmus EACH
FD624700 Reference electrode for Nova 5 EACH
FD624800 Rheumatoid factor test kit 45ML
FD624900 Sodium (Na+) electrode for Nova 5, EACH
FD625000 Sodium dithionite powder 250g
FD625100 Sodium metabsulphote powder 250g
FD625200 Spare bulbs (6v/30w/G4) EACH
FD625300 SpiritLamps EACH
FD625400 Sulphuric acid 2.5L
FD625500 Thermal printer paper for FACS Count Machine 100
FD625600 Thermal printer paper for Humalyzer 3000 100
FD625700 Thermal printer paper for Key -lab EACH
FD625800 Tobramycin 10mcg (microgram) discs 50
FD625900 Total Protein test kit-Human 1000ML
FD626000 Toulene 2.5L
FD626100 Trichloroacetic acid crystals 100g
FD626200 Triglycerides test kit - Human 100ML
FD626300 Triple sugar iron agar (TSI) 500g
FD626400 Trisodium Phosphate 100g
FD626500 Tube capillary (EDTA k3) 100
FD626600 Tube capillary heparinised 100
FD626700 Tube capillary plain 100
FD626800 Urea Crystals 500g
FD626900 Urea Solution 40% 2ML
FD627000 Urea test ki-Human 100ml 100ML
FD627100 Uric acid test kit-Humanl 100ML
FD627200 Vacutainer 10ml, plain glass 1000
FD627300 vacutainer needle holder 1000
FD627400 white saponin 500g
FD627500 Wire, microme inoculationLoop Roll
FD627600 Wooden applicator sticks 100
FD627700 X factor discs 100
FD627800 XV factor discs 100
FD627900 Xylene 2.5L
FD628000 Albumin test kit (HUMAN), 1,000ml EACH
FD628100 Alkaline phosphatase test kit -HUMAN KIT
FD628200 Amoxycillin disc 35mcg, pack 50 EACH
FD628300 Ampicillin disc 10mcg, pack 50 EACH
FD628400 Amylase test kit, 5ml-HUMAN KIT
FD628500 Anti - streptolysin (ASOT) test kit KIT
FD628600 Anti-human globulin (Coombs' test), 10ml EACH
FD628700 Bacitracin 0.04 units, discs 50
FD628800 Bacitracin 0.1 units, discs 50
FD628900 Bactec Standard areobic / culture, Adult, 40ml EACH
FD629000 Bilirubin total and direct test -HUMAN 100
FD629100 Blood grouping serum Anti-D IgG 10ml, Monoclonal EACH
FD629200 Calcium test kit-HUMAN, 50ml 50ML
FD629300 Cefotaxime 30mcg discs, pack 50 EACH
FD629400 Cefuroxime 30mcg discs, pack 50 EACH
FD629500 Cephalexin 30mg discs 50
FD629600 Chloramphenicol discs 50
FD629700 Cholesterol test kit-HUMAN, 250ml EACH
FD629800 Ciprofloxacin 5mcl (microlitre) discs 50
FD629900 Cleaning solution for Nova 5, 100ml EACH
FD630000 Cloxacillin discs 5mcg 50
FD630100 Conditioning reagent for sodium (Na+) for NOVA 5, 100ml EACH
FD630200 Cotrimoxazole disc 25mcg 50
FD630300 Coulter 4C - ES cell control PACK
FD630400 Coulter clenz, 5L EACH
FD630500 Doxycycline 30mg discs, pack 50
FD630600 Erythromycin discs, pack 50
FD630700 Facs count Clean , 5L (Ref. 340345), 5L EACH
FD630800 Facs count control. 25 tests (Ref. 340166) KIT
FD630900 Facs Count reagents, 50tests (Ref. 340167) KIT
FD631000 Facs count Rinse, 5L (Ref. 340346), 5L EACH
FD631100 Gentamicin 10mcg (microgram) discs 50
FD631200 Glucose (GOD) test kit HUMAN, 100ml 4
FD631300 Glucose (GOD/PAP)HUMAN, 1000ml EACH
FD631400 Hemostat control plasma N,1ml 6
FD631500 Hemostat control plasma P,1ml 6
FD631600 Humastar 180 acid phosphatase, 15ml 6
FD631700 Humastar 180 albumin, 100ml 4
FD631800 Humastar 180 alkaline phosphatase, 10ml 10
FD631900 Humastar 180 alpha amylase, 10ml 12
FD632000 Humastar 180 autocalibrator, 5ml 4
FD632100 Humastar 180 bilirubin total and direct, 100ml 2
FD632200 Humastar 180 cholesterol, 100ml 4
FD632300 Humastar 180 GGT, 10ml 10
FD632400 Humastar 180 glucose, 100ml 4
FD632500 Humastar 180 Pancrease-amylase, 20ml 6
FD632600 Humastar 180 Serum caps 500
FD632700 Humastar 180 SGOT (ALT), 10ml 10
FD632800 Humastar 180 SGPT (AST), 10ml 10
FD632900 Humastar 180 total bilirubin , 275ml EACH
FD633000 Humastar 180 Total protein, 100ml 4
FD633100 Humastar 180 Trygericerides, 100ml 4
FD633200 Humastar 180 Urea, 100ml 2
FD633300 Humastar 180 Uric acid, 100ml 3
FD633400 Humastar 180 wash additive, 25ml 4
FD633500 Humatrol N, 5ml 6
FD633600 Humatrol P,5ml 6
FD633700 keylab amylase, 40ml 5
FD633800 keylab bilirubin direct, 40ml 4
FD633900 keylab bilirubin total, 40ml 5
FD634000 keylab carroussel EACH
FD634100 keylab cholesterol, 40ml 5
FD634200 keylab Chrolide, 40ml 5
FD634300 keylab CK MB, 2.5ml 19
FD634400 keylab Control normal, 5ml 10
FD634500 keylab control pathological, 5ml 10
FD634600 keylab extra cleaning, 250ml 2
FD634700 keylab GGT, 40ml 4
FD634800 keylab Glucose, 40ml 5
FD634900 keylab GOT, 40ml 5
FD635000 keylab GPT, 40ml 5
FD635100 keylab IPO cleaning, 250ml 2
FD635200 keylab potassium, 40ml 5
FD635300 keylab Sodium, 40ml 5
FD635400 keylab Total protein, 40ml 5
FD635500 keylab Triglyceride, 40ml 5
FD635600 KEYLAB uric acid, 40ml 5
FD635700 keylabserum cups, pack 1000
FD635800 Kovac's reagent, 100ml EACH
FD635900 Leishman's buffer ampoules, 10 ml EACH
FD636000 Metronidazole 50mcg discs 50
FD636100 Mindray BC 5500 M50 Cleanset, 1L EACH
FD636200 Mindray BC 5500 M50 LBA lyse, 1L EACH
FD636300 Mindray BC 5500 M50 LEO 1 lyse, 1L EACH
FD636400 Mindray BC 5500 M50 LEO 2 lyse, 500ml EACH
FD636500 Mindray BC 5500 M50 LH Lyse, 500ml EACH
FD636600 Mindray BC 5500 M50P Probe cleanser, 50ml EACH
FD636700 Nalidixic acid discs 50
FD636800 Nitrofurantoin 300mcg discs, pack 50 EACH
FD636900 Norfloxacin disc 5mcg discs, pack 50 EACH
FD637000 Norfloxacin disc 5mg, pack 50 2
FD637100 Phosphorus test kit-Human, 100ml EACH
FD637200 PP container. with spooon and screw ceo. 25ml 1000
FD637300 Toluene-low in sulphur-99% min GRG 2.5L
FD650000 Barium sulphate disposable eneme 93%. 400g EACH
FD650100 Developer for Automatic Process EACH
FD650200 Fixer for automatic process, 5l EACH
FD650300 Iopamidol 300mg/ml 10ml 100
FD650400 Sodium + Magluminediatrizoate (urografin)76% 5
FD650500 Ultrasound Jel, 5L EACH
FD650600 Sodium+Magluminediatrizote (Gastrografin) EACH
FD650700 Lead x-ray protective skirt up to 0.50mm equivalent with haEACH
FD650800 Battery powered Densitometer (X-Rite 331) EACH
FD650900 Curix screen cleaner, 500ml bottle EACH
FD651000 24cm x 30cm stationary parallel grid (40 strips per centimetEACH
FD651100 35cm x 35cm stationary parallel grid (40 strips per centimetEACH
FD651200 35cm x 43cm stationary parallel grid (40 strips per centimetEACH
FD651300 AP/PA clip-on anatomical Metal markersLeft and right pair
FD651400 AP/PA floating markersLeft and right pair
FD651600 Barium sulphate disposable enema 92%, 400g EACH
FD651700 Barium sulphate for suspension, 95%, w/w 300g EACH
FD651800 Battery powered Sensitometer (X-Rite 396) EACH
FD651900 Box viewing (area 35cm x 43cm) EACH
FD652000 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B400, 18cm EACH
FD652100 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B400, 24cm EACH
FD652200 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B400, 35cm EACH
FD652300 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B400, 35cm EACH
FD652400 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B800, 24cm EACH
FD652500 Cassette with monochromatic intensifying screen, B800, 35cm EACH
FD652600 Effervescent agent Granules, 25g satchet PACK
FD652700 Effervescent agent solution PACK
FD652800 Gonadol shiled female adult EACH
FD652900 Gonadol shiled female child EACH
FD653000 Gonadol shiled male adult EACH
FD653100 Gonadol shiled male child EACH
FD653200 Intesifying Screen Cleaner, noncorrosive EACH
FD653300 Jopamiron 200mg/ml (50ml) 50ML
FD653400 Lead eye glass 0.75mm equivalent EACH
FD653500 Lead rubber protective aprons 0.5 mm equivalent with hunger EACH
FD653600 Lead rubber x-ray protective skirt up to 0.50mm equivalent EACH
FD653700 Sodium+ meglumine diatrizoate inj (Urografin/Urovideo) 60% 25
FD653800 Sodium+ meglumine diatrizoate solution 10% + 66%. (GastrograEACH
FD653900 Thermal superior Density printing paper 110mm x 20m of 200 Roll
FD654000 Thyroid protector EACH
FD654100 X-Prep solution - (Sodium Picosulfate) 100ml EACH
FD654200 Bulb/Lampe for humalyzer 2000/3000 EACH
FD654300 Bulb 6V 20W halogen for Humascope P EACH
FD654400 Phosphorous liquirapid, 200ml Pack
FD654500 Thermo Printer Paper for Hlyzer 3000 5 Rolls
FD654600 film, screen type, monochromatic 18cm x 24cm 100
FD654700 film, screen type, monochromatic 24cm x 30cm 100
FD654800 film, screen type, monochromatic 35cm x 35cm 100's 100
FD654900 film, screen type, monochromatic 35cm x 43cm 100's 100
FD655000 Tube capillary (EDTA k2) 100
FD700000 Alginate Impresion material EACH
FD700100 Amalgam capsules (2 spill) 50
FD700200 Lignocaine 2% Adrenaline 1/80,000 cartridge 1.8ml 50
FD700300 Disposable dental needle 27g long 100
FD700400 Dycal EACH
FD700500 POP Yellow Stone, 5kg bag EACH
FD700600 POP White Stone, 5kg bag EACH
FD700700 Ligature wire 0.5mm roll EACH
FD700800 Amalgam capsule no. 1, non-gamma 50
FD700900 Amalgam capsule no. 2, non-gamma 50
FD701000 Burs, diamond flat-end, taperedLong, FG medium EACH
FD701100 Burs, diamond, cylinderLong, FG medium EACH
FD701200 Burs, diamond, round FG, medium EACH
FD701300 Burs, steel round, PC5, PC8 10
FD701400 Burs, TC round, oral surgery EACH
FD701500 Burs, TC round, plain cut, no. 6, 7, 8 EACH
FD701600 Burs, TC tapered, fissure, oral surgery EACH
FD701700 Burs, TC, acrylic, trimmers EACH
FD701800 Cavit medium 28g
FD701900 Cold mould seal 2.5L
FD702000 Cutter, wire (Aesculap DP 551) EACH
FD702100 Ethyl chloride gel, flavoured EACH
FD702200 Ethyl chloride spray, topical anaesthetic EACH
FD702300 Film, occlusal 50
FD702400 Film, periapical, adult (Kodak DF58) 150
FD702500 Fluoride varnish (Duraphat) EACH
FD702600 Forceps for wireLigature (Aesulap DO 872) EACH
FD702700 Glass ionomer cement powder &Liquid PACK
FD702800 Glass ionomer reinforced powder &Liquid (Fujii IX) PACK
FD702900 Hydrogen peroxide, 20 vol. 500ML
FD703000 Lab Hand piece electrical EACH
FD703100 Liner calcium hydroxide PACK
FD703200 Liner, glass ionomer PACK
FD703300 Monomer, acrylic denture base 1L
FD703400 Monomer, acrylic self cure, resin base 1L
FD703500 Mops, polishing medium EACH
FD703600 Mops, polishing small EACH
FD703700 Needle, disposable dental, 27gLong sharewood 100
FD703800 Orthodontic Exp screws (large) EACH
FD703900 Orthodontic Exp screws (medium) EACH
FD704000 Orthodontic Exp screws (small) EACH
FD704100 Orthodontic pliers 64 EACH
FD704200 Orthodontic pliers 65 EACH
FD704300 Orthodontic wire (size 0.5) 500g
FD704400 Orthodontic wire (size 0.6) 500g
FD704500 Orthodontic wire (size 0.7) 500g
FD704600 Orthodontic wire (size 0.8) 500g
FD704700 Orthodontic wire (size 0.9) 500g
FD704800 Orthodontic wire (size 1.5) 500g
FD704900 Plastic Bib, adult EACH
FD705000 Plastic Bib, children EACH
FD705100 Polymer acrylic, denture base 3kg
FD705200 Polymer acrylic, self cure, resin base 5kg
FD705300 POP dental stone, ortho 25kg
FD705400 POP dental white 5kg
FD705500 Pumice 5kg
FD705600 Zinc oxide eugenolLiquid+powder KIT
FD705700 Burs, steel round, PC5, PC8 6
FD705800 Facs Flow sheath fluid, 20L (Ref. 342003) Each
FF000300 Alcohol swabs/wipes, 70% isopropyl alcohol, 100 pieces Each
FF000301 Alcohol swabs/wipes, 70% isopropyl alcohol 200
FF000600 Antislip overshoes, polypropylene - Blue Pair
FF000900 Bandage, crepe 10cm 1.4m long, when stretched Each
FF001200 Bandage, crepe 15cm x 1.4m long, when stretched Each
FF001500 Bandage, crepe 5cm x 1.4m long, when stretched Each
FF001800 Bandage, crepe 7.5cm x 1.4m long , when stretched Each
FF002100 Bandage, crepe 8cm x 1.4m long , when stretched Each
FF002400 Bandage, orthopaedic soft pad 15cm long , when stretched Each
FF002700 Bandage, orthopaedic soft pad 5cm long , when stretched Each
FF003000 Bandage, plaster of paris 10cm X 2.7m long , when stretched12
FF003300 Bandage, plaster of paris 15cm X 2.7m long , when stretched12
FF003600 Bandage, plaster of paris 20cm long , when stretched 12
FF003900 Bandage, plaster of paris 5cm X 2.7m long, when stretched 12
FF004200 Bandage, plaster of paris 7.5cm X 2.7m long, when stretched 12
FF004500 Bandage, Soft pad orthopaedic(Velband)7.5cm x 4m long, when Each
FF004800 Bandage, stockinette 10cm X 10m long, when stretched Each
FF005100 Bandage, stockinette 20cm X 10m long, when stretched Each
FF005400 Bandage, stockinette 5cm X 10m long, when stretched Each
FF005700 Bandage, stockinette 7.5cm X 10m long, when stretched Each
FF006000 Bandage, triangular, 102cm X 102cm X 142cm long, when stretcEach
FF006300 Bandage, WOW 10cm x 4m long, when stretched 12
FF006301 Bandage, WOW 10cm x 4m long, when stretched 10
FF006600 Bandage, WOW 15cm x 4m long, when stretched 12
FF006601 Bandage, WOW 15cm x 4m long, when stretched 10
FF006900 Bandage, WOW 5cm x 4m long, when stretched 12
FF006901 Bandage, WOW 5cm x 4m long, when stretched 10
FF007200 Bandage, WOW 7.5cm x 4m long, when stretched 12
FF007201 Bandage, WOW 7.5cm x 4m long, when stretched 10
FF007500 Classic patient gowns, Overlap Back Tie Gowns with 66" sweepEach
FF007800 Cotton wool, 500g EACH
FF008100 CPE Overshoes, plastic, disposable - Blue Pair
FF008400 CPE Overshoes, plastic, disposable - White Pair
FF008700 Cushion Foam Bandages, Latex-free, Assorted Size, pack of 50Each
FF009000 disposable isolation gown, patient gown, hospital gown, PP+PEach
FF009300 Disposable medical head cap, 2 ply, 64 X 12 cm, box of 50 Each
FF009600 Disposable Surgical face mask with tie on, 4-ply, 100 pcs/boEach
FF009900 Dressing, paraffin gauze 9.5cm x 9.5cm (square), pack of 36.Each
FF009930 Face mask FFP2/3 EACH
FF009940 Coveralls with hood XL EACH
FF009950 Coveralls with hood L EACH
FF009960 Coveralls with hood M pair
FF009980 Elastic Bands EACH
FF010200 Gauze, absorbent 90cm X 100m Each
FF010500 Gauze, absorbent 90cm x 40m Each
FF010800 Gauze, swabs 8-ply 10cm x 10cm 100
FF011100 latex Penrose drainage tubing, sterile, 50pcs/box Each
FF011400 Lint, 500g Each
FF011700 Low vaccum Drainage Systems Set
FF012000 Mackintosh sheeting 2m
FF012300 Maternity towels 12
FF012600 Microfibre medical Hand dry towels 43cm X 50cm Each
FF012650 Nebuliser Maks 100
FF012900 Plaster of Paris (POP) 15cm x 2.7cm slab 12
FF013200 Plaster of Paris (POP) 10cm x 7.5cm slab 12
FF013500 Plaster of Paris (POP) 12.5cm x 7.5cm slab 12
FF013800 Plaster of Paris (POP) 7.5cm x 7.5cm slab 12
FF014100 Plaster, elastic adhesive 10cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF014400 Plaster, elastic adhesive 5cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF014700 Plaster, elastic adhesive 7.5cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF015000 Plaster, extension 10cm long, when stretched Each
FF015300 Plaster, extension 7.5cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF015600 Plaster, zinc oxide 10cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF015900 Plaster, zinc oxide 5cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF016200 Plaster, zinc oxide 7.5cm x 5m long, when stretched Each
FF016500 prolene mesh Large 6
FF016800 prolene mesh medium 6
FF017100 prolene mesh small 6
FF017400 Stockinette 10cm long, when stretched Each
FF017700 Stockinette 15cm x 10m long, when stretched Each
FF018000 Stockinette 7.5cm by 1000cm long, when stretched Each
FF018300 Synthetic reusable medical drapes Each
FF018600 Triangular bandage Each
FF018900 V.A.C granufoam silver dressing Each
FF019200 V.A.C.Ulta™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Set
FF019500 Veroband size 10cm, pack of 10 Each
FF019800 Veroband size 15cm, pack of 10 Each
FF020100 Veroband size 5cm, pack of 10 Each
FF020400 Veroband size 7.5cm, pack of 10 Each
FF020700 Wound dressing, silver-sulfadiazine-impregnated, synthetic cEach
FF020800 Adhesive Bandage 7.5cm x5m EACH
FP000110 Lignocaine 1%, 10ml Each
FP000200 Oral Contraceptive tablets – low oestrogen (e.g. Lofemenal) EACH
FP000400 Postinor (Levonogesterol 0.75mg) EACH
FP000600 Oral Contraceptive tablets – progestogen only (e.g. Ovrette®EACH
FP000800 Ethinylestradiol 0.03mg + levonorgestrel 0.15mg EACH
FP001000 Gentamycin Sulphate, 10mg/ml, 2ml each
FP002000 Vaginal Contraceptive tablets, foaming (Conceptrol®) EACH
FP002100 Water based lubricant Gel EACH
FP002400 Copper containing IUCD (Copper T®) EACH
FP003500 Female Condom EACH
FP003600 Condoms with spermicide EACH
FP003700 Jadelle(implant) EACH
FP003800 Male condoms with spermicide EACH
FP003900 Jaddel EACH
FP004000 Progestogen only surgical implant (Norplant®) EACH
FP004100 Implanon (Etonogestrel 68mg) EACH
FP004200 Microlut (Levonorgestrel 0.03mg) EACH
FP004300 1ml syringe Depo EACH
FP004400 Norethisterone Enantate 200mg, 1ml (Noristerat 100 x 1ml) EACH
FP004500 Magnesium sulphate 50%, 2ml ampoule EACH
FP004600 Microlut 3x35 coated tablets EACH
FP004700 Levonorgestrel 1.5mg EACH
FP004800 Medroxyprogesterone acetate injection 150mg/mL, 1mL with a SEach
GF0001 Acyclovir 5% cream EACH
GF0002 Apron laboratory disposable EACH
GF0003 Acyclovir 200mg, 500”tablets 500
GF0004 Pima Printer Paper 10 rolls
GF0005 Acyclovir 200mg Tabs 100
GF0006 Acyclovir 400mg Tabs 100
GF0007 Lamivudine 30mg/Stavudine 6mg Tabs 60
GF0008 Lamivudine 150mg + Stavudine 30mg + Nevirapine 200mg 15 tabEACH
GF0009 Isoniazid 300mg Tabs 1000
GF0010 Nevirapine Tables 200mg 60
GF0011 Lamivudine/Zidovudine 300mg/150mg Tabs 60
GF0012 Micro-Amp Reaction tube 0.2 ml EACH
GF0013 Amphotericin B 50g/vial EACH
GF0014 Iso Flow (Beckman coulter) EACH
GF0015 Bd Facs Flow EACH
GF0016 Single Tube Bd Facs Count Reagent Kit (Cd4) 50
GF0017 Facs Count clean 5L
GF0018 Control Kits, Bd Facs Count 25
GF0019 Alcohol Swab (Isopropyl Alcohol 70%) 200
GF0020 Ethyl Alcohol EACH
GF0021 Reagent trough, 500ml EACH
GF0022 Laboratory timing device EACH
GF0023 Blood collecting filter card grade 903 (Dry blood spot filtEACH
GF0024 Multipurpose storage container 1.1L EACH
GF0025 Blood Lancets 40
GF0026 Traceable humidity monitor EACH
GF0027 Micro Vials flat Bottom screw 2ml (1.8mm) EACH
GF0028 Tip filter non-sterile EACH
GF0029 Vortex mixer EACH
GF0030 Vacutainer K3EDTA tube 4.5ml EACH
GF0031 Vacutainer multi sample needles EACH
GF0032 Biohazard bags with seal 18.5 x 20cm EACH
GF0033 Ceftriaxone 250mg, PFR EACH
GF0034 Amitriptyline 25mg Tabs 100
GF0035 Tips filter non-sterile capacity 20-200 EACH
GF0036 Tips filter non-sterile capacity 50-300 EACH
GF0037 Falcom conical tubes 15ml 17 x 120mm EACH
GF0038 Falcom conical tubes 50ml 30 x 115mm EACH
GF0039 Bottle wash 28mm EACH
GF0040 Cylinder graduated tall form 100ml EACH
GF0041 Cylinder graduated tall form 1000ml EACH
GF0042 Beaker laboratory 200ml EACH
GF0043 Tube vacutainer glass EDTA 4.5ml EACH
GF0044 Pipette serological 5ml sterile EACH
GF0045 Pipette serological 10ml sterile EACH
GF0046 Air flex wiping material EACH
GF0047 Goggles EACH
GF0048 Lamivudine 150mg/Stavudine 30mg/Neverapine 200mg 60 tabs
GF0049 Apron laboratory sleeves EACH
GF0050 Fine point permanent marker EACH
GF0051 Tips filter non-sterile capacity 2-20 EACH
GF0052 DBS Punches EACH
GF0053 Hematocrit tubes disposable 75mm x 0.2mm EACH
GF0054 Bag plastic 18.5cm x 20cm with seal EACH
GF0055 Separators paper 6 x 6 inches translucent, waxed EACH
GF0056 Towels, paper EACH
GF0057 FACSCount spare part,cleaning stylus Each
GF0058 Zidovudine 300mg / Lamivudine 150 /Nevirapine 200mg 60
GF0059 Cyflow tubes 3.5ml partec 1000
GF006 Oral rehydration salt, satchet (WHO formula) for 1L solutionEACH
GF0060 Lamivudine 150mg + Stavudine 30mg 60 tabs
GF0061 Lamivudine 150mg + Stavudine 40mg 60 tablets 60 tabs
GF0062 Dextrose 50% EACH
GF0063 Efavirenz 600mg 30 tabs
GF0064 Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300mg, 30 tablets 30 tabs
GF0065 Lopinavir / Ritonavir 200mg /50mg 120 tabs
GF0066 Lamivudine/Stavudine/Neverapine 30mg/6mg/50mg Tabs 60 tabs
GF0067 Lamivudine 30mg + Stavudine 6mg, 14 tablets 14 tabs
GF0068 Lamivudine 60mg + Stavudine 12mg + Nevirapine 100mg, 60 tab 60 tabs
GF0069 Lamivudine 60mg + Stavudine 12mg, 60 tablets 60 tabs
GF0070 Lamivudine/Nevirapine/Zidovudine 30mg/50mg/60mg 60 tabs
GF0071 Lamivudine 30mg/Zidovudine 60mg Tabs 60 tabs
GF0072 Lamivudidine 300mg /Tenofovir disoproxil Fumarate 300mg 60 tabs
GF0073 Tenofovir 300mg/ Lamivudine 300mg/Efavirenz 600mg 30 tabs
GF0074 Efavirenz 200mg Tabs 90 tabs
GF0075 Lamivudine/Abacavir 60mg/30mg 60 tabs
GF0076 Lopinavir/Ritonavir 100mg/25mg 60 tabs
GF0077 Lopinavir 80mg/ Ritonavir 20mg Oral Suspension, 60ml 60 ml
GF0078 Lamivudine 30mg/Stavudine 6mg Tabs 60 tabs
GF0079 Gentamicine Injection 80mg/2ml Amp 50
GF0080 Lamivudine 150mg Tabs 60 tabs
GF0081 Gentamicine injection 40mg/ ml 2ml amp, box 50 50
GF0086 Aciclovir 200mg 100
GF0087 Determine syphillis TP Rapid Test 100 100
GF0088 Determine HIV 1 & 2 Test Kit 100
GF0089 Haemastrip EACH
GF0090 Unigold HIV Test Kits 20
GF0091 SD Bioline HIV 30 tests EACH
GF0092 Vironostica HIV EACH
GF0093 Amoxycillin 250mg/ Clavulanic Acid 62.5mg. 100mls Oral Susp 100 ml
GF0094 Amoxycillin 500mg/ Clavulanic Acid 125mg. 14 tablets EACH
GF0095 Diflucan Registers , EACH EACH
GF0096 Male Condoms 144 box EACH
GF0097 Stavudine (d4T) + Lamivudine (3TC)+Nevirapine (NVP), 30mg +115
GF0098 Veronostika HIV Ag/Ab microelisa system KIT
GF0099 Sample Collection Kit For Venous Blood 50 Kits
GF0100 Hepatitis C test kit 100
GF0101 Cyflow sheath fluid for flow systems partec Each
GF0102 Enzygnostic HIV (1+2+0) intergral 4 kit,96 Tests Kit
GF0103 BD FACsflow optimized sheath fluid Each
GF0104 Sysmex diluent reagent(cell pack)ck) Each
GF0105 Tap for Sheath fluid 5Lck Each
GF0106 Blue seal righting caps pack 100 EACH
GF0107 Exacta-med oral dispensers 1ml 100
GF0109 Cryotube 2ml sterile, round bottom 1000
GF0110 Sysmex Hypochlorite solution for flow systems Each
GF0111 Disposable pipette tips with filter 1000mcl 1000
GF0114 Sysmex Lysing reagent(Stromatolyser WH) Each
GF0116 Ciprofloxacin 250mg EACH
GF0117 Ciprofloxacin 500mg, tablets 100
GF0119 Codeine phosphate 15mg EACH
GF0120 Codeine Phosphate 30mg Tabs 100
GF0170 FACS Clean EACH
GF0182 Morphine sulphate 15mg/ml, 1ml EACH
GF0187 Fluconazole 200mg (generic) tabs EACH
GF0200 Codeine phosphate 30mg 60
GF0201 Amitriptyline 25mg 1000
GF0202 Zidovudine 10mg/ml, 100ml Suspension EACH
GF0203 Nevirapine 10mg/Ml/Oral Solution EACH
GF0204 Nevirapine 10mg/ml/oral solution, 10ml bottle 10ML
GF0206 Nevirapine 50mg/5ml,100ml Each
GF0207 Wash bottles EACH
GF0208 Tube Capillary Heparinised EACH
GF0210 Amalyse Liquicolor EACH
GF0211 Morphine Oral Solution 10mg/5ml, 100ml EACH
GF0212 Albumin Liquicolor 1L
GF0213 Cell Clean 50ml EACH
GF0214 Total Protein Liquicolor EACH
GF0215 Tips Filter Clear 1-40ul EACH
GF0216 Uv Nac Liquicolor EACH
GF0217 Edta Capilary Tubes 100
GF0218 Erythromycin 250mg 1000 tablets 1000
GF0219 Erythromycin 500mg, 500 tablets 500
GF0220 Penicillin Injection EACH
GF0221 Tenofovir (TDF) + Lamivudine (3TC) + Efavirenz (EFV), 300+3030
GF0222 Tenofovir (TDF) + Lamivudine (3TC), 300mg+300mg 30
GF0223 Stavudine (d4T) + Lamivudine (3TC), 30mg+150mg 60
GF0224 Stavudine (d4T) + Lamivudine (3TC) +Nevirapine (NVP) , 30mg+60
GF0225 Zidovudine (AZT) + Lamivudine (3TC) +Nevirapine (NVP), 300mg60
GF0226 Zidovudine (AZT) + Lamivudine (3TC) , 300mg+150mg 60
GF0227 Efavirenz (EFV), 600mg 30
GF0228 Lopinavir (LPV/r), 200mg+50mg 120
GF0229 Nevirapine (NVP), 200mg 60
GF0230 Zidovudine (AZT) + Lamivudine (3TC) +Nevirapine (NVP), 60mg+60
GF0231 Stavudine (d4T) + Lamivudine (3TC), 6mg +30mg 60
GF0232 Stavudine (d4T) + Lamivudine (3TC)+Nevirapine (NVP), 6mg +3060
GF0233 Efavirenz (EFV), 200mg 60
GF0234 Zidovudine (AZT) + Lamivudine (3TC), 60mg+30mg 60
GF0235 Abacavir (ABC) +Lamivudine (3TC), 60mg+30mg 60
GF0236 Lopinavir (LPV/r), 100mg+25mg 120
GF0237 Nevirapine (NVP) Syrup, 10mg/ml 25ml
GF0238 Acyclovir, 200 mg 100
GF0239 Fluconazole, 10mg / ml EACH
GF0240 Fluconazole, 10mg / ml EACH
GF0241 Amphotericin B, 50mg EACH
GF0242 Amoxycillin w/ Clavulanic Acid, 250/62.5/5ml 100
GF0243 Amoxycillin w/ Clavulanic Acid, 500mg/125mg 10
GF0244 Amoxycillin w/ Clavulanic Acid, 500mg/125mg 10
GF0245 Amoxycillin w/ Clavulanic Acid, 500mg/125mg 14
GF0246 Amoxycillin w/ Clavulanic Acid, 500mg/125mg 50
GF0247 Ceftriaxone, 1g EACH
GF0248 Stavudine (d4T)+Lamivudine (3TC) + Nevirapine (NVP) 15
GF0249 Cotrimoxazole 960mg, 100 tablets 100
GF0250 Haemacue WBC Machine EACH
GF0251 Haemacue WBC Cuvettes 50
GF0252 Tube, blood collecting EDTA- microtube 100
GF0259 Needle Cutting, single armed EACH
GF0266 Erthyromycin suspension 125mgl5ml EACH
GF0270 Quinine injection EACH
GF0276 Determine Lancets pack 200 PACK
GF0278 Nystatin oral suspension 100,000IU/dose EACH
GF0279 Dry Blood Spot Bundles, 960 Tests EACH
GF0294 Scale Adult EACH
GF0296 Paracetamol 500mg tablet EACH
GF0300 UREA Liquicolor 1000ML
GF0301 Monalisa Anti-Hiv Plus V.21 PL EACH
GF0302 Pastorex Crypto Plus 60T EACH
GF0303 Urea LiquiUV Each
GF0325 Hepatitis B test kit 100 Tests
GF0330 Vincristine Injection EACH
GF0333 Boihazards labels EACH
GF0334 Ceftriaxone Sodium For Injection EACH
GF0335 Ceftriaxone injection 500mg EACH
GF0353 Pyridoxine 25mg, 100 tabs EACH
GF0395 Sulfadoxine + pyrimethamine EACH
GF0401 Cotrimoxazole 480 mg tablets, 60 bottle 60
GF0402 Cotrimoxazole 120mg Tablets 100
GF0403 Co-trimoxazole 480mg tablets 120 bottle EACH
GF0404 Glove disposable latex medium 100
GF0405 Cotrimoxazole 480mg 1000
GF0406 Glove disposable latex large EACH
GF0407 Glove disposable latex small,Poweder Free 100
GF0408 Glove disposable latex Medium Powdered each carto
GF0409 Glove disposable Large, Powdered Carton
GF0410 Pippette tips 50 - 1000u blue tips EACH
GF0413 Pippette tips 50 - 1000u yellow tips EACH
GF0414 Doxycycline 100mg 500
GF0421 Edta bottle 2ml EACH
GF0425 Pipettes Pasteur non-sterile 3.5ml/0.5 pipette transfer EACH
GF0426 Pipettes Pasteur sterile disposable 150mm x 50mm EACH
GF0427 Blood lancet, sterile 200
GF0428 Glove surgeon's size 7˝ sterile EACH
GF0430 Glove surgeon's size 8 sterile EACH
GF0451 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x6 EACH
GF0452 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg,30x12 EACH
GF0453 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x18 EACH
GF0454 Lumefantrine 120mg/Artemether 20mg, 30x24 EACH
GF0457 Ibuprofen EACH
GF0467 Autoclavable bags EACH
GF0480 Aminophylline 25mg/ml, 10ml 25mg/ml
GF0481 Atropine 0.5mg/ml 0.5mg/ml
GF0482 Atropine 1mg/ml 1mg/ml
GF0483 Cefazolin 1g Injection 1g/vial
GF0484 Cefoxitin 1g Vials 1g/vial
GF0485 Cefuroxine 250mg Injection 250mg vial
GF0486 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 1000ml 1L
GF0487 Sodium lactate + glucose (darrows half-strength in dextrose 1L
GF0505 PCR Plate 96 Wells 20
GF0508 Albendazole 400mg Tabs 100
GF0509 Ivermectin 3mg EACH
GF0550 Clotrimazole 1% EACH
GF0555 Ibuprofen 200mg Tabs 100
GF0556 Artsunate+amodiaquine EACH
GF0557 Ibuprofen 200mg, 100 tabs 1000
GF0558 Artesunate 50mg+Amodiaquine 153mg(base) (12+12s) EACH
GF0559 Artsunate+amodiaquine tablets 3+3 EACH
GF0560 Artesunate 25mg+Amodiaquine 67.5mg 3tablets/blister 25
GF0561 Artesunate 50mg+Amodiaquine 135mg 3tablets/blister 25
GF0562 Artesunate 100mg+Amodiaquine 270mg 3tablets/blister 25
GF0563 Artesunate 100mg+Amodiaquine 270mg 6tablets/blister 25
GF0564 Malaria RTDs SD Bioline 25
GF0565 Paracheck pf Histine Rich Protein-2 (HPRII) 25ML
GF0566 Stromatolyser 50
GF0567 Stromatolyser 500ml
GF0570 Atazanavir 300mg / Ritonavir 100mg 30 tabs
GF0574 Alcohol 70% EACH
GF0580 Metrinidazole 200mg Tabs 1000
GF0581 Pyridoxine 50mg 1000
GF0582 Morphine 10mg/5ml, 100ml solution 100 ml
GF0583 Cotrimoxazole 120mg Tablets 1000
GF0584 Cotrimoxazole 960mg Tabs 1000
GF0585 Hematology, Sysmex, Control E-Check Normal, 8 x 4.5 ml PACK
GF0586 Hematology, Sysmex, Control E-Check Low, 8 x 4.5 ml PACK
GF0587 Hematology, Sysmex, Control E-Check High, 8 x 4.5 ml PACK
GF0588 Hematology, Sysmex, CellClean, 50 ml 50ML
GF0589 Hematology, Sysmex, Stromatolyser SWH 3x500ml
GF0590 Hematology, Sysmex, Cellpack 20L
GF0591 Hematology, Beckman Coulter, AcT5Diff, Control Plus, H, N, L6 vials
GF0592 Podophylotoxin 0.5% solution, 3.5ml EACH
GF0593 Hematology, Sysmex, Control X-E, 8 x 4.5 ml PACK
GF0594 Disposable needles 19 G EACH
GF0595 Disposable needles 18G 100
GF0599 Spinal needles 19g (0.9 x 90 mm) EACH
GF0600 Artesunate 60mg PFR, with diluent Each
GF0601 Auto-Bilirubin-D liquicolor KIT
GF0602 Auto-Bilirubin-T liquicolor 100ml KIT
GF0603 Cholesterol liquicolor 5ml 5ML
GF0604 Humatrol N 100ml 5ML
GF0605 Glucose liquicolor 100ml 100 ml
GF0606 GOT (ASAT) IFCC mod. liquiUV 50ml 50ML
GF0607 GOT (ALAT) IFCC mod. liquiUV 50ml 50ML
GF0608 Uric Acid 2x20ml EACH
GF0609 Double Tube Bd Facs Count Reagent Kit (Cd3/Cd4) 50
GF0610 AcT 5 Diff Fix 1000ML
GF0611 AcT 5 Diff HE Lyse 1000ML
GF0612 AcT 5 Diff Rinse 1000ML
GF0613 AcT 5 Diff WBC Lyse KIT
GF0614 ACT 5 diff diluent 20L
GF0615 Blood Collection Tube, K2-EDTA, 4mL, Plastic, Lavender Top, 1000ML
GF0616 Vacutainer 2ml 100
GF0617 Syphilis Tpha Kit KIT
GF0618 Hb 301 Microcuvettes 50
GF0619 Hemocue cleaner 5PCS
GF0620 Shealth fluid 5 litres with tap 5L
GF0621 Cleaning Wire EACH
GF0622 Creatinine liquicolor 200ML
GF0626 Disposable needles 20G EACH
GF0629 Disposable needles 22G EACH
GF0650 Disposable Syringe 2ml 100
GF0651 Disposable syringe 10ml with needle 18g 100
GF0652 Disposable syringes 5ml with needle 21g 100
GF0653 Safety Box EACH
GF0654 Bag, Zipper Close, 4 x 6in x 2mL 1000
GF0655 Bag, Zipper Close, 2 x 3 Inches, 1000 Pcs/ case, Fisher#01 8EACH
GF0656 DBS, Rack, Drying, For Dried Blood Spot Cards, without VelcrEACH
GF0657 Paper Towel EACH
GF0658 Eppendof Tips,Yellow 96PCS
GF0659 Pipet Tips, Filter, 1-100uL, Sterile, Rack, 10 x 96 Pcs 96PCS
GF0660 Pipet, Pasteur, 9.0in, Cotton-Plugged, Borosilicate-Glass, 2250PCS
GF0661 Cryogenic Vials 1000PCS
GF0701 Pipets Tips,Yellow,0-200ul,No-Filter,Bulk 1000PCS
GF0702 Eightcheck - 3WP-H Kit
GF0703 Eightcheck - 3WP-L Kit
GF0704 Eightcheck - 3WP-M Kit
GF0705 S 50 Calibrator Kit
GF0706 Genius HIV 1/2 Confirmity Assy Kit
GF0707 Blood collection tubes red plain silica  6ml,10 x 100 pce Each
GF0708 Pipette tips 50-1000 ul. 500
GF0709 Reagent reservoir 60ml with lid 10
GF0710 Cryptococcus antigen latex test lateral flow assay,50tst, Kit
GF0777 Haemacue Hb 201 - cuvettes EACH
GF0779 Haemacue control HB 201 Machine EACH
GF0780 Haemacue HB 301 Machine Each
GF0788 Haemacue Hb 201 EACH
GF0810 Oral 1ml syringes plus caps EACH
GF0811 Facs Count Rinse 5L
GF0812 Nevirapine 10mg/ml., 100ml bottle EACH
GF0815 Cd4 Easy Count Kit EACH
GF0816 Cyflow easy count kit EACH
GF0817 Count Check Beads Green 2x25ml, 50 Tests 50
GF0818 Cy-flow, sample tube, 3.5ml/box -500 EACH
GF0819 Partec-Decontamination Solution 250ML 250ML
GF0820 Partec Cleaning Solution 250ml 250ML
GF0821 In-line filter for shealth container EACH
GF0822 Hypochlorite solution for flow system EACH
GF0823 Thermal Paper EACH
GF0824 1ml Syringes 100
GF0825 Pipette tips 200 EACH
GF0826 Pipette tips1000 EACH
GF0827 Tubing replacement set EACH
GF0828 Tubing replacement set for shealth/waste container EACH
GF0829 CyFlow,Shealth water production kit EACH
GF0830 Pipette Tips 2-2000ul 1000
GF0831 Thermal Paper Tp2-Sy EACH
GF0832 Spinal needles 20g (0.9 x 90 mm) EACH
GF0833 Spinal needles 22g (0.7 x 38 mm) EACH
GF0834 Zidovudine 300mg, 60 tablets EACH
GF0835 Pima Catridge CD4 Count 100
GF0836 Vacuette Blood Collection set (adult) 100
GF0837 Vacuette Blood Collection set (pead) 100
GF0838 Albumin Kit, 10 X 44ml EACH
GF0840 Albumin Kit Bromcresol Green EACH
GF0841 Alp- Alkaline Kit 2 X 18ml EACH
GF0842 Alp- Alkaline Kit 2 X 32 Ml EACH
GF0843 Alt kit 2 x 32ml 2x18ml EACH
GF0844 Alt- Alanine Aminotransferase kit EACH
GF0845 Amylase kit R14x20ml R2 - 2x10ml EAE
GF0846 Amylase kit R1-1x38ml, R2 - 1x10ml Kit
GF0847 Asparate Amminotransferase kit EACH
GF0848 Aspurtite Amminotransferanse kit R, 6x40ml R2 2X32ml EACH
GF0849 Bicarbonate EACH
GF0850 Bilirubin Direct kit EACH
GF0851 Bilirubin Direct kit R, 4x3ml R2 4x8ml EACH
GF0852 Bilirubin Total kit EACH
GF0853 Bilirubin total kit 4 x 8ml EACH
GF0854 Biohazard Bags EACH
GF0855 Blood Collecting Tube, EDTA 4ml 100
GF0856 Bottles Lab EACH
GF0857 Bulk Lyisis Buffer(RNA) EACH
GF0858 msample Preparation Sytem(4x24ml) Each
GF0859 msample Preparation Sytem DNA(4x24ml) Each
GF0860 Calcium kit EACH
GF0861 Labolatory Consumable Bundle kit
GF0865 Creatimnine Kit , 1x20ml EACH
GF0867 Creatinine kit 4x40ml EACH
GF0868 Dbs Bundles 50 Tests EACH
GF0869 Diluent M-58d 20l EACH
GF0870 Oral Dispenser, 1ml EACH
GF0871 Erba xl Alt Kit (GPT), 6x44ml + 3x22ml EACH
GF0872 Erba XL AST (GOT) Kit, 6x44ml + 3x22ml EACH
GF0873 Erba Xl Bilirubim Kit Direct EACH
GF0874 Erba Xl Bilirubim Total EACH
GF0875 Pastorex cryptoplus EACH
GF0876 Erba Xl Creatinenase Kit EACH
GF0877 Erba Xl Gammar Gt Kit EACH
GF0878 Erba Xl Total Protein EACH
GF0879 Erba Xl Urea Kit EACH
GF0880 Erbalyte Albumin Kit EACH
GF0881 Erbalyte Cleaning Solution EACH
GF0882 Erbalyte k Electrode Fil / soln EACH
GF0883 Erbalyte ldh kit EACH
GF0884 Erbalyte LDH C80 EACH
GF0885 Erbalyte Na, Ci, Ph Electrode EACH
GF0886 Erbalyte Pith EACH
GF0887 Erbalyte Plus Reagent Pack EACH
GF0888 Erbalyte Reference Electrode Each
GF0889 Erbalyte ALP KIT EACH
GF0890 Erbalyte XL Cholestrol Ldl Kit EACH
GF0892 Erbalyte XL Creatime Kit EACH
GF0893 Erbalyte XL Crp Kit EACH
GF0894 Erbalyte XL Ldi/Hdi Calibrator Each
GF0895 Erbalyte XL Mutical EACH
GF0896 Erbalyte XL Normal EACH
GF0897 Erbalyte XL Wash Solution EACH
GF0898 Erba XL 200 Serum Cups EACH
GF0899 Gamma Glutary Transfers Kit R-6x40ml/2x32ml EACH
GF0900 Gamma Glutary Transfers Kit R1-4x35ml,R2-2x18ml Each
GF0901 Hdi/Ldl-C Cholesterol Control EACH
GF0902 Glucose GOD Kit (R1:4X40ml,R2:2x20ml) Kit
GF0903 Hdi/Ldl-C Cholesterol Control Each
GF0904 Hdl-C Cholestrol Kit 2x28ml Each
GF0905 Erbalyte QC Solution Each
GF0906 Hiv Commodity Tracking Reg Forms For Relocation & Dispossal Booklet
GF0907 1ml Oral Dispenser 100
GF0908 Flipcharts ARV Education Set of 3 (2015) A1 bundles (1 eac Each
GF0909 Flipcharts ARV Education Set of 3 (2015) A2 bundles (1 eac Each
GF0910 1ml Pipett Tips 2304
GF0911 Lactate Dehydrogenase Kit EACH
GF0912 Lactate Dehydroganase Kit 2x32ml EACH
GF0913 Ldi Cholesterol Kit R1 4x40ml,R 2x28ml EACH
GF0914 Lipid Calibrator EACH
GF0915 Lipids Contro N EACH
GF0916 M-58 Lbalyse EACH
GF0917 Mindray BC-5600 M-58 Leo (I) Lyse 500ML
GF0918 Mindray BC-5600 M-58 Leo (II) Lyse 500ML
GF0919 Mindray BC 5600 M-58 Lh Lyse EACH
GF0920 Mindray Detergent Cd 80 EACH
GF0921 Multi Control Sera N EACH
GF0922 Mindray BC 5600 M-58 Diluent 20L
GF0923 Multi Control Sera P EACH
GF0924 Multicon LI EACH
GF0925 Multisera Calibrator EACH
GF0926 Total Cholesterol Kit R:6x40ml EACH
GF0928 Total Protein Kit R:6x40ml EACH
GF0929 Total Protein Kit R:4x40ml Kit
GF0930 Triglycerides Kit R:6x40ml EACH
GF0931 Urea Kit 2x18ml EACH
GF0932 Urea Kit Urease 2x32ml each
GF0936 Uric Acid Kit 2x32ml EACH
GF0940 Finger Stick Sample Collection Kit Kit
GF0941 Pima Bead Standard Each
GF0944 Erbalyte XL Abnormal Contro Each
GF0945 Erbalyte Na Conditioner(Naf) Each
GF0950 Erba Path Kit
GF0951 Erba-Xl Hdl/Ldl Calibrator Kit
GF0960 Triglycerides Kit R:4x40ml Kit
GF0961 Ethanol absolute 5l
GF0980 Mindray probe cleaser Kit
GF0990 Sterilised Disposable Spinal needles 22g (0.7 x 90 mm) EACH
GF0991 Sterilised Disposable Spinal needles 22g (0.7 x 90 mm) EACH
GF0993 Facs Count Reagent Kit (CD4/CD8/CD3) Kit
GF1010 Speculum vaginal (Sims) smaLL0 EACH
GF1011 RT-Sample Preparation Lys Buffer 3x70 ml EACH
GF1012 Speculum vaginal (Sims) medium EACH
GF1014 Speculum vaginal (Sims) large EACH
GF1062 Tube centrifuge glass EACH
GF1078 Syringe, 20ml, disposable with 21g needle EACH
GF1080 Tube glass 250ml EACH
GF1081 Syringe, autodestruct, 10ml, disposable with 21g needle EACH
GF1086 HaemaCue Cleaner EACH
GF1087 Haemacue cleaner 301 EACH
GF1089 Haemacue Safety Lancet EACH
GF1090 Haemacue HB 301 50
GF1091 abacavir 300mg, 60 tablets 60 tabs
GF1092 Nevirapine 200mg, 1 tablet EACH
GF1093 Zidovudine 300mg, 1 tablet EACH
GF1094 Ganciclovar 500mg 10ml EACH
GF1095 Fluconazole 50mg/5ml, 50ml Oral suspension EACH
GF1096 DBS Collection Kit, 20 EACH
GF1097 Lasec Dbs Bundles 20
GF1098 Determine Test Strips, 100 pack 100
GF1099 Determine Capillary Tubes, 200 pack EACH
GF1101 Erythromycin 500mg, 1 tablet EACH
GF1102 Ganciclovir 500mg/ml injection EACH
GF1103 Abacavir 600mg Lamivudine 300mg 30
GF1104 Murex HIV Ag/Ab combination Kit
GF1105 Alkaline Phosphate kit R1: 4X35ml R2: 2x18ml Kit
GF1106 Disposable Tips with filter 200ul Each
GF1107 HCVSCAN, 100 tests Each
GF1108 Water for Injection, 10ml Each
GF1109 Water for Injection, 5 ml Each
GF2000 Tube centrifuge glass 15ml EACH
GF2001 Tube Vaccum Edta Paed 2ml EACH
GF2002 Tube Vaccum Edta Adult 5.5ml EACH
GF2003 Sunction Catherter (Child) EACH
GF2004 Sunction Catherter (Adult) EACH
GF2005 Thomic duct drainage EACH
GF2006 Multi-Sample Needle 21G EACH
GF3000 ANC Clinic Register EACH
GF3002 Art Patient Cards, Yellow 500PCS
GF3003 Art Patient Cards, Yellow 50
GF3004 Art Patient Cards, Blue 500pcs
GF3005 Hiv Rapid Test Daily Activity Register EACH
GF3006 ART Register EACH
GF3007 Weighing Scales EACH
GF3008 Exposed Child Card (Pink) 500PCS
GF3009 Diflucan Prescription Pads EACH
GF3010 HCC Register EACH
GF3011 Diflucan Partnership Program Register EACH
GF3012 HTC Register EACH
GF3013 Diflucan Partnership Program Register EACH
GF3014 Lever Arch file EACH
GF3016 Maternity Register EACH
GF3018 Polythene Sleeves 100pcs
GF3020 Art Patient Cards, Green 500pcs
GF3021 Art Patient Cards,Blue 50
GF3022 Art Patient Cards,Pink 50
GF3030 Flip Chart Large Each
GF3050 Bleomycin 15000iu EACH
GF3060 Citrate blood bags, 450ml 10
GF404A Glove disposable powder EACH
GF5000 Sample Purific Reagent Kit Rt Asps EACH
GF5001 Tecan Asps 1ml Pip 1000ul EACH
GF5002 Tecan Asps 200ul Tips EACH
GF5003 Asps Reaction Vessels 2000
GF5004 Asps 96 Well Dp Plate 32
GF5005 ASPS Biohazard Bags 50
GF5006 M2k 200ml Reagent Vessel EACH
GF5007 M2k 96 Well Opt Plate EACH
GF5008 M2k Optical Ad Covers EACH
GF5009 M2K Mastermix Vial/Cap EACH
GF5010 Rtm-Spl Prep Lys Buf EACH
GF5020 Optical Reaction plate 20
GF5021 Amallase (IFCC) 38ml+10ml Each
GF5022 Gamma Glutyltransferase 4x35ml+2x18ml Each
GF5023 Bilirubin Direct 4x20ml + 20ml Each
GF5024 Bilirubin Total 4x20ml + 20ml Each
GF5025 Urea kit 4x35ml+2x18ml Each
GF5026 Creatinine (SOM) Kit 2x27 =1x18ml Each
GF5027 Total Cholestral (CHOD) 4X40ML Each
GF5028 Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)4x35ml +2x18 Each
GF5029 Total Protein 4X40ml 2x20ml Each
GF5030 Uric acid 4x40ml 20x20 Each
GF5031 Heamatology control 3D N+L+H 3ML 3 Vial
GF5032 Heamatology Calibrator Mindry S30 Each
GF5033 Heamatology Calibrator Mindry S50 2x3ml Each
GF5034 Heamatology cotrol 5D N+L+H 3.5ml Each
GF5035 Issentress 400mg Gay 60 tab L26 60 Tablets
GG000300 Bone sealant absorbable 12
GG000600 Catgut chromic suture sterile 0, round bodied ˝ circle 40mm12
GG000900 Catgut chromic suture sterile 1,round bodied ˝ circle 50mm n12
GG001200 Catgut chromic suture sterile 2, round bodied ˝ circle 50mm 12
GG001500 Catgut chromic suture sterile 2/0, round bodied ˝ circle 35m12
GG001800 Catgut chromic suture sterile 3/0, round bodied ˝ circle 25m12
GG002100 Catgut chromic suture sterile 4/0, round bodied ˝ circle 20m12
GG002400 Haemostat absorbable (SURGICEL) 12
GG002450 Ligature 1 150cm EACH
GG002700 Monifilament Polyamide 5/0 Cutting needcle 12
GG003000 Poliglecaprone 25 Round Bodied 1/2 Cycle 1 12
GG003300 Poliglecaprone 25 Round Bodied 1/2 Cycle 2 12
GG003600 Poliglecaprone 25 Round Bodied 1/2 Cycle 2/0 12
GG003900 Poliglecaprone 25 Round Bodied 1/2 Cycle 3/0 12
GG004200 Poliglecaprone 25 Round Bodied 1/2 Cycle 4/0 12
GG004500 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 0, on 40mm round bodie12
GG004800 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 0, on 40mm3/8 circle r12
GG004850 Polyamide monofilament 1, on 40mm 3/8 circle cutting needl12
GG005100 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 1, on 40mm 3/8 circle12
GG005400 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 1, on 40mm round bodie12
GG005450 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2, Cutting Needle 12
GG005451 Polyamide monofilament suture 0 taper point 1/2 circle 12
GG005700 Nylon (polyamide) 10/0 on spatulated needle, single armed 6m12
GG006000 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 10/0 on cutting needle12
GG006050 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 10/0 Reverse cutting n12
GG006300 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 10/0, on 40mm round bo12
GG006600 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 10/0, Spatulated 6mm N12
GG006900 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2 (gauge 3.0) on 31mm12
GG007200 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2 (gauge 3/0) on 19mm 12
GG007500 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2, on 40mm 3/8 circle 12
GG007800 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2, on 40mm 3/8 cutting12
GG008100 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2, on 40mm round bodie12
GG008400 Monofilament polyamide 2/0, on cutting needle 12
GG008450 Monofilament polyamide 2/0, Taper Point,1/2 C 30mm 12
GG008700 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2/0, on 40mm 3/8 circl12
GG009000 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2/0, on 40mm Reverse c12
GG009300 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2/0, on 40mm round bod12
GG009600 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 2/0, on 40mm round bod12
GG009900 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 3 (gauge 2/0) on 40mm 12
GG010200 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 3/0 on cutting needle12
GG010500 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 3/0 on 26mm 3/8 circle12
GG010800 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 3/0, on 40mm round bod12
GG011100 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 3/0, on 40mm3/8 circl12
GG011400 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 4/0 on 40mm round bodi12
GG011450 Polyamide monofilament 4/0,Conve.cutting 1/2 ,24mm,75cm 12
GG011700 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 4/0 on single armed cu12
GG012000 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 4/0, on 40mm round bod12
GG012300 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 5/0, on 40mm round bod12
GG012600 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 6/0 on single armed cu12
GG012900 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 7/0 on single armed cu12
GG013200 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile 9/0, Spatulated 6mm Ne12
GG013500 Polyamide monofilament suture sterile CEC 2 (gauge 3/0) on 412
GG013800 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 0, on 30m12
GG014100 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 1, on 30m12
GG014400 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 2, on 35m12
GG014700 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 2/0, on 312
GG015000 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 3/0, on 212
GG015300 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 3/0, on 312
GG015600 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) suture sterile 4/0, on 212
GG015900 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic surgical suture sterile 012
GG015950 Braided synthetic sterile polyglactin 910 surg suture 1 tp 12
GG016200 Polyglactin 910 2/0 75cm on 36mm ˝ circlRound bodied Needle12
GG016500 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable surgical sutur12
GG016555 Polyglactin 910 5/0 Round Bodied 12
GG016800 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable surgical suture12
GG017100 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable surgical suture12
GG017200 Vircry, Size USP 5/0, spatulated,6.5mm Single armed, 45cm l12
GG017300 Vicryl ,Size USP 7/0, spatulated,6.5mm Single armed, 30cm lo12
GG017400 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable surgical suture12
GG017700 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable suture sterile 12
GG018000 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable suture sterile 12
GG018050 Braided synthetic sterile polyglactin 910 surgi suture 0, tc12
GG018300 Polyglactin 910 braided synthetic absorbable suture sterile 12
GG018600 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 12
GG018900 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 12
GG019200 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 112
GG019500 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 612
GG019504 Vicryl 6/0, Round Bodied 12
GG019800 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 612
GG020100 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 712
GG020400 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 812
GG020420 Polyglactin 8/0, 1/2 Cycle on taper cut needle 36mm, 12PCS
GG020700 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 1 12
GG021000 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 2 12
GG021300 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 2/12
GG021600 Polyglactin 910 surgi suture 3/0 12
GG021900 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 3/12
GG022200 Polyglactin 910 surgi suture 4/0 Taper cut 12
GG022250 Polyglycolic Acid 2/0 Suture 24mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting12
GG022270 Polyglycolic Acid 4/0 Suture 12
GG022500 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 4/12
GG022800 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 5/12
GG023100 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 6/12
GG023400 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 6/12
GG023700 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 7/12
GG024000 Polyglactin 910 Braided Synthetic Surgical Suture Sterile 8/12
GG024300 Polyglactin 910 nthetic absorbable sterile surgical suture 312
GG024600 Polypropylene monofilament suture sterile, 4/0 on 40mm roun12
GG024900 Polypropylene monofilament suture sterile, 3/0 on 40mm round12
GG025200 Polypropylene monofilament suture sterile, 5/0 on 40mm round12
GG025500 Polypropylene monofilament suture sterile, 6/0 on 40mm round12
GG025800 Shirodka/Macdonalds suture material/tape 12
GG025840 Silk non absorbable suture sterile 0 1/2 circle cutting nee12
GG025850 Silk 1 rc needle ˝ c or 5/8 30-35mm, 7cm long 12
GG025851 Silk braided sterile non absorbable 0 round bodied 12
GG026100 Silk black braided non absorbable suture sterile 2 on cutti12
GG026150 Silk suture sterile 2 1/2 circle Reverse Cutting 12
GG026400 Silk black braided non absorbable suture sterile 2 on round12
GG026700 Silk black braided non absorbable suture sterile 3/0 on 30m12
GG027000 Silk black braided non absorbable suture sterile 4/0 on 25m12
GG027300 Skin stapler system disposable with skin stapler extractors 12
GG027600 Silk braided 4/0, 1/2 circle reverse cutting needle 26mm, th12
GG027650 Silk, 6/0, 1/2 cycle, reverse cutting, 12mm, 75cm 12
GG027651 Silk 8/0 30cm On 6.5mm Spatula Curved 3/8 Circle 12
GG027652 Polyglactin 910, size 7/0, Spatulated, 6.5 mm Needle 12
GG027653 Polyglactin 910,size 1, rb, taper point plus,31mm,1/2 12
GG027654 Polyglactin 910 size 0 , rb, 1/2 circle,40mm, 75cm 12
GG027655 Polyamide Monofilament,CEC, 2-0, 40mm, convetional cut 12
GG027656 Polyamide Monofilament, 2-0, 45mm, convetional cutting 12
GG027657 Polyamide Monofilament suture, F2425, 4-0, 1/2 circle, 40mm,12
GG027658 Polyamide Monofilament,size 0, 40mm, 1/2 circle, convetiona 12
GG027659 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 2,MH1,round bodied, W92312
GG027660 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 2-0, round bodied, W923512
GG027670 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 1,MH1, round bodied, W9212
GG027680 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 3-0,MH1, round bodied, W12
GG027690 Polyamide Monofilament,F2428, 4-0, 40mm, 1/2 circle, cutting12
GG027700 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) size 1, round bodied. 36
GG027800 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 2,round bodied, 24PCS
GG027900 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 2-0, round bodied. 36
GG028000 Polydioxanone monofilament (PDS II) 3-0, round bodied. 36
GG029000 Silk 1, reverse cutting, 1/2 circle, 30-35mm,7cm. 36
GG029100 Silk 2, black braided, reverse cutting, 1/2 circle, 45cm 36
GG029200 Polyamide Monofilament suture, 4-0, 1/2 circle, 40mm, revers36
GG029300 Polyamide Monofilament suture, 2/0, 1/2 circle, 90cm,cutting36
GG029400 Polyamide Monofilament, sterile suture, size 3/0, 19mm needl24PCS
GG029500 Silk 2-0, reverse cutting, 1/2 circle, 30-35mm,7cm. 36PCS
HH000220 30 Degrees Rigid Neuroendoscopes EACH
HH000230 3M 10Ban/ 50 Ban EACH
HH000240 3Mm Suction Drains EACH
HH000250 40 Litre Autoclave Machine EACH
HH000260 Acrylic For Cranioplaty EACH
HH000270 Alm Operating Light Autoclavable Handles EACH
HH000280 Angle Poise Lamp Mobile EACH
HH000300 Adenoidectomy set Set
HH000320 Artery Forceps Straight EACH
HH000330 Autoclave Suction Tubings EACH
HH000600 Airway disposable (Portex) size 0 Each
HH000900 Airway disposable (Portex) size 00 Each
HH001200 Airway disposable (Portex) size 000 Each
HH001500 Airway disposable (Portex) size 1 Each
HH001800 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 0 Each
HH002100 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 00 Each
HH002400 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 1 Each
HH002700 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 2 Each
HH003000 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 3 Each
HH003300 Airway disposable PVC/Silicon size 4 Each
HH003350 Anaesthesia Machine Each
HH003600 AO Ex Fix set Set
HH003900 AO K wire set Set
HH004200 Arterial blood gas anaylizer (ABG) portable Each
HH004500 Aschs forceps Each
HH004800 Audiometer AD 25 Each
HH005100 Autoclave tape, 1cm wide, 12m long Roll
HH005400 Autoclave tape, 1.5cm wide, 12m long Roll
HH005700 Autoclave tape, 2cm wide, 12m long Roll
HH006000 AV fistulae needles (15G,16G) Each
HH006010 AV fistulae needles (15G) Each
HH006020 AV fistulae needles (16G) Each
HH006300 Bag (ambu) self inflating, adult (22mm ISO-compatible inlet/Each
HH006320 Bandage Scissors EACH
HH006330 Batteries For Opthalmoscopes EACH
HH006335 Batteries AA Pack of 4 4
HH006340 Bear Hugger Warming Blankets EACH
HH006350 Bed Side Locker EACH
HH006360 Biopsy Bowl EACH
HH006370 Biopsy Forceps Angled EACH
HH006380 Biopsy Forceps For Rigid Neuroendoscopes EACH
HH006381 Neuroendoscopic Biopsy Forceps KarlAngled, down, 1mm DiameteEach
HH006382 Neuroendoscopic Biopsy Forceps Karl Angled, left, 1mm DiametEach
HH006383 Neuroendoscopic Biopsy Forceps KarlAngled, right, 1mm DiametEach
HH006384 Neuroendoscopic Biopsy Forceps Karl Angled,up, 1mm Diameter Each
HH006385 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Karl For flexible Neuroendoscopes Each
HH006390 Biopsy Forceps Forflexible Neuroendoscopes EACH
HH006600 Bag (ambu) self inflating, paed (15mm ISO-compatible inlet/oEach
HH006900 Bag ambu resucsitation disposable adult (22mm ISO-cmpatible Each
HH007200 Bag ambu resucsitation disposable infant (15mm ISO-cmpatibleEach
HH007500 Bag ambu resucsitation disposable paediatrics (15mm ISO-cmpaEach
HH007800 Bags colostomy disposable 25.5cm x 13cm 10
HH008100 Bags urine drainage 2,000ml with outlet Each
HH008400 Basic orthopeadic instrument set Set
HH008700 Basic Pediatric Surgical Instrument Set Set
HH008710 Surgical lights, Berchtold LED F Generation Each
HH009000 Bicarbonate bags Each
HH009300 Bicarbonate cartridges Each
HH009600 Bilateral Tubal Ligation set Set
HH009620 Biopsy Forceps Straight EACH
HH009624 Bipolar Cable With Macre Forceps EACH
HH009628 Bipolar Diathemy Leads EACH
HH009632 Bipolar Forcep (Gk 760)R EACH
HH009636 Bipolar Forcep Micro (Gk76412) EACH
HH009640 Bipolar Forcep, Long Macro Gk 77)R EACH
HH009644 Bipolar Forcep, Long Macro Gk 773) EACH
HH009648 Bipolar Forcep, Medium Micro (Gk7699) EACH
HH009652 Blood Warmer EACH
HH009656 Blue Plastic Bowl EACH
HH009660 Blue Titunium Ring Forcep EACH
HH009664 Bone Nibblers; Semb And Thorkildson EACH
HH009668 Bone Wax EACH
HH009670 Bone Nibblers; Semb And Thorkildson small Each
HH009672 Bongie EACH
HH009688 Brain Spatulous EACH
HH009690 Brain Tumour ultrasonic aspirator Each
HH009691 Brain Tumour ultrasonic aspirator tubing and extender filterEach
HH009692 Bugby Wires For Flexible Neuroendoscopes EACH
HH009693 Brain retractor system Doro, with retractor blades Each
HH009696 C- Arm Image Intensifier EACH
HH009700 Ceasarian Sets EACH
HH009704 Central Venous Catheter, Adult EACH
HH009706 Central Venous Catheter, Paeds Each
HH009708 Cheattle Forcep EACH
HH009710 Adult Central Venous Catheterization Kit Each
HH009711 Paeds Central Venous Catheterization Kit Each
HH009712 Cheattle Forcep Holder EACH
HH009716 Cidex Containers EACH
HH009720 Cranial Pins autoclavable pediatric EACH
HH009724 Craniotomies EACH
HH009728 Craniotomy Instruments Sets EACH
HH009732 Ct Scan EACH
HH009733 Cerclage wire 1.2mm 18g Each
HH009734 Cerclage wire 1.5mm 17g Each
HH009735 Cerclage wire 1mm 19g Each
HH009736 Dandy Canula EACH
HH009744 Defibrillators, Biphasic Or Triphasic With Pacing Function EACH
HH009768 Digital Weighing Scale (Heavy Duty) EACH
HH009769 Dissecting Scissors Each
HH009776 Disposable Drape Packs For Back Up EACH
HH009784 Double Bed Steps EACH
HH009788 Double Ended Periosteal Elevator EACH
HH009792 Dura Hook EACH
HH009796 Dura Substitutes EACH
HH009800 Ecg Dots For Use With Defibrillator EACH
HH009808 Electric Highspeed Neurosurgical Drill EACH
HH009812 Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Manumeter EACH
HH009816 Endotracheal Tube Introducer / Stylet EACH
HH009820 Episiotomy Sets EACH
HH009828 External Ventricular Drainage Bags EACH
HH009832 Fb Forceps 2286 H EACH
HH009840 Fiberoptic Flexible Laryngoscope EACH
HH009848 Flexible Neuroendoscopes EACH
HH009860 Gloves Gynacological Elbow Length Medium EACH
HH009864 Hair Dippers EACH
HH009868 Hair Removal Machine Dipper (Cardinal Health) EACH
HH009876 Head Blocks EACH
HH009884 Infants Diapers EACH
HH009896 Intercostaldrain Insertion Sets EACH
HH009898 Intubating Laryngeal Mask Ilma 3 EACH
HH009900 Blood lines for Fresenius machines Each
HH009904 Intubating Laryngeal Mask Ilma 4 EACH
HH009908 Intubating Laryngeal Mask Ilma 5 EACH
HH009916 J-Voc Low Pressure Suction Drains EACH
HH009980 Elastic Bands EACH
HH010200 Blood lines for Nipro machines Each
HH010260 Body bag Each
HH010500 Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle(Jamshidi needle) Each
HH010800 Bone Marrow Biopsy set Set
HH011100 Bone marrow needle Jamshid Each
HH011400 Bouggies (urethral) Set
HH011700 Bouggies Airway Each
HH011701 Brush For Fadhesive Container EACH
HH012000 Buckles/Encircling bands with Waste Sleeves Each
HH012300 Bull’s lamp Each
HH012600 Burr hole set Set
HH012900 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 16G Each
HH013200 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 18G Each
HH013500 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 20G Each
HH013675 Neurosurgical Patties Medium Size EACH
HH013800 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 22G Each
HH014100 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 24G Each
HH014400 Cannula iv (winged with injection pot) 14G Each
HH014700 Cannula IV 3 Lumen Central Line Each
HH015000 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 17 Each
HH015300 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 24 Each
HH015600 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 4 Each
HH015900 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 5 Each
HH016200 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 6 Each
HH016500 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 7 Each
HH016800 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 8 Each
HH017100 Cannula tracheotomy Fuller's FG 9 Each
HH017400 Cannula, Hysterosalpingography (HSG) Each
HH017700 Cannula, Irrigating Vectis, three ports, 23 Gauge Each
HH018000 Cannula, Liposuction Each
HH018300 cannula, Uterine (of Leech-Wilkinson or Everard Willians patEACH
HH018600 Cannula, Visco elastic 22G,2ml Each
HH018900 Cannula, Visco elastic 22G Each
HH019200 Capinometer (for measuring end tidal Carbon dioxide) Each
HH019500 Cataract Set For five Operations(23 items) Set
HH019800 Catheter Condom, Large Each
HH019850 Catheter Condom, Medium Each
HH020100 Catheter disposable female FG 14 Each
HH020400 Catheter disposable female FG 16 Each
HH020700 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 10g Each
HH021000 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 12g Each
HH021300 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 14g Each
HH021600 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 16g Each
HH021900 Catheter Foley's + urine bag (2000ml) 18g Each
HH022200 Catheter Foley's retention 10-20cc FG 18, 2 way Each
HH022500 Catheter Foley's retention 10-20cc FG 20, 2 way Each
HH022800 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 8 Each
HH023100 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 10 Each
HH023400 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 12 Each
HH023700 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 14 Each
HH024000 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 16 Each
HH024300 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 18 Each
HH024600 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 6 Each
HH024900 Catheter Foley's retention 10cc FG 8 Each
HH025200 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 20, 3 way Each
HH025500 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 22, 3 way Each
HH025550 Catheter Foley's retention 30 - 50cc FG 22, 3way EACH
HH025551 Catheter Foley's retention 30 - 50cc FG 24, 3way EACH
HH025800 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 24, 3 way Each
HH026100 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 26, 3 way Each
HH026400 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 28, 3 way Each
HH026700 Catheter Foley's retention 20-30cc FG 30, 3 way Each
HH026750 Catheter Foley's retention 20-50cc FG 22, 3way Each
HH027000 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 14 Each
HH027300 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 16 Each
HH027600 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 18 Each
HH027900 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 20 Each
HH028200 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 22 Each
HH028500 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 24 Each
HH028800 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 26 Each
HH029100 Catheter Foley's retention 30cc FG 28 Each
HH029400 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 10 (with introducer) 2Each
HH029700 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 12 (with introducer) 2Each
HH030000 Catheter Foley's retention 3-5cc FG 8 (with introducer) 2 wEach
HH030300 Catheter Foley's retention 5-10cc FG 14 2 way Each
HH030600 Catheter Foley's retention 5-10cc FG 16 2 way Each
HH030900 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 10 Each
HH031200 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 12 Each
HH031500 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 16 Each
HH031800 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 18 Each
HH032100 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 20 Each
HH032160 Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Gauges EACH
HH032400 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 22 Each
HH032700 Catheter Foley's retention 5cc FG 8 Each
HH033000 Catheter Foley's suction 53cm FG 10 Each
HH033300 Catheter Foley's suction 53cm FG 14 Each
HH033600 Catheter Foley's suction 53cm FG 16 Each
HH033900 Catheter Foley's suction 53cm FG 18 Each
HH034200 Catheter, Ureteric, FG 10 Each
HH034470 Oxygen Transport Cylinders EACH
HH034500 Catheter, Ureteric, FG 6 Each
HH034800 Catheter, Ureteric, FG 8 Each
HH035100 Cawthorne cerumen probe Each
HH035400 Central lines three way channel Adult Each
HH035401 Central lines three way channel pediatric Each
HH035700 Chest drainage set (disposable) Each
HH036000 Chest drainage set including tube and re-usable calibrated bEach
HH036300 Chest Drainage Without Introducers Each
HH036600 Chevalier Jackson laryngoscope Each
HH036780 Paper Clips Set
HH036900 Claes Scleral depressor Each
HH037200 Clamps, crushing (Payr), lever action, 100mm blades Each
HH037500 Clamps, crushing (Payr), lever action, 150mm blades Each
HH037800 Clamps, crushing (Payr), lever action, 60mm blades Each
HH038100 Clamps, intestinal (Doyen), curved (230mm) Each
HH038400 Clamps, intestinal (Doyen), straight (230mm) Each
HH038700 Clar 55 inches headlight Each
HH039000 Clips, umbilical cord, polythene Each
HH039300 Coin holding forceps Each
HH039600 Cole neonatal tube PVC size 2.5mm Each
HH039601 Conical Sanding Arbor, Diam. 24/36 Mm, 90.00 L = 60 Mm EACH
HH039900 Connecting line, male/female luer lock, 150cm, up to 325PSI,Set
HH040200 Connecting tube corrugated 9cm Each
HH040500 Connection polythene straight assorted 36
HH040800 Connection polythene tapering extra small Each
HH041100 Connection polythene tapering large Each
HH041400 Connection polythene tapering medium Each
HH041440 Patient Transplant Trolleys With Side Rails EACH
HH041700 Connection polythene tapering small Each
HH042000 Critical Care(CC) set Each
HH042300 Crocodile forceps Each
HH042600 Currette, short blunt large Each
HH042900 Currette, short blunt small Each
HH043200 Currette, uterine, rigid, shank, sharp size 1 (small) Each
HH043500 Currette, uterine, rigid, shank, sharp size 5 (medium) Each
HH043800 Currette, uterine, rigid, shank, sharp size 9 (large) Each
HH044100 Cyto Brush (Pap smear) Each
HH044400 Delivery set Each
HH044700 Delivery surgical instrument set Each
HH045000 Dental unit complete system (Belmont) Each
HH045300 Diagnostic set, spare bulb (Gowland's) Each
HH045600 Diagnostic set, with metal battery handle (Gowland's) Each
HH045900 Diathermy machine Each
HH046020 Peep Valve EACH
HH046200 Diathermy pads,leads, pens Set
HH046500 Dilator Hagars set Set
HH046800 Disinfectant Test Strips(For Gluteraldehyde 2% buffered,OPA)Each
HH047100 Disinfectant Trays (For Gluteraldehyde 2% buffered,OPA) Each
HH047150 Disposable gowns EACH
HH047160 Disposable gowns large Each
HH047170 Disposable gowns Small Each
HH047400 Drill, Battery Operated Each
HH047700 Drip stand wheeled adjustable Each
HH048000 Dynamic Hipscrew (DHS) set Set
HH048300 Ear moulds Each
HH048330 Periosteal Elevators EACH
HH048600 ECG electrodes adhensive for 3 rigg machine (without jelly) 100
HH048650 Q Trace Ecg Electrodes For Use With Seca Ecg Machine EACH
HH048900 ECG paper for printing Roll
HH048901 Elbow adult Terra Colour Each
HH048902 Hand Man Terra Right Each
HH048903 Hand Woman/Child Terra Left EACH
HH048904 Hand Woman/Child Terra Right EACH
HH048905 Hand Man Terra Left Each
HH048950 ECG Ultra Sound Jelly Each
HH049200 Electric blanket adult Each
HH049500 Electric blanket paediatric Each
HH049800 Electric Dermatome Each
HH050100 Electric Suction Machine,25L Each
HH050150 Electric Infusion pump, with more modes,1-1200ml/hour Each
HH050400 Endo gripping forceps 1286BT Each
HH050640 Pituitary Instrument EACH
HH050700 Endoillumination 3269B [Set of 6] Set
HH051000 EndoLaser probes Each
HH051300 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 2.5mm Each
HH051600 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 3.5mm Each
HH051900 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 3mm Each
HH052200 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 4.5mm Each
HH052500 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 4mm Each
HH052800 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 5.5mm Each
HH052950 Plastic Foetal Scope EACH
HH053100 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 5mm Each
HH053400 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 6.5mm Each
HH053700 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 6mm Each
HH054000 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 7.5mm Each
HH054300 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 7mm Each
HH054600 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 8.5mm Each
HH054900 Endotracheal tube cleaning brush Each
HH055200 Esophagoscope Each
HH055201 Eva Foam 12mm x 1.10m x 1.10m, 1.21m2, 750.00 Terra EACH
HH055202 Eva Foam 3mm x 0.95m x 95m, 0.90m2, Terra EACH
HH055203 Eva Foam 6mm x 0.95m x 95m, 0.90m2, Terra EACH
HH055260 Pressure Fluid Infuser EACH
HH055500 FB Forceps 2286H Each
HH055800 Fiberoptic bronchoscope Each
HH056100 Fiberoptic hypopharyngoscope Each
HH056400 Fine instrument set Each
HH056700 Fisons Retractor Each
HH057000 Flute Handle for Retinal Surgery Each
HH057300 Flute Needlesfor Retinal Surgery Each
HH057301 Foot Left Size 26 Terra Each
HH057303 Foot Left Size 25 Terra Each
HH057304 'Foot Right Size 25 Terra Each
HH057305 'Foot Left Size 27 Terra Each
HH057306 'Foot Right Size 27 Terra Each
HH057307 'Foot Left Size 23 Terra Each
HH057308 'Foot Right Size 23 Terra Each
HH057309 'Foot Left Size 22 Terra Each
HH057310 'Foot Right Size 22 Terra Each
HH057311 'Foot Left Size 21 Terra Each
HH057312 'Foot Right Size 21 Terra Each
HH057313 'Foot Left Size 20 Terra Each
HH057314 'Foot Right Size 20 Terra Each
HH057315 'Foot Left Size 19 Terra Each
HH057316 'Foot Right Size 19 Terra Each
HH057317 'Foot Left Size 18 Terra Each
HH057318 'Foot right Size 18 Terra Each
HH057319 'Foot Left Size 17 Terra Each
HH057320 'Foot Right Size 17 Terra Each
HH057321 'Foot Left Size 16 Terra Each
HH057322 'Foot Right Size 16 Terra Each
HH057323 'Foot Left Size 24 Terra Each
HH057324 'Foot Right Size 24 Terra Each
HH057325 'Foot Left Size 15 Terra Each
HH057326 'Foot Right Size 15 Terra Each
HH057327 'Foot Left Size 14 Terra Each
HH057328 'Foot Right Size 14 Terra Each
HH057570 Programmable Ventriculaperiteneal Shunts EACH
HH057600 Forcep Lucs Each
HH057900 Forceps artery curved (SW) 13cm Pair
HH058200 Forceps artery curved (SW) 18cm Pair
HH058500 Forceps artery curved (SW) 30cm Pair
HH058800 Forceps artery Kocher's 13cm Pair
HH059100 Forceps artery Kocher's 18cm Pair
HH059150 Kocher Forcep S/S 20Cm EACH
HH059400 Forceps artery straight (SW) 13cm Pair
HH059700 Forceps aural dressing Pair
HH060000 Forceps bonney's Pair
HH060300 Forceps bowl Harrison's Pair
HH060600 Forceps cervical biopsy punch (Gellhorm's), box-joint, 230mmPair
HH060900 Forceps dissecting plain 13cm Pair
HH061200 Forceps dissecting plain 18cm Pair
HH061500 Forceps dissecting toothed 13cm Pair
HH061800 Forceps dissecting toothed 18cm Pair
HH062100 Forceps dressing (Adson's)serrated,delicate (125mm) Pair
HH062400 Forceps foreign body (Chevalier Jackson) Pair
HH062700 Forceps hysterectomy (Gwilliam's) 1/2 teeth, straight Pair
HH063000 Forceps hysterectomy (Gwilliam's), 1/2 teeth, curved on flatPair
HH063300 Forceps hysterectomy (Heaney's), double toothed, curved on fPair
HH063600 Forceps hysterectomy (Heaney's), single tooth, curved on flaPair
HH063900 Forceps intestinal tissue holding (Babcock) 24 cm Pair
HH064200 Forceps intestinal tissue holding (Babcock's) locking boxjoiPair
HH064500 Forceps intestinal tissue-holding (165mm) Each
HH064800 Forceps mosquito straight Pair
HH065100 Forceps needle holder (Mayo's) straight Pair
HH065400 Forceps needle holder 18cm (Mayo's) Pair
HH065700 Forceps nickel suture extracting Pair
HH066000 Forceps obstetric (Kielland-Luikart's), 400mm Pair
HH066300 Forceps obstetric (Simpson-Luikart's), 360mm Pair
HH066600 Forceps obstetric (Wrigley's), short model for C/Section, 27Pair
HH066810 Rapapport Stethoscope EACH
HH066900 Forceps ovum (McClintock's), curved, screw joint, 240mm Pair
HH067200 Forceps placenta (Willet's), screw joint, 190mm Pair
HH067500 Forceps sinus (Lister's) Pair
HH067800 Forceps sponge holding Pair
HH068100 Forceps steriliser (Cheatle's) Pair
HH068400 Forceps tenaculum (Schroeder's), 2/2 teeth, 240mm Pair
HH068700 Forceps tissue (Duval) Medium 15.5 cm Pair
HH069000 Forceps tissue (Lane's) Pair
HH069120 Replacement Blades For Cardinal Health EACH
HH069300 Forceps tissue 12.5cm (Alli's) Pair
HH069600 Forceps towel holding (Towel Clip), lock screw (127mm) Pair
HH069900 Forceps towel holding (Towel Clip), lock screw (89mm) Pair
HH070200 Forceps tracheal (Magill's) adult Pair
HH070500 Forceps tracheal (Magill's) child Pair
HH070800 Forceps tracheal dilating (Bowlby) Pair
HH071100 Forceps uterine (Green Armytage), angled screw-joint, 200mm Pair
HH071400 Forceps uterine (Green Armytage), straight screw joint, 200mPair
HH071450 Heavy Duty Gloves, elbow length, PVC Pair
HH071700 Forceps uterine dressing (Bozemann's), grooved jaw, 250mm Pair
HH072000 Forceps vulsellum (Lahey's), 3/4 teeth, 240mm Pair
HH072300 Forceps vulsellum (Teale's), curved, 3/4 teeth, 240mm Pair
HH072600 Forceps, Long crocodile, large Each
HH072900 Forceps, Long crocodile, Medium Each
HH073200 Forceps, Long crocodile, small Each
HH073500 Forceps, Walshams Each
HH073800 Formby cerumen scoop and hook Each
HH074100 Gag mouth adult (Doyen's) Each
HH074400 Gag mouth adult (Mason Ackland) Each
HH074700 Gag mouth child (Doyen's) Each
HH075000 Gas For Retinal Surgery: C3F8 (Specification from OpthalmoloEach
HH075300 Gas For Retinal surgery: SF6(specification from OpthalmologyEach
HH075400 Gigli Saw Wire, 12'' Each
HH075600 Giving set adult iv administration + needle 15 drops/ml Each
HH075601 IV Giving Sets 20 drops EACH
HH075900 Giving set paed iv administration + needle 60 drops/ml Each
HH076050 Rhoton Dissectors Number 1 EACH
HH076200 Giving sets IV (paediatric) with calibrated burrette Each
HH076500 Giving sets IV (paediatric) with volume regulator between 10Each
HH076800 Powder Free Gloves (Large) 100
HH077100 Powder Free Gloves (Medium) 100
HH077150 Powder Free Gloves (Small) 100
HH077400 Glove disposable powdered latex large 100
HH077700 Glove disposable powdered latex medium 100
HH078000 Glove gynaecological elbow length large Each
HH078300 Glove gynaecological elbow length medium Each
HH078301 Glove, Heat Protection, Isothermal, Pair EACH
HH078360 Rhoton Dissectors Number 10 EACH
HH078600 Glove postmortem size 7 Pair
HH078900 Glove postmortem size 7˝ Pair
HH079200 Glove postmortem size 8 Pair
HH079500 Glove postmortem size 8˝ Pair
HH079800 Glove surgeon's size 6 sterile Pair
HH080100 Glove surgeon's size 6˝ sterile Pair
HH080400 Glove surgeon's size 7 sterile Pair
HH080670 Rhoton Dissectors Number 3 EACH
HH080700 Glove surgeon's size 7˝ sterile Pair
HH081000 Glove surgeon's size 8 sterile Pair
HH081030 Lumboperitoneal Shunts EACH
HH081300 Glove surgeon's size 8˝ sterile Pair
HH081320 Neurosurgical Patties Micro Size EACH
HH081330 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Angled, down, 1mm Diameter Each
HH081340 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Angled, left, 1mm Diameter Each
HH081350 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Angled, right, 1mm Diameter Each
HH081360 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Angled, straight, 1mm Diameter Each
HH081370 Neuroendoscopic Scissors Angled,up, 1mm Diameter Each
HH081600 Glove surgeon's size 9 sterile Pair
HH081900 Glove surgeon's size 9˝ sterile Pair
HH082200 Gloves heavy duty large Pair
HH082500 Gloves heavy duty medium Pair
HH082501 Glue Containe, Empty, 0.45l EACH
HH082800 Grommets Each
HH082840 Guedel Airway (oral pharyngeal) 0 Each
HH082850 Guedel Airway (oral pharyngeal) 3 EACH
HH082851 Guedel Airway (oral pharyngeal) 1 Each
HH082852 Guedel Airway (oral pharyngeal) 2 Each
HH082853 Guedel Airway (oral pharyngeal) 4 Each
HH082860 Hair Blower/Drier Each
HH082980 Rhoton Dissectors Number 6 EACH
HH083100 Hammer, patella Each
HH083360 Lumbar Drainage Catheter Size 16 Gauge EACH
HH083400 Hammond fiberlight headlight With a light Source Each
HH083700 Hand chuck for introducing pins (T-handle) Each
HH084000 HD(hemodialysis) temporary catheter Each
HH084300 HD(hemodialysis) tunnelled or cuffed catheter Each
HH084310 Head covers Each
HH084600 Head mirror (universal) Each
HH084900 Hearing aids (BTE) Each
HH085200 Hearing aids (ITE) Each
HH085290 Rhoton Dissectors Number 8 EACH
HH085293 Ring Forcep EACH
HH085500 Heavy Liquid and oil Retinal Sugery(Specification from OpthaEach
HH085800 Hernia surgical instrument Set Set
HH086100 Horfman Set Each
HH086400 Hose corrugated, anti-static, 15mm connector, 60cm long Each
HH086700 Hose corrugated, anti-static, 22mm connector, 1m length Each
HH087000 Hose corrugated, anti-static, 22mm connector, 50cm length Each
HH087300 Hypopharyngoscope Each
HH087600 Hysterectomy abdominal surgical instrument set Set
HH087900 Hysterectomy vaginal surgical instrument set Set
HH087920 Traction weight 10kg Each
HH087940 Traction weight 2kg Each
HH087960 Traction weight 5kg Each
HH088200 Infusion Pump for IV medication Each
HH088500 Intraocular cautery probe for Retinal Surgery Each
HH088550 Introducer for catheter 5.5 Each
HH088800 Intraocular forceps Each
HH089100 Intraocular scissors Each
HH089400 Jobson Horne Probe Each
HH089700 K Nail Set Each
HH089910 Ruler EACH
HH090000 K Y jelly Each
HH090270 Laryngoscope Miller, Blade, Stright 00+04 EACH
HH090300 Keller Puncher Each
HH090600 Kidney Dialyzer (11, 13, 15, 17, 19), High Flux Each
HH090900 Kidney Dialyzer (11, 13, 15, 17, 19), Low Flux Each
HH091200 Kidney Dialyzer (11, 13, 15, 17, 19), MediumFlux Each
HH091201 Knee-joint Adult Terra lock Right & Left EACH
HH091202 Knee-joint Child Terra lock Right & Left EACH
HH091500 Knife skin grafting blade 10
HH091800 Knife skin grafting handle Each
HH091810 Kirshner wire with double tip 1.5 x150mm Each
HH091820 kirshner wire with double tip 1.5 x300mm Each
HH091830 Kirshner wire with double tip 1.8 x300mm Each
HH091840 Kirshner wire with double tip 2.0 x300mm Each
HH091850 Kirshner wire with double tip 2.5 x300mm Each
HH091860 Kirshner wire with double tip 3.0 x300mm Each
HH092100 Laparatomy instrument set Each
HH092220 Scissors For Flexible Endoscopes EACH
HH092400 large fragment set Each
HH092580 Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade Curned 00+5 EACH
HH092700 Laryngeal crocodile forceps Each
HH093000 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH093300 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 00 PVC/Silicon Each
HH093600 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 1 PVC/Silicon Each
HH093900 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 2 PVC/Silicon Each
HH094200 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 3 PVC/Silicon Each
HH094500 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 4 PVC/Silicon Each
HH094530 Scissors For Rigid Endoscopes EACH
HH094800 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) 5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH094890 Laryngoscope Handle EACH
HH095100 Laryngoscope Macintosh, blade,curved, hookfitting,adult (130Each
HH095200 Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade Curved, Size 0 Each
HH095300 Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade Curved, Size 1 Each
HH095400 Laryngoscope Macintosh, blade,curved, hookfitting,adult (130Each
HH095500 Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade Curved, Size 2 Each
HH095600 Laryngoscope Macintosh Blade Curved, Size 3 Each
HH095700 Laryngoscope Macintosh, blade,curved, hookfitting,child(114mEach
HH096000 Laryngoscope Macintosh, blade,curved, hookfitting,child(114mEach
HH096300 Laryngoscope Macintosh, blade,curved, hookfitting,infant(90mEach
HH096600 Laryngoscope Macintosh, spare bulb Each
HH096840 Scoop Stretchers EACH
HH096900 Laryngoscope size 0 Each
HH097200 Laryngoscope size 00 Each
HH097500 Laryngoscope size 1 Each
HH097800 Laryngoscope size 2 Each
HH098100 Laryngoscope size 3 Each
HH098400 Laryngoscope size 4 Each
HH098700 Lemperts mastoid curette Each
HH099000 Liposuction machine Each
HH099001 Ultrasound machine for brain surgery Each
HH099002 C-Arm X-Ray image intensifier Each
HH099003 Transcranial doppler machine Each
HH099004 Electroencephalography machine Each
HH099150 Scope Cameras EACH
HH099300 Lumbar puncture set Each
HH099350 Lumbar Drain Catheter EACH
HH099600 Manual vacuum aspirator set Each
HH099900 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 0 transparent with scent Each
HH100200 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 00 transparent with scent Each
HH100500 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 0A Each
HH100800 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 1 transparent with scent Each
HH101100 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 2 transparent with scent Each
HH101400 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 3 transparent Each
HH101460 Scrub Suits EACH
HH101700 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 4 transparent Each
HH102000 Mask anaesthetic Ambu size 5 Each
HH102300 Mask face disposable paper 2-ply 100
HH102600 Mastoidectomy set Each
HH102900 McEwen’s scoop Each
HH102901 Module Trans-Femoral alignment Adult EACH
HH102902 Module Trans-Femoral alignment Child EACH
HH102903 Module Trans-Tibial alignment Adult EACH
HH102904 Module Trans-Tibial alignment Child EACH
HH102950 Micro Arachnoid Scissors, Fw 140R EACH
HH102955 Micro Bipelar Set EACH
HH102960 Micro Dissector Number 1 EACH
HH102965 Micro Dissector Number 10 EACH
HH102970 Micro Dissector Number 3 EACH
HH102975 Micro Dissector Number 4 EACH
HH102980 Micro Dissector Number 5 EACH
HH102985 Micro Dissector Number 6 EACH
HH102990 Micro Instrument Set EACH
HH102995 Micro Needle Holder 6006-120 EACH
HH103000 Micro Needle Holder Jarit 277-145 EACH
HH103005 Micro Scissors Curved Jarit 277-061 EACH
HH103010 Micro Scissors Short Strought Fd030R EACH
HH103015 Micro Scissors Strought 0088 Rb EACH
HH103020 Micro Scissors Strought Fm140 R EACH
HH103025 Micro Scissors Strought Fd034R EACH
HH103030 Micro Scissors Strought Fd038R EACH
HH103035 Micro Scissors Strought Jarit 277-060 EACH
HH103040 Micro Straight Scissors, Fo 034R EACH
HH103045 Micro Tiex X Drape EACH
HH103050 Monopolar Diathemy Cable With Blade EACH
HH103200 Mucus extractor manual with bulb Each
HH103250 Multi Parametricpatient Monitors With Eto, Monitoring Blood EACH
HH103500 Musgrove cerumen pick and wool carrier Each
HH103770 Self Holding Retractors EACH
HH103800 MVR blades Disposable Slit keratomes Each
HH104100 Myoma screw (Doyen's), for use per vagina, 170mm Each
HH104400 N95 Face Masks 35
HH104450 Nasal Prongs, Adult EACH
HH104451 Nasal Prongs, Paedriatric EACH
HH104470 Nasopharyngeal Airways Portex Size 6.0 EACH
HH104475 Nasopharyngeal Airways Portex Size 6.5 EACH
HH104480 Nasopharyngeal Airways Portex Size 7.0 EACH
HH104485 Nasopharyngeal Airways Portex Size 7.5 EACH
HH104490 Nebulisers EACH
HH104700 Neck colars Each
HH105000 Needle disposable Luer 19g x 4cm 100
HH105300 Needle disposable Luer 21g x 4cm 100
HH105600 Needle disposable Luer 23g x 2.5cm 100
HH105650 Needle hypo-luer 19 swg Each
HH105900 Needle Intraosseous,size 15mm Each
HH106080 Self Retainers (Frusebin) EACH
HH106200 Needle Intraosseous,size 25mm Each
HH106500 Needle Intraosseous,size 45mm Each
HH106800 Needle lumbar puncture Luer 20g x 10cm Each
HH107100 Needle lumbar puncture Luer 20g x 8cm Each
HH107400 Needle lumbar puncture Luer 21g x 8cm Each
HH107450 Needle spinal disposable Luer 22g x 10cm cutting bevel/penciEACH
HH107700 Needle lumbar puncture Luer 23 g x 3 cm Each
HH107755 Needle spinal disposable Luer 20g x 10cm cutting bevel/penciEACH
HH108000 Needle spinal disposable Luer 23g x 10cm cutting bevel/penciEach
HH108300 Needle spinal disposable Luer 24g x 10cm cutting bevel/pencEach
HH108390 Short Straight Micro Scissors EACH
HH108600 Needle spinal disposable Luer 25g(With a 20g introducer) x 1Each
HH108650 Needle, spinal, disposable, luer 27G X 10cm cutting EACH
HH108656 Needle suture intestinal size 4 Each
HH108657 Needle Suture Triangular Size 2 Each
HH108658 Needle Suture Triangular Size 8 Each
HH108659 Needle Suture Round Bodied No 8 Each
HH108660 Needle Suture Intesfying Curved Size 5 Each
HH108661 Needle Suture Intesfying Curved Size 6 Each
HH108662 Needle Suture Size 3 Each
HH108663 Needle suture Size 1 Each
HH108664 Needle suture Size 7 Each
HH108670 Neurosurgical Patties EACH
HH108671 Neuronavigation system medtronic Each
HH108900 Nibbler bone Each
HH109200 Non rebreathing ambu valves (E1 and E2) adult complete set Set
HH109500 Non rebreathing paediatric valves (E1 and E2) paediatric comSet
HH109800 Oesophageal expandable stents, 20 x 120mm, 20F, 60cm Each
HH110100 Oesophageal stents 20 X 120mm, 60cm, 24F Each
HH110400 Omnitract Retractor Each
HH110401 Oscillating electrical saw Fein 220Volts/180W 1 270.00 FixinEACH
HH110500 one third plate 3.5mm 5holes,64mm Each
HH110520 one third plate 3.5mm 6holes,76mm Each
HH110530 one third plate 3.5mm 7holes,88mm Each
HH110540 one third plate 3.5mm 8holes,100mm Each
HH110700 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Diagnostic Set Each
HH110710 Otoscope set EACH
HH110750 Oxygen connecting tubes EACH
HH110751 Oxygen Concentrator Each
HH110780 Simple Parametric Patient Monitors EACH
HH111000 Paediatric Coil Catheter 39cm Single cuff Each
HH111300 Paediatric Urine Catheter Each
HH111600 PaediatricUrine Catheter Each
HH111650 Patient Monitor ARI-800B Each
HH111651 Patient Monitor IMEC 12,Size 360 x 273x122mm,3.6kg Each
HH111900 PD Catheter set Each
HH112200 Pedicle Screws set Each
HH112500 Penguin suckers Each
HH112550 Pelvimeter Each
HH112800 Perforator (Denman-Smellie's), box-joint (250mm) Each
HH113010 Skin Hooks EACH
HH113100 Perfuser line 150cm luer lock Each
HH113400 Perfuser Syringe, 60ml Disposable Each
HH113700 PHACO set Set
HH113701 PHP(Polypropylen Homopolymer) 4mm x 1m x 2m Terran each
HH113702 PHP(Polypropylen Homopolymer)3mmx1mx2m Terra EACH
HH113703 PHP(Polypropylen Homopolymer)5mm x 1m x 2m Terra EACH
HH114000 Pins Steinmann(Denham), with end covers 10
HH114001 Plaster Mixing, Bowl, Diam, 7/12, 0.5l EACH
HH114050 Pleurilvacs EACH
HH114300 Plug catheter (spigot) large Each
HH114600 Plug catheter (spigot) medium Each
HH114900 Plug catheter (spigot) small Each
HH114950 POP Cutter Each
HH115200 Posterior rhinoscopic mirror Each
HH115201 PowerSpin HXV Centrifuge Speed500-3500 RPM Each
HH115320 Small Artery Forceps Curved EACH
HH115330 Artery Forceps medium Each
HH115340 Artery Forceps small Each
HH115500 Probe, silver 15cm Each
HH115800 Proctoscope (Kelly's) 27mm x 50mm Each
HH116100 Prostatectomy instrument set Each
HH116400 Pulse oximeter Each
HH116450 Pump syringe IV 50ml, plastic Each
HH116700 Punch Biopsy Skin instrument set Set
HH117000 PVC/Silicon Each
HH117300 Quinsy knife Each
HH117350 Rake EACH
HH117600 Razor safety handle and blade (disposable) Each
HH117630 Small Table Steriliser (40L) EACH
HH117900 Resuscitator, baby (ambu), model R with paedi valve Each
HH117950 Resuscitation Trolleys EACH
HH118200 Retinal Cutters Each
HH118500 Retractor (Deaver) large 1
HH118800 Retractor (Deaver) medium Each
HH119100 Retractor (Langenbeck) Each
HH119400 Retractor (Langenbeck), blade 25mm x 64mm Each
HH119700 Retractor rake self-retaining Each
HH119940 Spade / Cob EACH
HH120000 Retractor self-retaining with 3 blades (Balfour) Each
HH120300 Retractor, abdominal (Balfour), tri-valve, adult Each
HH120600 Retractor, retropubic (Millin's), self-retaining, 2 short & Each
HH120601 Sanding Belts,Endless 649G15=1650 x 100 x36 EACH
HH120602 Sanding Belts,Endless 649G15=1650 x 40 x36 EACH
HH120603 Sanding Belts,Endless 649G6=1650 x 180 x30 x 40 EACH
HH120604 Sanding Cone, For Article Crm 480, Grit 150 EACH
HH120605 Sanding Cone, For Article Crm 480, Grit 50 EACH
HH120606 Sanding Drum With Conical Hole, Dim. 72 X 5 X 200 Mm EACH
HH120607 Sanding Sleeve, For Article Crm 483, Grit 50 EACH
HH120608 Sanding Sleeve, For Article Crm 483, Grit 80 EACH
HH120900 Saw (Gigli) Each
HH121200 Saw, electric amputation Each
HH121500 Saw, electric Cast cutter(oscillating) Each
HH121800 Saw, manual amputation Each
HH122100 Scalp vein set disposable Luer 21g,Carbon steel Each
HH122250 Spare Laryngoscope Batteries EACH
HH122400 Scalp vein set disposable Luer 23g,Carbon steel Each
HH122700 Scalp vein set disposable Luer 25g,Carbon steel Each
HH123000 Scalpel blade size 11 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH123300 Scalpel blade size 12 (for VVF) sterile & individually wrapp100
HH123600 Scalpel blade size 15 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH123649 Scalpel blade size 16 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH123650 Scalpel Blade Size 18 100
HH123660 Blade holder, surgical, size 10 Each
HH123670 Blade holder, surgical, size 11 Each
HH123680 Blade holder, surgical, size 12 Each
HH123690 Blade holder, surgical, size 15 Each
HH123900 Scalpel blade size 20 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH124200 Scalpel blade size 21 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH124500 Scalpel blade size 22 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH124550 Scapel handle BP Each
HH124560 Spare Laryngoscope Bulbs EACH
HH124800 Scalpel blade size 23 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH125100 Scalpel blade size 24 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH125400 Scalpel handle size 3 (for blades 10-15),Carbon steel Each
HH125700 Scalpel handle size 4 (for blades 20-24),Carbon steel Each
HH125701 Scalpel handle (BP) Size 5 Each
HH126000 Scapel blade size 10 (individually wrapped),Carbon steel 100
HH126100 Schanz Screw( long thread/ self tapping and self drilling) 3Each
HH126120 Schanz Screw 3.5 x150mm Each
HH126140 Schanz Screw 4.5 x100mm Each
HH126160 Schanz Screw 4.5 x150mm Each
HH126180 Schanz Screw 4.5 x175mm Each
HH126200 Schanz Screw 4.5 x200mm Each
HH126220 Schanz Screw 4.5 x250mm Each
HH126240 Schanz Screw 5.0 x175mm Each
HH126260 Schanz Screw 5.0 x200mm Each
HH126280 Schanz Screw 5.0 x250mm Each
HH126300 Scissors dressing double round 12.5cm Pair
HH126600 Scissors dressing double sharp 12.5cm Pair
HH126870 Sponge Forceps EACH
HH126900 Scissors dressing single sharp 12.5cm Pair
HH127200 Scissors episiotomy counter Pair
HH127500 Scissors Mayo's curved 13cm Pair
HH127800 Scissors Mayo's curved 18cm Pair
HH128100 Scissors Mayo's curved 20cm Pair
HH128400 Scissors Mayo's curved on flat, chamfered (14cm) Pair
HH128700 Scissors Mayo's straight 13cm Pair
HH129000 Scissors Mayo's straight 20cm Pair
HH129180 Stainless Still Bowls, Medium EACH
HH129300 Scissors Metzenbaum, curved, dissecting, 18cm Pair
HH129600 Scissors Metzenbaum, curved, dissecting, 25cm Pair
HH129900 Scissors, bandage (Lister) curved 16cm Pair
HH130200 Scleral forceps Each
HH130500 Screws, bone (Sherman) 3.5mm x 16mm 6
HH130800 Sharps disposal receptor(Cardboard) Each
HH131100 Sharps disposal receptor(Plastic) Each
HH131400 Shears plaster (Lorenz) 48cm Pair
HH131490 Stand, Iv Drip, Mobile On Castrels EACH
HH131495 Standard 12 Lead Ecg Paper For Wechallyn Ecg Machine EACH
HH131700 Siegel speculum Each
HH132000 Sign Nail set(K-Nail set) Each
HH132300 Silicone bulb evacuator kit,100cc 20
HH132600 Silicone oil (For Retinal Surgery) (1000) 100ml
HH132900 Sinuscope 30ş, 45ş,70ş Each
HH133200 Skin grafting, instruments set Each
HH133500 Small Bone fragment set Each
HH133800 Spacer Device(For Inhaled medicines) Each
HH134100 Spatula, Ayer (For Pap Smear) Each
HH134400 Speculum vaginal (Doyen's) with deep blade (medium) Each
HH134450 Speculum vaginal (Grave's) (Small),75X20mm Each
HH134700 Speculum vaginal (Grave's) (medium),95X35mm Each
HH134750 Speculum vaginal (Grave's) (Large),115X35mm Each
HH135000 Speculum vaginal (Sims) large Each
HH135300 Speculum vaginal (Sims) medium Each
HH135600 Speculum vaginal (Sims) small Each
HH135900 Speculum vaginal duckbill (Cuscoe's) large Each
HH136110 Sterilizable Suction Tubings EACH
HH136200 Speculum vaginal duckbill (Cuscoe's) medium Each
HH136500 Speculum vaginal duckbill (Cuscoe's) small Each
HH136800 Sphygmomanometer aneroid Each
HH137100 Sphygmomanometer aneroid on Castrol Adult Each
HH137400 Sphygmomanometer aneroid on Castrol Child Each
HH137700 Sphygmomanometer aneroid Wall Mountable Adult Each
HH138000 Sphygmomanometer aneroid Wall Mountable Child Each
HH138050 Sphygmomanometer Spare bulb Each
HH138300 Sphygmomanometer digital on Castrol Adult Each
HH138420 Stitch Scissors EACH
HH138600 Sphygmomanometer digital on Castrol Child Each
HH138900 Sphygmomanometer digital with adult cuffs Each
HH138950 Sphygmomanometer digital with child cuffs EACH
HH139200 Sphygmomanometer digital with child cuffs Each
HH139500 Sphygmomanometer spare cuff, adult Each
HH139800 Sphygmomanometer spare cuff, child Each
HH140100 Sphygmomanometer spare cuff, infant Each
HH140400 Sphygmomanometer spare valve Each
HH140700 Squint Hooks Each
HH140730 Stretcher EACH
HH141000 Squint set Each
HH141300 St Martins Forceps Each
HH141600 Stethoscope binaural Each
HH141900 Stethoscope binaural chest piece Each
HH142200 Stethoscope binaural spare tubing Each
HH142500 Stethoscope foetal (plastic) Each
HH142800 Stethoscope foetal heart Each
HH143040 Stylet,Intubating, Adult EACH
HH143100 Stethoscope spare ear piece Each
HH143400 Stylet, intubating, adult Each
HH143700 Stylet, intubating, paediatric Each
HH144000 Suction machine, Electric, twin pump (Ambu) Each
HH144300 Suction machine, foot operated, twin pump (Ambu) Each
HH144600 Syringe bladder disposable 100ml Each
HH144900 Syringe ear metal Each
HH145200 Syringe insulin 100 IU with needle Each
HH145350 Suction Tip Number 12 With Cleaner EACH
HH145500 Syringe perfuser 60ml, luer lock Each
HH145800 Syringe perfuser, 60ml, with small nosal Each
HH146100 Syringe perfuser, 60ml, with small nozzle Each
HH146400 Syringe tuberculin Luer Each
HH146700 Syringe, 20ml, disposable with 21g needle Each
HH147000 Syringe, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 23g needle Each
HH147300 Syringe, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 25g needle Each
HH147600 Syringe, 50ml, disposable, with 19g needle Each
HH147660 Suction Tip Number 8 EACH
HH147900 Syringe, 5ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g needle Each
HH148200 Syringe, 60ml Disposable,luer lock Each
HH148500 Syringe, 60ml Disposable,with long Nozzle Each
HH148800 Syringe, autodestruct, 10ml, disposable with 21g needle Each
HH149100 Syringe, autodestruct, 20ml, disposable with 21g needle Each
HH149400 Syringe, autodestruct, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 23g neEach
HH149700 Syringe, autodestruct, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 25g neEach
HH149970 Tap 3 Way Pvc With A Luer Lock EACH
HH150000 Syringe, autodestruct, 5ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g neEach
HH150300 Syringe, disposable, ADV front load syringe with hand-fil stEach
HH150600 Syringe, Higginson Each
HH150900 Syringe,10ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g needle Each
HH151200 Tap 3way PVC with a luer lock Each
HH151500 Tape, umbilical cotton, 3mm x 20m, non-sterile Roll
HH151800 Thermometer clinical rectal,Digital Each
HH152100 Thermometer,Axillary,Digital EACH
HH152280 Tap 3 Way Pvc With A Luer Lock Needles EACH
HH152400 Thermometer,Infrared,Digital Each
HH152450 Thermometer,Digital 0 to 100 Degrees Celcius Each
HH152455 Thermometer,Digital -50 to -86 Degrees Celcius Each
HH152700 Thoracotomy instrument set Each
HH153000 Thyrodectomy instrument set Each
HH153300 Tilley aural forceps Each
HH153600 Tongue depressors, wooden 100
HH153900 Tonsilectomy instrument set Each
HH154200 Tourniquet(Pneumatic), with cuff, hand pump and manometer (aEach
HH154500 Tourniquet(Pneumatic), with cuff, hand pump and manometer (cEach
HH154590 Theatre Trolleys - Big Back Table EACH
HH154800 Tru-cut needle 14g Each
HH155100 Tru-cut needle 16g Each
HH155400 Tru-cut needle 18g Each
HH155450 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed fr 14 Each
HH155451 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed fr 30 Cuffed Each
HH155452 Tube endotracheal, fr 10 Cuffed Each
HH155700 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 2.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH156000 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 3.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH156300 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 3.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH156600 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 4.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH156900 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 4.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH156920 Tubestopper For Dialysis 200
HH156930 Theatre Trolleys - Medium EACH
HH157200 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 5.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH157500 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 6.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH157800 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 6.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH158100 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 7.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH158400 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 7.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH158700 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 8.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH159000 Tube endotracheal, cuffed size 8.5 PVC/Silicon Each
HH159210 Theatre Trolleys - Small EACH
HH159300 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed seze 5.5 PVC/silicon Each
HH159600 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 2.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH159900 Tube endotracheal, non cuffed size 5.0 PVC/Silicon Each
HH160200 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 22 Each
HH160500 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 24 Each
HH160800 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 26 Each
HH161100 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 28 Each
HH161400 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 30 Each
HH161520 Thromboelastogram Machine And Printing Paper EACH
HH161700 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 32 Each
HH162000 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 34 Each
HH162300 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 36 Each
HH162600 Tube oral gastric (red rubber) FG 38 Each
HH162900 Tube, chest drainage, size 24 Each
HH163200 Tube, chest drainage, size 10 Each
HH163500 Tube, chest drainage, size 12 Each
HH163800 Tube, chest drainage, size 14 Each
HH163830 Toothed Ewald Forceps EACH
HH164100 Tube, chest drainage, size 16 Each
HH164400 Tube, chest drainage, size 18 Each
HH164700 Tube, chest drainage, size 20 Each
HH165000 Tube, chest drainage, size 22 Each
HH165300 Tube, chest drainage, size 26 Each
HH165600 Tube, chest drainage, size 28 Each
HH165900 Tube, chest drainage, size 30 Each
HH166140 Toothed Forceps Broad EACH
HH166200 Tube, chest drainage, size 32 Each
HH166500 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 18 Each
HH166800 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 20 Each
HH167100 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 10 Each
HH167400 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 12 Each
HH167700 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 14 Each
HH168000 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 16 Each
HH168300 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 24 Each
HH168600 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 6 Each
HH168900 Tube, duodenal feeding polythene FG 8 Each
HH169200 Tube, endobronchial suction size 10 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH169500 Tube, endobronchial suction size 12 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH169800 Tube, endobronchial suction size 14 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH170100 Tube, endobronchial suction size 16 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH170400 Tube, endobronchial suction size 18 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH170700 Tube, endobronchial suction size 6 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH170780 Towel Clips Set
HH171000 Tube, endobronchial suction size 8 (with T-vaccum valve) Each
HH171300 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 5.5mm (reinforced/armudEach
HH171600 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 5mm (reinforced/armud) Each
HH171900 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 6.5mm (reinforced/armudEach
HH172200 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 6mm (reinforced/armud) Each
HH172500 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 7.5mm Each
HH172800 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 7.5mm (reinforced/armouEach
HH173100 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 7mm Each
HH173400 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 8.5mm (reinforced/armouEach
HH173700 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 8mm Each
HH174000 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size 8mm (reinforced/armoureEach
HH174300 Tube, endotracheal, PVC cuffed, size7mm (reinforced/armouredEach
HH174600 Tube, feeding CH 6 Each
HH174900 Tube, feeding CH 8 Each
HH175200 Tube, nasogastric FG 10 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH175380 Tranchy Tape (1 Meter) EACH
HH175500 Tube, nasogastric FG 12 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH175800 Tube, nasogastric FG 14 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH176100 Tube, nasogastric FG 16 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH176315 Neurosurgical Patties Small Size Set
HH176400 Tube, nasogastric FG 18 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH176700 Tube, nasogastric FG 20 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH177000 Tube, nasogastric FG 22 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH177300 Tube, nasogastric FG 24 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH177600 Tube, nasogastric FG 6 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH177690 Transpheniotal Atuitary Intruments EACH
HH177694 Transport Ventilators EACH
HH177900 Tube, nasogastric FG 8 ( with metal balls at the tip) Each
HH178200 Tube, pharyngeal suction, adult Each
HH178500 Tube, pharyngeal suction, child Each
HH178800 Tube, pharyngeal suction, soft, size 14 Each
HH179100 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, cuffed, size 6 Each
HH179400 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, cuffed, size 7 Each
HH179700 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, noncuffed, size 3 Each
HH180000 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, noncuffed, size 3.5 Each
HH180300 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, uncuffed, size 4 Each
HH180600 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, uncuffed, size 4.5 Each
HH180900 Tube, RAE, oral, PVC, uncuffed, size 5 Each
HH181200 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 8 Each
HH181500 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 10 Each
HH181800 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 12 Each
HH182100 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 14 Each
HH182310 Tube Chest Drainage Size 32 (Without Introducers) EACH
HH182400 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 16 Each
HH182700 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 18 Each
HH183000 Tube, stomach 75cm EG 24 Each
HH183300 Tube, suction (Poole) (241mm) Each
HH183600 Tube, tracheostomy Disposable, cuffed size 5.5 with introduEach
HH183640 Tracheostomy tubes Cuffed size 3 with introducer and 15mm coEach
HH183650 Tracheostomy tubes Cuffed size 3.5 with introducer and 15mm Each
HH183655 Tracheostomy tubes Cuffed size 4 with introducer and 15mm coEach
HH183660 Tracheostomy tubes Cuffed size 4.5 with introducer and 15mm Each
HH183665 Tracheostomy tubes Cuffed size 5 with introducer and 15mm coEach
HH183900 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 6 with introducer and 15mm cEach
HH184200 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 6.5 with introducer and 15mmEach
HH184500 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 7 with introducer and 15mm cEach
HH184620 Tube, Tracheastomy, Cuffed Size 6.5 With Introducer And 15MmEACH
HH184800 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 7.5 with introducer and 15mmEach
HH185100 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 8 with introducer and 15mm cEach
HH185400 Tube, tracheostomy, cuffed size 8.5 with introducer and 15mmEach
HH185700 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 2.5 with introducer and Each
HH186000 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 3 with introducer and 15Each
HH186300 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 3.5 with introducer and Each
HH186600 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 4 Each
HH186900 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 4.5 with introducer and Each
HH186930 Tube, Tracheastomy, Cuffed Size 7 With Introducer And 15Mm CEACH
HH187200 Tube, tracheostomy, non cuffed size 5 with introducer and 15Each
HH187500 Tuning fork 1024Hz Each
HH187800 Tuning fork 256Hz Each
HH188100 Tuning fork 512Hz Each
HH188400 Tympanometer Each
HH188700 Tympanoplasty instruments set Each
HH189000 Urethral, sounds, curved, tapering (Clutton's) Each
HH189050 Urine Leg Bags Each
HH189240 Tube, Tracheastomy, Cuffed Size 7.5 With Introducer And 15MmEACH
HH189300 Uterine sounds, malleable shaft graduated in 2cm intervals Each
HH189600 Vacuum suction drain Each
HH189900 Valve (ambu), type E1(22mm ISO-compatible inlet) Each
HH190200 Valve inserts, rubber, for E1Ambu type valves Each
HH190500 Vascular instrument set Set
HH190800 Ventriculoperitoneal Shunts Each
HH190850 Venturi face mask,heat,adult EACH
HH190851 Venturi face mask,heat,paeds EACH
HH191100 Vertical scissors 1286ET Set
HH191150 Video Laryngoscope EACH
HH191400 Watson- William (E) cerumen spud and hook Each
HH191550 Tube, Tracheastomy, Cuffed Size 8 With Introducer And 15Mm CEACH
HH191700 Wire stirrups (Kirschner) Each
HH192000 Wires (Kirschner) 10
HH192100 NSK Fast hand-Piece 4 holed Each
HH192200 Straight Elevators Each
HH192300 Wooden applicators Sticks 100
HH192301 Wooden box EACH
HH192600 Y adaptor, tube with dual check valves, up to 350PSI, sterilEach
HH193860 Tube, Tracheastomy, Cuffed Size 8.5 With Introducer And 15MmEACH
HH196170 Ultra Sound Machine Portable With Trolley With Phased Array,EACH
HH198480 Un-Toothed Fine Forceps EACH
HH200790 Un-Toothed Fine Forceps Broad EACH
HH203100 Upcut Set (Rangeurs) EACH
HH205410 Upcuts (Rongeurs) 2 Mm EACH
HH207720 Upcuts (Rongeurs) 3 Mm EACH
HH210030 Upcuts (Rongeurs) 4 Mm EACH
HH212340 Vaccum Extraction Set EACH
HH214650 Ventilators Ststionery With In-Line Nebuliation EACH
HH216960 Ventriculoperitoneal Shunts- High Pressure EACH
HH219270 Ventriculoperitoneal Shunts- Medium Pressure EACH
HH228510 Wall Mounted Opthamoscopes EACH
HH230820 Wall Mounted Otoscopes EACH
HH237750 Weck Haemoclip Forceps Macro EACH
HH240060 Weck Haemoclip Forceps Micro EACH
HH253920 Stainless Steel Basins EACH
HH256230 Stainless Steel Placenta Pail EACH
HH258540 Stainless Steel Trays 290X240X50 EACH
HH260850 Stainless Steel Trays 380X304X50 EACH
HH263160 Stainless Still Trays + Lids 450X300X50 EACH
HH271310 Neurousurgical 3Pm Head Clamp With Attachments To Bed EACH
HH366305 Non Breather Face Masks EACH
HH366306 Stomahesive/Flexwater with Collar, 57mm EACH
HH366307 Drainage pouch set, 57mm EACH
HH366308 Endotracheal PVC tube 15mm adaptor size 8mm EACH
II000300 20D lenses Pair
II000600 90D lenses Pair
II000900 Air Injection Cannula 27 Gauge (10 pc) Each
II001200 Air Injection Cannula, 27 Gauge, angle to tip 5mm Each
II001500 Air Injection Cannula, 30 Gauge, angle to tip 5mm Each
II001800 Anterior Chamber Cannula, 23 Gauge (metal) Each
II002100 Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope Set
II002400 Bipolar Cautery with Cable, Probe and Forceps Each
II002700 Blade Breaker and Holder Each
II003000 Blade Handle for No. 15 Blades Each
II003300 Calipers 1 – 20mm in 1mm increments Each
II003600 Cannula Flat Tipped 18 Gauge, angle to tip 7mm Each
II003900 Cannula Visco-Elastic, 22 Gauge, angle to tip 10mm Each
II004200 Cannula, Irrigating Vectis, three ports, 23 Gauge Each
II004500 Cannula, Simcoe, Irrigating/Aspirating, overall length 15mm,Each
II004800 Cannula, Visco-Elastic, 21 Gauge Each
II005100 Cataract Kit for 5 Small Incision Cataract Surgeries Each
II005400 Cataract Set Set
II005700 Cautery Ball Each
II006000 Chalazion Clamp, 9cms Each
II006300 Chalazion Spoon, 2.5mm Each
II006600 Conjunctival Toothed Each
II006900 Crescent Knife Each
II007200 Direct Ophthalmoscope Each
II007500 Edging Machine Each
II007800 Entropion (TPR) Clamp Left 10cms Each
II008100 Entropion (TPR) Clamp Right 10cms Each
II008400 ENTROPION Set Each
II008700 Evisceration Scoop, tip diameter 8mm Each
II009000 Exterior Chamber Non Fordable, (intraocular lenses) +21.5D Each
II009300 Exterior Chamber Non Fordable, (intraocular lenses), 16 Each
II009600 Exterior Chamber Non Fordable, (intraocular lenses), 18 Each
II009900 Exterior Chamber Non Fordable, (intraocular lenses), 19 Each
II010200 Extraocular Muscle Hook Each
II010500 Extwrial Chamber (intraocular lenses) +20.0D Each
II010800 Eye Drapes with Bag (50 x 40cms – SICS) Each
II011100 Eye Drapes with Bag (50 x 40cms – SICS) Each
II011400 Eye Pad Each
II011700 Eye Pressure Reducer Each
II012000 Eye Shield Each
II012300 Foldable (HEMA) Hydrophilic, 5.75mm Diameter, 12.25mm LengthEach
II012600 Forceps Non-Toothed Each
II012900 Forceps, Arruga Each
II013200 Forceps, Capsulorhexis, Angle to Tip 11mm, Sharp Tip to be uEach
II013500 Forceps, Corneal, 0.10mm Atraumatic Tips, Angled With Tying Each
II013800 Forceps, Corneal, 0.10mm Atraumatic Tips, Straight With TyinEach
II014100 Forceps, Corneal, 1x2 teeth, 0.12mm, With 6mm Tying PlatformEach
II014400 Forceps, Fine Non-Toothed Each
II014700 Forceps, Fixation Each
II015000 Forceps, Lens Introducing, Angle to Tip 8 to 12mm, Smooth JaEach
II015300 Forceps, Mosquito, Curved Each
II015600 Goldmann tonometer Each
II015900 Hartel Exophthalmometer Each
II016200 IOL Manipulator, angle to tip 10mm Each
II016500 Iris Spatula Each
II016800 irrigation angled with front opening, supplied with siliconeEach
II017100 Jackson Cross Cylinder ±0.25D Each
II017400 Jackson Cross Cylinder ±0.50D Each
II017700 Keeler 2.5mm Extended Retinal Probe for Cryomatic (2509-P-80Each
II018000 Keratome Knives set Each
II018300 Kerotometer Each
II018600 Kerotometer Each
II018900 Knife and handle: 15 degree stab Each
II019200 Knife and handle: Crescent, Angled, Bevel up 2.5mm Each
II019500 Knife and Handle: MVR Blade 19 Gauge Each
II019800 Knife and handle: Slit/Keratome, angle 3.2mm Each
II020100 Lacrimal Probes Set 000 to 2 Each
II020400 Lens 2.2x Pan Retinal Lens Pair
II020700 Lens 28D (Volk) Each
II021000 Lens 78D (Volk) Each
II021300 Lens 90D (Volk) Pair
II021600 Lens Loop Each
II021900 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II022200 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II022500 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II022800 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II023100 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II023400 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II023700 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II024000 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II024300 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II024600 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II024900 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II025200 Lens, Anterior Chamber Intraocular Lens 4 point fixation, +1Each
II025500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.0D, Foldable,Each
II025800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.0D, Non-foldaEach
II026100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.0D, Foldable, Each
II026400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.0D, Non-foldabEach
II026700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.5D, Foldable,Each
II027000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.5D, Non-foldaEach
II027300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.5D, Foldable, Each
II027600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +17.5D, Non-foldabEach
II027900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.0D, Foldable,Each
II028200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.0D, Non-foldaEach
II028500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.0D, Foldable, Each
II028800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.0D, Non-foldabEach
II029100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.5D, Foldable,Each
II029400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.5D, Non-foldaEach
II029700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.5D, Foldable, Each
II030000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +18.5D, Non-foldabEach
II030300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.0D, Foldable,Each
II030600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.0D, Non-foldaEach
II030900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.0D, Foldable, Each
II031200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.0D, Non-foldabEach
II031500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.5D, Foldable,Each
II031800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.5D, Non-foldaEach
II032100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.5D, Foldable, Each
II032400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +19.5D, Non-foldabEach
II032700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.0D, Foldable,Each
II033000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.0D, Non-foldaEach
II033300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.0D, Foldable, Each
II033600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.0D, Non-foldabEach
II033900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.5D, Foldable,Each
II034200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.5D, Non-foldaEach
II034500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.5D, Foldable, Each
II034800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +20.5D, Non-foldabEach
II035100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.0D, Foldable,Each
II035400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.0D, Non-foldaEach
II035700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.0D, Foldable, Each
II036000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.0D, Non-foldabEach
II036300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.5D, Foldable,Each
II036600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.5D, Non-foldaEach
II036900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.5D, Foldable, Each
II037200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +21.5D, Non-foldabEach
II037500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.0D, Foldable,Each
II037800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.0D, Non-foldaEach
II038100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.0D, Foldable, Each
II038400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.0D, Non-foldabEach
II038700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.5D, Foldable,Each
II039000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.5D, Non-foldaEach
II039300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.5D, Foldable, Each
II039600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +22.5D, Non-foldabEach
II039900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.0D, Foldable,Each
II040200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.0D, Non-foldaEach
II040500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.0D, Foldable, Each
II040800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.0D, Non-foldabEach
II041100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.5D, Foldable,Each
II041400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.5D, Non-foldaEach
II041700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.5D, Foldable, Each
II042000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +23.5D, Non-foldabEach
II042300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.0D, Foldable,Each
II042600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.0D, Non-foldaEach
II042900 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.0D, Foldable, Each
II043200 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.0D, Non-foldabEach
II043500 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.5D, Foldable,Each
II043800 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.5D, Non-foldaEach
II044100 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.5D, Foldable, Each
II044400 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +24.5D, Non-foldabEach
II044700 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +25.0D, Foldable,Each
II045000 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +25.0D, Non-foldaEach
II045300 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +25.0D, Foldable, Each
II045600 Lens, Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens, +25.0D, Non-foldabEach
II045900 Lensometer Each
II046200 Lid Plate, 11cms Each
II046500 Lid Retractors (2 pcs) Each
II046800 Lissamine Green Strips Each
II047100 McPhersons Forceps Each
II047400 Microurgical Surgical (Wet field cautery) with standard forcEach
II047700 Needleholder, Curved or Straight, overall length 10 to 11mm,Each
II048000 Needleholder, curved, with Lock for 4/0, 5/0, or 6/0 suture Each
II048300 Needleholder, straight, with Lock for 4/0, 5/0, 6/0 or 7/0 sEach
II048350 Needle Holder 18Cm EACH
II048360 Needle Holder Broad EACH
II048370 Needle Holder Fine EACH
II048600 Operating Table with adjustable height and tilting mechanismEach
II048900 Ophthalmoscopes (Heine) Set
II049200 Prednisolone Eye Drops Sodium Phospate 0.5% 10ml Each
II049500 prism Bars - Horizontal Each
II049800 Prism Bars - Vertical Each
II050100 Punctal Dilator Each
II050400 RAF Convergence Rule Each
II050700 Retinoscopes Set
II051000 Retractors Desmarres, Infant 7.5mm Each
II051300 Rose Bengal Ophthalmic strips Each
II051600 Schirmer Tear Test strips Each
II051900 Scissors Straight Sharp Pointed Each
II052200 Scissors, Angled, length of blades 10mm, extra thin blades Pair
II052500 Scissors, Conjunctival Pair
II052800 Scissors, Corneal Section (corneoscleral), length of blades Pair
II053100 Scissors, De-Weckers Pair
II053400 Scissors, Heavy Curved Pair
II053700 Scissors, Iridectomy, 8mm blades Pair
II054000 Scleral Rotator Each
II054300 Slit Lamp complete with motorised intrument table, Each
II054600 Slit Lamp complete with motorised intrument table, Each
II054900 Slit lamp, goldmann tonometer Each
II055200 Spectacle Frame Heater Each
II055500 Speculum, 12mm Blade (Adult) Each
II055800 Speculum, 8mm Blades (Child) Each
II056100 Speculum, Child Wire, 8mm blades Each
II056400 Speculum, New Born Wire, 2mm blades Each
II056700 Stainless Steel Razor Blades for Troutman (100 pcs) Each
II057000 Streak Retinoscope with Lithium Rechargeable Handle Each
II057300 Sun Glasses Each
II057600 Surgeon's Stool with Castors EPC finish with cushion Each
II057900 Surgical Blades for Blade Handle (100 peices) Each
II058200 Traight knife Each
II058500 Trial Frames Each
II058800 Trial Lens Sets Set
II059100 Viscoelastic HPMC 2% of 2ml (Pre filled syringe – with CannuEach
II059400 Visual Acuity Charts (Distance) Each
II059700 Visual Acuity Charts (Near) Each
II060000 Waddell Clamp for Bilamellar Tarsal Plate Rotation Each
II060100 Bipolar forceps and cables for Accurus Vitrectomy, 800CS Each
II060200 20 Gauge Total Plus Vitrectomy Pak, Model 800CS Each
II060300 Phaco emulsification tubosonic tips, Model 800CS Each
II060400 Infusion pack for Silicone Oil, Model 800CS Each
II060500 Biom 5 set for HS Moller Microscope, HI-R900 Each
II060600 Wide angled lenses for Biom, HI-R900 Kit
II060700 Endolaser probe, OcuLight SLx Each
II060800 Indirect Laser Head, OcuLight SLx Each
II060900 Endolaser probe,photons in the blue (488 nm) EAch
II061000 Endolaser probe, green (514 nm) spectrum Each
II061100 Silicone 1000 oil, 8.5ml vial Each
II061200 12-RTUB-2. Tubing System for the Infusion of Silicone Oil Each
II061300 Perfluoro-N-Octane (PFO) (heavy liquid), 5ml Each
II061400 Aspiration, 23G, 0.3mm anterior, U-shaped tip,10" tubing andEach
II061500 Disposable flute with flexible tips Each
KK000300 Bag tablet dispensing, polythene, disposable 10x 12 cm 50
KK000600 Bag tablet dispensing, polythene, disposable 9 x 10cm 50
KK000900 Bottle dropper, amber 10ml Each
KK001200 Brush bottle, large Each
KK001500 Brush bottle, medium Each
KK001800 Brush bottle, small Each
KK002100 Funnel, glass 150mm diameter Each
KK002400 Funnel, glass 250mm diameter Each
KK002700 Measure, glass, 100ml Each
KK003000 Measure, stainless steel, 1 litre graduated Each
KK003300 Mortar & pestle, glass, 10cm Set
KK003600 Mortar & pestle, porcelain, 15cm Set
KK003900 Mortar & pestle, porcelain, 30cm Set
KK004200 Spatula, stainless steel, 15cm Each
LL000250 20 Litre Plastic Bucket + Lid EACH
LL000260 20 Litre Pressure Steriliser EACH
LL000300 1.2 x 150mm (small fragment set) Each
LL000600 1.6 x 150mm (Large fragment set) Each
LL000900 1/3 tubular plate 10 hole 3.5mm Each
LL001200 1/3 tubular plate 6 hole 3.5mm Each
LL001500 1/3 tubular plate 7 hole 3.5mm Each
LL001800 1/3 tubular plate 8 hole 3.5mm Each
LL002100 1/3 tubular plate 9 hole 3.5mm Each
LL002400 12 holes, 60mm blade length Each
LL002700 12 holes, 70mm blade length Each
LL003000 12 holes, 80mm blade length Each
LL003300 14 holes, 60mm blade length Each
LL003600 14 holes, 70mm blade length Each
LL003900 14 holes, 80mm blade length Each
LL004200 150mm long, 40mm thread Each
LL004500 20 x 150mm (small fragment set) Each
LL004800 5 holes, 50mm blade length Each
LL005100 5 holes, 60mm blade length Each
LL005400 5 holes, 70mm blade length Each
LL005700 5mm 30 degree angled post Each
LL006000 5mm rod to rod connector Each
LL006300 5mm selfdrilling 12 pins (Stryker Apex pins) Each
LL006600 7 holes, 50mm blade length Each
LL006900 7 holes, 60mm blade length Each
LL007200 7 holes, 70mm blade length Each
LL007500 7 holes, 80mm blade length Each
LL007800 8mm 30 degree angled post Each
LL008100 8mm curved rod, proximal tibia frame Each
LL008400 8mm rod to 5mm pin connector Each
LL008700 8mm rod to rod connector Each
LL009000 9 holes, 60mm blade length Each
LL009300 9 holes, 70mm blade length Each
LL009600 9 holes, 80mm blade length Each
LL009900 Apron, disposable, polythene 100
LL009950 Apron,heav duty,reusable Each
LL010200 Apron, surgeon's polythene, foot length Each
LL010500 Austin moores prosthesis 46 Each
LL010800 Austin moores prosthesis 48 Each
LL011100 Austin moores prosthesis 50 Each
LL011400 Austin moores prosthesis 52 Each
LL011700 Austin moores prosthesis 53 Each
LL012000 Austin moores prosthesis 54 Each
LL012300 Austin moores prosthesis 55 Each
LL012350 Back Sprayer, PVC, 12-16 Litres SET
LL012354 Baby Weighing Scale Manual EACH
LL012600 Battery operated Drill Each
LL012900 Battery operated hand drill Each
LL013 Obstetric bed with mattress EACH
LL013200 Bed foot elevator Each
LL013500 Bed Frame Bar Each
LL013800 Bed frame with pulleys Each
LL014100 Bed pan, stainless steel, adult Each
LL014200 Patient Bed,Standard Each
LL014400 Bed pan, stainless steel, child Each
LL014450 Bed with matress Each
LL014700 Blounts frame Each
LL015000 Bone currete Each
LL015300 Boots surgeon's , male size 10 Pair
LL015600 Boots surgeon's , male size 11 Pair
LL015900 Boots surgeon's , male size 12 Pair
LL016200 Boots surgeon's , male size 6 Pair
LL016500 Boots surgeon's , male size 7 Pair
LL016800 Boots surgeon's , male size 8 Pair
LL017100 Boots surgeon's , male size 9 Pair
LL017400 Boots surgeon's, female size 4 Pair
LL017700 Boots surgeon's, female size 5 Pair
LL018000 Boots surgeon's, female size 6 Pair
LL018300 Boots surgeon's, female size 7 Pair
LL018600 Boots surgeon's, female size 8 Pair
LL018650 Heavy Duty Aprons - reusable 100% polyester with PVC coatingeach
LL018900 Boots surgeon's, female size 9 Pair
LL019200 Bowl, lotion stainless steel 15 cm Each
LL019500 Bowl, kidney, stainless steel, medium, 25cm Each
LL019800 Bowl, kidney, stainless steel, small, 15cm Each
LL020100 Bowl, lotion stainless steel 20 cm Each
LL020400 Bowl, lotion stainless steel 30 cm Each
LL020700 Bowl, stand double Each
LL020750 Large Metal Bowl EACH
LL021000 Can, douche, stainless steel 1.5L Each
LL021300 Cancellous 1/2 threade screws 48mm 4.5mm Each
LL021600 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 65mm 4.5mm Each
LL021900 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 14mm 4.5mm Each
LL022200 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 16mm 4.5mm Each
LL022430 Large Steam Steriliser EACH
LL022500 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 18mm 4.5mm Each
LL022800 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 20mm 4.5mm Each
LL023100 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 24mm 4.5mm Each
LL023400 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 30mm 4.5mm Each
LL023700 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 34mm 4.5mm Each
LL024000 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 35mm 4.5mm Each
LL024300 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 40mm 4.5mm Each
LL024600 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 55mm 4.5mm Each
LL024900 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 58mm 4.5mm Each
LL025200 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 64mm 4.5mm Each
LL025500 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 70mm 4.5mm Each
LL025800 Cancellous 1/2 threaded screws 75mm 4.5mm Each
LL026100 Cancellous Screw 12mm 4.5mm Each
LL026400 Cancellous Screw 14mm 4.5mm Each
LL026700 Cancellous Screw 16mm 4.5mm Each
LL027000 Cancellous Screw 18mm 4.5mm Each
LL027300 Cancellous Screw 20mm 4.5mm Each
LL027600 Cancellous Screw 26mm 4.5mm Each
LL027900 Cancellous Screw 50mm 4.5mm Each
LL028200 Cancellous Screw 60mm 4.5mm Each
LL028500 Cancellous Screws 12mm 3.5mm Each
LL028800 Cancellous Screws 16mm 3.5mm Each
LL029100 Cancellous Screws 18mm 3.5mm Each
LL029400 Cancellous Screws 20mm 3.5mm Each
LL029700 Cancellous Screws 26mm 3.5mm Each
LL030000 Cancellous Screws 50mm 3.5mm Each
LL030300 Cancellous Screws 60mm 3.5mm Each
LL030600 Clamp for Ex-Fix Each
LL030900 Connecting rods Each
LL031200 Cord, extension(for skin traction) Each
LL031500 Cortical Screws 48mm 3.5mm Each
LL031800 Cortical Screws 48mm 4.5mm Each
LL032100 Cortical Screws 10mm 3.5mm Each
LL032400 Cortical Screws 10mm 4.5mm Each
LL032700 Cortical Screws 12mm 3.5mm Each
LL033000 Cortical Screws 12mm 4.5mm Each
LL033300 Cortical Screws 14mm 3.5mm Each
LL033600 Cortical Screws 14mm 4.5mm Each
LL033900 Cortical Screws 16mm 3.5mm Each
LL034200 Cortical Screws 16mm 4.5mm Each
LL034500 Cortical Screws 18mm 3.5mm Each
LL034800 Cortical Screws 18mm 4.5mm Each
LL035100 Cortical Screws 20mm 3.5mm Each
LL035400 Cortical Screws 20mm 4.5mm Each
LL035700 Cortical Screws 22mm 3.5mm Each
LL036000 Cortical Screws 22mm 4.5mm Each
LL036300 Cortical Screws 24mm 3.5mm Each
LL036600 Cortical Screws 24mm 4.5mm Each
LL036900 Cortical Screws 25mm 3.5mm Each
LL037200 Cortical Screws 25mm 4.5mm Each
LL037500 Cortical Screws 26mm 3.5mm Each
LL037800 Cortical Screws 26mm 4.5mm Each
LL038100 Cortical Screws 28mm 3.5mm Each
LL038400 Cortical Screws 28mm 4.5mm Each
LL038700 Cortical Screws 30mm 3.5mm Each
LL039000 Cortical Screws 30mm 4.5mm Each
LL039300 Cortical Screws 32mm 3.5mm Each
LL039600 Cortical Screws 32mm 4.5mm Each
LL039900 Cortical Screws 34mm 3.5mm Each
LL040200 Cortical Screws 34mm 4.5mm Each
LL040500 Cortical Screws 35mm 3.5mm Each
LL040800 Cortical Screws 35mm 4.5mm Each
LL041100 Cortical Screws 36mm 3.5mm Each
LL041400 Cortical Screws 36mm 4.5mm Each
LL041700 Cortical Screws 38mm 3.5mm Each
LL042000 Cortical Screws 38mm 4.5mm Each
LL042300 Cortical Screws 40mm 3.5mm Each
LL042600 Cortical Screws 40mm 4.5mm Each
LL042900 Cortical Screws 42mm 3.5mm Each
LL043200 Cortical Screws 42mm 4.5mm Each
LL043500 Cortical Screws 45mm 3.5mm Each
LL043800 Cortical Screws 45mm 4.5mm Each
LL044100 Cortical Screws 50mm 3.5mm Each
LL044400 Cortical Screws 50mm 4.5mm Each
LL044700 Cortical Screws 55mm 3.5mm Each
LL045000 Cortical Screws 55mm 4.5mm Each
LL045300 Cortical Screws 60mm 3.5mm Each
LL045600 Cortical Screws 60mm 4.5mm Each
LL045900 Cortical Screws 70mm 3.5mm Each
LL046200 Cortical Screws 70mm 4.5mm Each
LL046500 Couch, examination, Metallic Each
LL046800 Cup, feeding,Metallic Each
LL047100 DCP 10 hole plate 3.5 mm Each
LL047400 DCP 6 hole plate 3.5 mm Each
LL047700 DCP 7 hole plate 3.5 mm Each
LL048000 DCP 8 hole plate 3.5 mm Each
LL048300 DCP 9 hole plate 3.5 mm Each
LL048600 DCP plate 10 hole 4.5mm Each
LL048900 DCP plate 12 hole 4.5mm Each
LL049200 DCP plate 14 hole 4.5mm Each
LL049500 DCP plate 7 hole 4.5mm Each
LL049800 DCP plate 8 hole 4.5mm Each
LL050100 DCP plate 9 hole 4.5mm Each
LL050400 DCP T-Plate 10 hole 4.5mm Each
LL050700 Denham pin (steinmans pin) Each
LL050750 Delivery bed with mattress Each
LL051000 Disposable Shaving blades Each
LL051300 Drill electric Each
LL051600 Drill manual Each
LL051700 Mindray Ventilator SV300 with Compressor Each
LL051800 Nebulizer Machine Each
LL051900 Drum, dressing, stainless steel 15 x 12 inches Each
LL052200 Drum, dressing, stainless steel 22.5 x 22.5cm Each
LL052500 Drum, dressing, stainless steel 32.5 x 12.5cm Each
LL052800 Drum, dressing, stainless steel 37.5 x 15cm Each
LL053100 Erchmarch bandage 10m 10
LL053400 Erchmarch bandage 15cm 10
LL053700 Eschmarch bandage 10cm 10
LL054000 Eschmarch bandage 15cm 10
LL054001 Face Shield,PVC Shield to cover face from splashes Each
LL054300 four pin clamp Each
LL054600 Gallipot, stainless steel 120ml (with lid) Each
LL054900 Gallipot, stainless steel 180ml (with lid) Each
LL055200 Gallipot, stainless steel 240ml (with lid) Each
LL055500 Gallipot, stainless steel 60ml (without lid) Each
LL055550 Gumboots size 40 pair
LL055551 Gumboots size 41 pair
LL055552 Gumboots size 42 pair
LL055553 Gumboots size 43 pair
LL055554 Gumboots size 44 pair
LL055560 Gass Stove Each
LL055570 Shoe Covers pair
LL055800 Giggli Saw,400mm Each
LL056100 Goggles, safety plastic Pair
LL056400 Hammer Each
LL056700 Hand Amputation large Each
LL057000 Hand Amputation Medium Each
LL057300 Hand Drill Each
LL057600 Hand drill with key Each
LL057650 Height Scale Ditecto EACH
LL057900 Hip Screw 20mm Each
LL058200 Hip Screw 25mm Each
LL058500 Hip screw 30mm Each
LL058800 Hip Screw 35mm Each
LL059100 Hip Screw 60mm Each
LL059400 Hip Screw 65mm Each
LL059450 Screw Bone Each
LL059700 Hip Screws 100mm Each
LL060000 Hip Screws 95mm Each
LL060300 Hoffman External fixator 4 hole pin Each
LL060600 Hoffman External fixator 5 hole pin Each
LL060900 Hoffman External fixator 6 hole pin Each
LL061200 Hoffman External fixator 7 hole pin Each
LL061500 Horse shoe stirrup Each
LL061550 Hospital Bed Screens, 4 hinged panels, vinyl covers (Gree Each
LL061555 Hospital Bed With Mattress EACH
LL061800 Infant resuscitator, clear plastic + mask + bag Each
LL062100 Jar collection,suction pump Each
LL062400 Jar for foot-operated type, pump, suction, Each
LL062700 Jar, forceps, Cheatle Each
LL063000 Jar, forceps, stainless steel 22 x 7cm Each
LL063040 Kidney Dishes 20Cm EACH
LL063045 Kidney Dishes 30Cm EACH
LL063050 Kidney Dishes Large EACH
LL063055 Kidney Dishes Medium EACH
LL063060 Kidney Dishes Small EACH
LL063300 Kiwi vacuum extractor Each
LL063600 K-Wire and Steinmans pins Each
LL063900 Large fragment set Each
LL063920 Large Fluid Warmer EACH
LL063930 Large Instruments Trays EACH
LL063950 Lockable stainless steel drug cabinet 4 shelves 160cm x 50 cEach
LL063960 Lockable stainless steel storage double door cabinet 5 shelvEach
LL064200 Locking screws (from 14 - 60mm assorted) Set
LL064500 Malleolli Screws 35mm 4.5mm Each
LL064800 Malleolli Screws 40mm 4.5mm Each
LL065100 Malleolli Screws 45mm 4.5mm Each
LL065400 Malleolli Screws 55mm 4.5mm Each
LL065450 Maxillofacial implants, plates & screws, assorted shape & SiSet
LL065700 Measure, medicine, stainless steel with lid Each
LL066000 Medical gas regulator(Flowmeter) Each
LL066050 Minplate Screws,5mm Each
LL066055 Minplate Screws,9mm Each
LL066300 Mug, sputum, stainless steel with lid Each
LL066600 Operating Microscope for Plastic surgery Each
LL066900 Orthopeadic AO (DCP plates/screws depth gauge/drill bits) Set
LL067200 Osteotome Each
LL067500 Osteotome 6 Each
LL067800 Osteotome 7 Each
LL068100 Osteotome 8 Each
LL068400 Patient hoist Each
LL068700 Patient slide Set
LL068750 Patient Weighing Scales EACH
LL069000 Pelvic sling Each
LL069050 Pill counting trays, stainless steel Each
LL069300 Pneumatic torniquet large Each
LL069600 Pneumatic torniquet small Each
LL069900 Pump, suction, electrical 240v/50hz Each
LL070200 Pump, suction, foot-operated Each
LL070500 Receiver, stainless steel 15cm with lid Each
LL070800 Receiver, stainless steel 20cm with lid Each
LL071100 Receiver, stainless steel 25cm with lid Each
LL071400 Receiver, stainless steel 30cm with lid Each
LL071450 Reconstruction Plates,2.4mm,20 holes 20
LL071700 Resuscitator, mask, adult, autoclavable Each
LL072000 Resuscitator, mask, infant, autoclavable Each
LL072300 Rush pins 2.4mm Each
LL072600 Rush pins 3.2mm Each
LL072900 Rush pins 4.8mm Each
LL073200 Scale, baby, to 20kg with 100g divisions Each
LL073500 Scale, bathroom, to 250KG Each
LL073800 Screw driver 3.5mm Each
LL074100 Screw driver 4.5mm Each
LL074400 SFB Brace Each
LL074700 Sign nails 10mm diameter Each
LL075000 Sign nails 11mm diameter Each
LL075300 Sign nails 12mm diameter Each
LL075600 Sign nails 14mm diameter Each
LL075900 Sign nails 8mm diameter Each
LL076200 Sign nails 9mm diameter Each
LL076500 Small fragment set Each
LL076800 Stand, i.v. drip, bed fitting type Each
LL077100 Stand, i.v. drip, mobile on castrols Each
LL077400 Sterilizer, electrical 3 drum Each
LL077700 Sterilizer, high pressure electrical Each
LL078000 Sterilizer, high pressure non-electrical Each
LL078300 Sterilizer, instrument, 27.5 x 14 x 10cm, electrical Each
LL078600 Sterilizer, instrument, 50 x 25 x 22.5cm, electrical Each
LL078900 Stove, primus no 3 Each
LL079200 Stove, primus no 5 Each
LL079500 Stretcher, canvas type Each
LL079800 T - Handle with key Each
LL080100 Tablet counter Each
LL080400 Thomas splint Each
LL080700 Tray, stainless steel no lid 20 x 15 x 5cm Each
LL081000 Tray, stainless steel no lid 25 x 20 x 5cm Each
LL081300 Tray, stainless steel no lid 45 x 32.5 x 5cm Each
LL081600 Tray, stainless steel with lid 20 x15 x 5cm Each
LL081900 Tray, stainless steel with lid 30 x 25 x 5cm Each
LL082200 Trolley, instrument Each
LL082240 Instrument Suture Set EACH
LL082500 Trolley, patient Each
LL082800 Trolley, soiled linen kick-about Each
LL083100 Trolley, theatre patient Each
LL083400 Trolley, theatre stretcher-type Each
LL083450 Trolley,Medicine,2 Layer, 4 wheeled stainless steel standardEach
LL083460 Trolley,Medicine,3 Layer, 4 wheeled stainless steel standardEach
LL083465 Trolley,Medicine,with drawer Each
LL083700 Urinal, female stainless steel Each
LL084000 Urinal, male stainless steel Each
LL084100 Ultrasonic Scaling machine with tips Each
LL084300 Vacuum extractor, electrical Each
LL084600 Vacuum manual aspirator (MVA kit) Kit
LL084900 Vasectomy kit Kit
LL085000 Water distiller, Vol 400-500 litres, Flowrate 40-50 L/h Each
LL085200 Weight 1kg Each
LL085500 Weight 2kg Each
LL085800 Weight 3kg Each
LL086100 Weight 5kg Each
LL086400 Weight hook Each
LL086700 Wheelchair, folding type Each
LL087000 Wheeled bin, hard plastic material with sliding cover , 910cEach
LL087300 Wide Brim Hat Each
LL087400 Community Nurses Uniform SET
LL087500 Cooks Uniform SET
LL087600 Kitchen Attendants Uniform SET
LL087700 Laundry Staff Uniform SET
LL087800 Patients Attendants Uniform SET
LL087900 Nursing Auxiliary Uniforms EACH
LL087950 Nuts and bolts Set
LL088000 Home Craft Workers Uniform EACH
LL088100 Theatre Gown EACH
LL088200 Lab Coats, white EACH
LL088300 Mobile Mindray Ultrasound Scanning Machine EACH
LL088400 Vacuum extractor, malstrom with Plastic Bottle EACH
MM000300 Abbott Lysis Buffer 96 TST
MM000600 Abbott Lysis Buffer 96 TST
MM000900 Abbott M2000rt Reaction Vessels, 5ml 2000 PCE
MM001100 Sodium bicarbonate 500g
MM001200 Abbott M2000sp 96 Deep Well Plate 32PCE
MM001500 Abbott M2000sp 96 Deep Well Plate 32PCE
MM001800 Abbott M2000sp Master Mix Tubes + Caps 150 PCE
MM002100 Abbott M2000sp Master Mix Tubes + Caps 150 PCE
MM002400 Abbott M2000sp Pipette Tips 1ml, Black 2304 PCE
MM002650 Bottle Heparin,5ml EACH
MM002700 Abbott M2000sp Pipette Tips 1ml, Black 2304 PCE
MM003000 Abbott M2000sp Pipette Tips 200ul, Black 2304 PCE
MM003300 Abbott M2000sp Pipette Tips 200ul, Black 2304 PCE
MM003600 Abbott M2000sp Reaction Vessels, 5ml 2000 PCE
MM003900 Abbott M2000sp Reagent Vessels, 200ml 90 PCE
MM004200 Abbott M2000sp Reagent Vessels, 200ml 90 PCE
MM004500 Abx Alphalyse, Cat No. A0906013 Each
MM004800 Abx Basolyse, Cat No. A0906003 Each
MM005100 Abx Cleaner, Cat No. A0906003 Each
MM005400 Abx Difftrol High Control, Cat No. A2062208 3ml
MM005700 Abx Difftrol Low Contol, Cat No. A2062207 3ml
MM006000 Abx Difftrol Normal Control, Cat No. A2062203 3ml
MM006300 Abx Diluent, Cat No. A0901020 Each
MM006600 Abx Eosinofix, Cat No. A0206010 Each
MM006900 Abx Miniclean, Cat No. A0403010 1000ml
MM007200 Abx Minilyse, Cat No.A0702010 1000ml
MM007500 Abx Minoclair, Cat No.A0401005 500ml
MM007800 Abx Minoton, Cat No. A0802020 20L
MM008100 Abx Pentra 100 µl Teflon Seal  Each
MM008110 ABX Pentra XL80 Diluent 20L
MM008115 ABX Pentra 60/ XL 80 Analysers: Lysbio 0.4L
MM008120 ABX Pentra XL80 Cleaner 1L
MM008125 ABX Pentra 60/ XL 80 Analysers: Basolyse 2 1L
MM008130 ABX Pentra XL80 Eosinofix 1L
MM008135 ABX Pentra XL80 Control L kit
MM008140 ABX Pentra XL80 Control N Kit
MM008145 ABX Pentra XL80 Control H Kit
MM008150 Sysmex Control L 1.5ml
MM008155 Sysmex Control H 1.5ml
MM008160 Sysmex Control N 1.5ml
MM008190 Absorbernt paper matts 50
MM008400 Acetic Acid 2.5l Each
MM008450 Tetra Acetic Acid 5L
MM008700 Acetone (Purity: >99.5%) 2.5L
MM009000 Acid Fuchsin 25g Each
MM009300 Acid Phosphatase (Human), Ref No.; 10660 Kit
MM009350 Act 5 Diff HGB lyse 1L
MM009600 Act Diff 2 Analyser, Act Rinse Shutdown Diluent, 500ml Each
MM009900 Act Diff 2 Analyser, S-Cal Jt/T Series, 2x3ml Each
MM010200 Act Diff 2 Analyser, Diff Act Pak, 15l Each
MM010250 Agape Sodium 2 x 30ml Each
MM010500 Agar, Base Urea 500g
MM010800 Agar, Blood Base 500g
MM011100 Agar, Dextrose 500g
MM011400 Agar, Diagnostic Sensitivity Test (Dst) 500g
MM011700 Agar, Gc Base 500g
MM012000 Agar, Kligler 500g
MM012300 Agar, Lysine Iron 500g
MM012600 Agar, Macconkey No. 3, With Salt Each
MM012900 Agar, Macconkey, Salt Free 500g
MM013200 Agar, Macconkey, Sorbital 500g
MM013500 Agar, Mannitol Salt 500g
MM013800 Agar, Mueller-Hinton 500g
MM014100 Agar, Nutrient 500g
MM014400 Agar, Sabouraud Dextrose 500g
MM014700 Agar, Sulphide Indole Motility (Sim) 500g
MM015000 Agar, Thiosulphate-Citrate-Bile Salts Sucrose (Tcbs) 500g
MM015300 Agar, Triple Sugar Iron (Tsi) 500g
MM015600 Agar, Xylose, Lysine, Dextrose (Xld) 500g
MM015900 Agar, Yeast Extract 500g
MM016200 Alanine Aminotransferase (Sgpt ) Test Kit, 15ml (Human) Kit
MM016500 Albumin Test Kit (Human), 1000ml Each
MM016800 Alkaline Peptone Water 500g
MM017100 Alkaline Phosphatase Test Kit (Human) Kit
MM017400 Ammonium Ceric Sulphate Ar, 100g Each
MM017700 Ammonium Sulfide, 500g Each
MM017720 Ammonium Liquor 2.5L
MM018000 Amoxycillin Disc 35µg 50discs
MM018300 Ampicillin Disc 10µg 50discs
MM018600 Ampicillin Disc 25µg 50discs
MM018900 Amylase Test Kit (Human), 10ml 12
MM019200 Anaerobic Indicator Pack
MM019500 Analytical Profiling Index (Api) Tests Each
MM019550 Innoculating Loops,Yellow Each
MM019560 Innoculating Loops,Yellow 100
MM019570 Menthol 5 Litres Each
MM019700 Mindray BS 200E Urea, R1:4 X 35mls, R2:2X18mls kit
MM019800 Anti - Streptolysin O Test (Asot), (Human) Kit
MM019850 Mindray BS 200E ISE Module Reagent (Na, K, Cl, Li) kit
MM019900 Mindray BS 200E Creatinine R1:2X30ml,R2:1X20ml kit
MM020100 Anti-Human Globulin (Ahg Sera), 10ml Each
MM020400 Arsenous Acid Ar, 100g Each
MM020700 Aspartate Aminotransferase (Sgot) Test Kit, 15ml (Human) RefKit
MM021000 Auramine O Each
MM021050 Auto clovable test tube 100
MM021300 B30 Control High 3ml
MM021600 B30 Control High, 3ml Each
MM021900 B30 Control Low 3ml
MM022200 B30 Control Low, 3ml Each
MM022500 B30 Control Normal 3ml
MM022800 B30 Control Normal, 3ml Each
MM023100 Bacitracin 0.04 Units, Discs 50
MM023400 Bacitracin 0.1 Units, Discs 50
MM023700 Bacitracin Disc 0.04 Units 50discs
MM024000 Bag, Biohazard, Autoclavable,Orange 100
MM024001 Bag, Biohazard, Autoclavable,White 100
MM024300 Bags Autoclavable Size: 63.5 X 88.9cm (25 X 35in), With Indi200
MM024600 Barium Chloride 500g Each
MM024900 Bc-3200 Calibrators 2x3ml
MM025200 Bc-3200 Calibrators, 2x3ml Each
MM025500 Bc-3200 Control 3x3.0ml
MM025800 Bc-3200 Control, 3x3ml Each
MM026100 Bc-3200 M-30cfl Lyse 500ml/Bottle Each
MM026400 Bc-3200 M-30cfl Lyse 500ml/Bottle 500ml
MM026401 Bc-3200 M-30cfl Lyse,10 L Each
MM02650 Bottle Heparin,5ml each
MM026700 Bc-3200 M-30d Diluent 5.5Lx2 tan
MM026740 Carbol fuchsin basic Strong Liquid 500ml
MM026750 Bc-3200 M-30d Diluent, 20L Each
MM026800 Mindray BS 200E AST, R1:4X35ml,R2:18ml, IFCC Methiod kit
MM026900 Mindray BS 200E ALT, R1:4X35ml,R2:18ml, IFCC Methiod kit
MM027000 Bc-3200 M-30d Diluent, 2x5.5l Each
MM027050 Mindray BS 200E CD80 Detergent, 2L X 6 kit
MM027100 Mindray BS 120 Cuvettes 96 pcs
MM027200 Mindray BS 200E ALP,R1:4X35ml,R2:2X18ml (IFCC Method) kit
MM027300 Bc-3200 M-30e E-Z Cleanser 100ml
MM027350 Mindray BS 200E GGT,R1:4X35ml,R2:2X18ml (SZASZ Method) kit
MM027400 Mindray BS 200E Mg,R:4X40ml, (XYLIDYL BLUE METHOD) kit
MM027500 Mindray BS 200E Phosphorus,R:4X40ml, (PHOSPHOMOLYBDATE METHOkit
MM027600 Bc-3200 M-30e E-Z Cleanser, 100ml Per Bottle Each
MM027601 BC 3000 plus - BC 3000CT, E - Z Cleaner, 100ml Per Bottle Each
MM027650 Mindray BS 200E HDL-C,R1:1X40ml,R2:14ml(Direct Method) kit
MM027700 Mindray BS 200E LDH,R1:4X35ml,R2:2X18ml(IFCC Method) kit
MM027800 Mindray BS 200E CK,R1:2X40ml,R2:1X20ml (IFCC Method) kit
MM027900 Bc-3200 Probe Cleanser 17ML
MM027950 Mindray BS 200E Ca ,R1:4X40ml (ARSENAZO III Method) kit
MM028000 Mindray BS 200E Amylase ,R1:1X38ml,R2:1X10ml (IFCC Method) kit
MM028100 Mindray BS 200E TC, R:4X40ml (CHOD-POD Method) kit
MM028200 Bc-3200 Probe Cleanser, 12x17ml Each
MM028250 Mindray BS 200E TC, R1:1X40ml,R2:1X14ml (Direct Method) kit
MM028300 Mindray BS 200E TC, R1:4X40ml,R2:2X20ml (Uricase-Peroxide) kit
MM028400 Mindray BS 200E Multi Control Sera N, 10 X 5ml kit
MM028500 Mindray Bc-3200 Rinse 5.5Lx2 tan
MM028550 Mindray BS 200E Multi Control Sera P, 10 X 5ml kit
MM028600 Mindray BS 200E Multi Control Sera Calibrator, 10 X 3ml kit
MM028700 Mindray BS 200E Lipid Control N, 6 X 3ml kit
MM028800 Bc-3200 Rinse, 2x5.5l Each
MM028850 Mindray BS 200E Lipid Control P, 6 X 3ml kit
MM028900 Mindray BS 200E Lipid Calibrator, 5 X 1ml kit
MM029000 Mindray BS 200E Glucose, R1:4X40ml,R2:2X20ml (GOD-POD Metho)kit
MM029100 Bc-3200 Thermo Paper 50mmx20m Each
MM029150 Mindray BS 200E Total Protein, R:4X40ml, (Bluret Metho) kit
MM029200 Mindray BS 200E Total Bilirubin, R1:4X35ml,R2:2X18ml(VOX) kit
MM029300 Mindray BS 200E Albumin, R:4X40ml (Bromocresol Green Method)kit
MM029400 Bc-3200 Thermo Paper 50mmx20m Each
MM029450 Mindray BS 200E Direct Bilirubin, R1:4X35ml,R2:2X18ml(VOX) kit
MM029700 Bc-3200m -30d Diluent 20L tank
MM030000 Bc-3200m -30d Diluent, 20l Each
MM030300 Bc-3200m-30r Rinse 20L tank
MM030600 Bc-3200m-30r Rinse, 20l Each
MM030601 BC3000 plus,30r Rinse, 10L Each
MM030900 Bd Bactec - Peds Plus Aerobic/F Medium (Cat 442123) 50
MM031200 Bd Bactec - Plus Aerobic/F Medium (Cat 442023) 50
MM031300 Bd Bactec 9050 Blood Culture Bottle each
MM031500 Bd Bactec™ Mgit™ 960/320 - Pza Medium, Tube Each
MM031800 Bd Bactec™ Mgit™ 960/320 - Sire Kit Each
MM032100 Bd Bactec™ Mgit™ 960/320 - Supplement Kit Each
MM032400 Bd Bactec™ Mgit™ 960/320 - Tubes 7 Ml Each
MM032700 Bd Mycoprep Tm-150, 10x150ml Each
MM033000 Beaker Cleaning Brushes Each
MM033050 Beaker 120ML Each
MM033300 Beaker, Resistant Glass With Lip 100ml Each
MM033600 Beaker, Resistant Glass With Lip 1l Each
MM033900 Beaker, Resistant Glass With Lip 250ml Each
MM034200 Beaker, Resistant Glass With Lip 500ml Each
MM034500 Beaker, Resistant Glass With Lip 50ml Each
MM034800 Bijou Bottle, 5ml Each
MM035100 Bilirubin Total And Direct Liquicolour Kit -(Human), 2x100mlEach
MM035200 Diaspect Hb Anatyzer Each
MM035300 Diaspect Hb Cuvettes 100
MM035400 Bin Liners Each
MM035700 Biohazard Bag 84x52cm, Red 50PCE
MM036000 Biohazard Bag 84x52cm, Red 50PCE
MM036001 Biohazard bags orange 60x90cm,Autoclavable 100
MM036300 Biohazard Labels 100
MM036350 Blood collection cards (S&S903) 5 spots, Specimen collection100
MM036351 Zip Lock Bags Small 175mm x 100mm 100
MM036352 Zip Lock Bags Large 30cm x 30cm 100
MM036360 Blood Collecting Filter Papers DBS cards 100
MM036370 Blood glucose test strips Each
MM036600 Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-A, Monoclonal, 10ml Each
MM036900 Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-Ab, Monoclonal, 10ml Each
MM037200 Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-B, Monoclonal, 10ml Each
MM037500 Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-D, Igg, 10ml Each
MM037800 Blood Grouping Serum, Anti-D, Igm/Igg; Blends, 10ml Each
MM038100 Blood Grouping Tiles- Polysterline Each
MM038150 Bluetips 10-50L EACH
MM038400 Bottle, Bijou, 5ml, With Stainless Steel Screw Cap Each
MM038700 Bottle, Blood Collecting Plain Plastic Vacutainer, 5ml 100
MM038710 Bottle, Plastic, Plain. 1L Each
MM039000 Bottle, Blood Collecting Plastic 5ml With Sod-Cit 3-8% Solut100
MM039300 Bottle, Blood Collecting Plastic Vacutainer With Fluoride Ox100
MM039350 Blood collecting tubes, plastic with coag.accel.Red,3.5-4ml 100
MM039351 Blood collecting tubes, plastic with determina..grey,3.5-4ml100
MM039600 Bottle, Blood Collecting Vacuated, 4.5ml With Edta K3 Tubes 100
MM039650 Vacuated Plain tubes 4.5mls 1000
MM039800 Bottle, Blood Collecting Vacuated, 5ml, Plastic plain, 21G 100
MM039850 Bottle, blood collecting plastic vacuated, fluoride oxal, 5m100
MM039900 Bottle, Blood Collecting Vacuated, 4ml With Edta K3 Tubes 100
MM039901 Bottle, blood collecting vacuated, 4ml with EDTA K2 tubes 100
MM039933 Bottle, blood collecting vacuated, 1ml, EDTA 100
MM040200 Bottle, Blood Collecting Vacuated, 5 Ml With Edta K3 Tubes 100
MM040249 Bottle Culture 20ml Wide Plastic EACH
MM040250 Bottle Culture 14ml EACH
MM040251 Bottle Culture 50ml EACH
MM040252 Bottle, blood 100ml Each
MM040254 Bottle Culture 20ml,Glass Each
MM040259 Bottle Culture 5ml Each
MM040260 Bottle Plastic plain with screw,1L Each
MM040500 Bottle, Glasss, Aluminium Screw-Cap With Rubber Lining, UnivEach
MM040550 Bottle, plastic plain with screw 1litre EACH
MM040800 Bottle, Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Screw Cap 30ml Each
MM041100 Broth Methyl Red Vogas Prosker (Mrvp) 500g
MM041400 Broth, Brainheart Infusion, Air Tight Container 500g
MM041700 Broth, Sodium Polyanethol Sulphonate (Sps), 500g Each
MM042000 Broth, Tryptone Soya 500g
MM042300 Brush Test Tube Nylon Each
MM042600 Brush, Test Tube, Nylon Each
MM042900 Bs 120 Alanine Aminotransferase Kit,4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM043200 Bs 120 Albumin Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM043500 Bs 120 Alkaline Phosphatase Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM043800 Bs 120 Apolipoprotein A1 Kit, 1x35ml Plus Each
MM044100 Bs 120 Apolipoprotein B Kit , 1x35ml Plus 1x12ml Each
MM044400 Bs 120 Aso, 1x40ml Plus 1x40ml Each
MM044700 Bs 120 Aspartate Aminotransferase Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM045000 Bs 120 Bicarbonates 2x20ml Each
MM045300 Bs 120 Bilirubin Direct Kit, 4x20ml, 1x20ml Each
MM045600 Bs 120 Bilirubin Direct Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM045900 Bs 120 Bilirubin Total Kit, 4x20ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM046200 Bs 120 Bilirubin Total Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM046500 Bs 120 Calcium Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM046800 Bs 120 Cd80 Detergent (2 Liter*6bottles/Box), 2lx6boxes Each
MM047100 Bs 120 Cholinesterase, 2x40ml Plus 1x16ml Each
MM047400 Bs 120 Ck-Mb Calibrator, 3x1ml Each
MM047700 Bs 120 Ck-Mb Control N, 4x3ml Each
MM048000 Bs 120 Ck-Mb Control P, 4x3ml Each
MM048300 Bs 120 Complement C3 Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM048600 Bs 120 Complement C4 Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM048900 Bs 120 C-Reactive Protein Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM049200 Bs 120 Creatine Kinase Kit, 2x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM049500 Bs 120 Creatine Kinase-Mb Kit, 2x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM049800 Bs 120 Creatinine Kit, 3x35ml Plus 3x35ml Each
MM050100 Bs 120 Creatinine Kit,2x30ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM050400 Bs 120 Disposable Cuvettes, 5packs Per 1000segments Each
MM050700 Bs 120 Fructosamine, 2x30ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM051000 Bs 120 Gamma–Glutamyltransferase Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM051300 Bs 120 Glucose Kit, 4x36ml Plus 2x34ml Each
MM051600 Bs 120 Glucose Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM051900 Bs 120 Haemoglobin A1c, 2x30ml Plus 1x12ml Each
MM052200 Bs 120 Hdl&Ldl Cholesterol Control P, 4x3ml Each
MM052500 Bs 120 Hdl-Cholesterol Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x14ml Each
MM052800 Bs 120 Homocisteine, 6x10ml Plus 1x11ml Each
MM053100 Bs 120 Immunoglobulin A Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM053400 Bs 120 Immunoglobulin M Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM053700 Bs 120 Iron, 2x40ml Plus 1x16ml Each
MM054000 Bs 120 Lactate Dehydrogenase Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM054300 Bs 120 Ldl-Cholesterol Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x14ml Each
MM054600 Bs 120 Lipase, 1x35ml Plus 1x9ml Each
MM054900 Bs 120 Lipids Calibrator, 5x1ml Each
MM055200 Bs 120 Lipids Control N, 6x3ml Each
MM055500 Bs 120 Lipids Control P, 6x3ml Each
MM055800 Bs 120 Lipoprotein (A) Kit, 2x32ml Plus 1x18ml Each
MM056100 Bs 120 Lipoprotein(A) Calibrator, 3x1ml Each
MM056400 Bs 120 Lipoprotein(A) Control N&P Kit, 2x1ml Plus 2x1ml Each
MM056700 Bs 120 Magnesium Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM057000 Bs 120 Multi Control Sera N, 10x5ml Each
MM057300 Bs 120 Multi Control Sera N, 20x5ml Each
MM057600 Bs 120 Multi Control Sera P, 10x5ml Each
MM057900 Bs 120 Multi Control Sera P, 20x5ml Each
MM058200 Bs 120 Multi Sera Calibrator, 10x3ml Each
MM058500 Bs 120 Multi Sera Calibrator, 20x3ml Each
MM058800 Bs 120 Phosphorus Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM059100 Bs 120 Prealbumin Calibrator, 3x1ml Each
MM059400 Bs 120 Prealbumin Control N&P, 3x1ml Plus 3x1ml Each
MM059700 Bs 120 Prealbumin Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM060000 Bs 120 Rf, 1x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM060300 Bs 120 Specific Proteins Calibrator, 5x1ml Each
MM060600 Bs 120 Specific Proteins Control N, 10x1ml Each
MM060900 Bs 120 Specific Proteins Control N, 5x1ml Each
MM061200 Bs 120 Specific Proteins Control P, 10x1ml Each
MM061500 Bs 120 Specific Proteins Control P, 5x1ml Each
MM061800 Bs 120 Total Bile Acids Kit, 2x30ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM062100 Bs 120 Total Cholesterol Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM062400 Bs 120 Total Protein Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM062700 Bs 120 Triglycerides Kit, 4x40ml Each
MM063000 Bs 120 Urea Kit, 4x35ml Plus 2x18ml Each
MM063300 Bs 120 Uric Acid Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM063600 Bs 120 ?-Amylase Kit, 1x38ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM063900 Bs 120 ?-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase Kit, 4x36ml Plus 2x1Each
MM064200 Bs 400 A-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32Each
MM064500 Bs 400 Alanine Aminotransferase Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM064800 Bs 400 Albumin Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM065100 Bs 400 Alkaline Phosphatase Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM065400 Bs 400 Apolipoprotein A1 Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x28ml Each
MM065700 Bs 400 Apolipoprotein B1 Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x28ml Each
MM066000 Bs 400 Aso, 2x40ml Plus 2x40ml Each
MM066300 Bs 400 Aspartate Aminotransferase Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM066600 Bs 400 Bicarbonates, 4x20ml Each
MM066900 Bs 400 Bilirubin Direct Kit, 4x32ml Plus 4x8ml Each
MM067200 Bs 400 Bilirubin Direct Kit, 4x38ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM067500 Bs 400 Bilirubin Total Kit, 4x32ml Plus 4x8ml Each
MM067800 Bs 400 Bilirubin Total Kit, 4x38ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM068100 Bs 400 Calcium Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM068400 Bs 400 Cd80 Detergent (Box), 1lx12bottles Each
MM068700 Bs 400 Cd80 Detergent (Box), 2lx6bottles Each
MM069000 Bs 400 Cholinesterase, 4x40ml Plus 2x16ml Each
MM069300 Bs 400 Ci Electrode, 1pack Each
MM069600 Bs 400 Cleaning Solution Each
MM069900 Bs 400 Complement C3 Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM070200 Bs 400 Complement C4 Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM070500 Bs 400 C-Reactive Protein Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM070800 Bs 400 Creatine Kinase Kit, 4x38ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM071100 Bs 400 Creatine Kinase –Mb Kit, 4x38ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM071400 Bs 400 Creatinine Kit, 4x40ml Plus 4x28ml Each
MM071700 Bs 400 Creatinine Kit, 4x40ml Plus 4x40ml Each
MM072000 Bs 400 Cuvettes Each
MM072300 Bs 400 Fructosamine, 4x40ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM072600 Bs 400 Gamma-Glutamyltransferase Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM072900 Bs 400 Glucose Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM073200 Bs 400 Glucose Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x20ml Each
MM073500 Bs 400 Haemoglobin A1c, 2x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM073800 Bs 400 Hdl-Cholesterol Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x28ml Each
MM074100 Bs 400 Homocisteine, 6x10ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM074400 Bs 400 Immunoglobulin A Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM074700 Bs 400 Immunoglobulin G Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x20ml Each
MM075000 Bs 400 Immunoglobulin M Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM075300 Bs 400 Iron, 4x40ml Plus 2x16ml Each
MM075600 Bs 400 K Electrode, 1pack Each
MM075900 Bs 400 Lactate Dehydrogen Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM076200 Bs 400 Ldl-Cholesterol Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM076500 Bs 400 Li Electrode, 1pack Each
MM076800 Bs 400 Lipase, 1x40ml Plus 1x10ml Each
MM077100 Bs 400 Lipoprotein (A) Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x10ml Each
MM077400 Bs 400 Magnesium Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM077700 Bs 400 Na Electrode, 1pack Each
MM078000 Bs 400 Phosphorus Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM078300 Bs 400 Prealbumin Kit, 1x40ml Plus 1x15ml Each
MM078600 Bs 400 Reagent Bottle (Long), 40ml Each
MM078900 Bs 400 Reagent Bottle (Short), 40ml Each
MM079200 Bs 400 Reagent Bottle Cap Each
MM079500 Bs 400 Reagent Bottle, 250ml Each
MM079800 Bs 400 Reagent Module (Ca, A, Cal B, Waste) Each
MM080100 Bs 400 Reagent Module (Cal A, Cal B, Waste, Low Throughput) Each
MM080400 Bs 400 Reference Electrode, 1pack Each
MM080700 Bs 400 Rf, 2x40ml Plus 2x15ml Each
MM081000 Bs 400 Spacer Electrode, 1pack Each
MM081300 Bs 400 Total Bile Acids Kit, 4x40ml Plus 2x28ml Each
MM081600 Bs 400 Total Cholesterol Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM081900 Bs 400 Total Protein Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM082200 Bs 400 Tri Level Quality Control Kit Each
MM082500 Bs 400 Triglycerides Kit, 6x40ml Each
MM082800 Bs 400 Urea Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM083100 Bs 400 Uric Acid Kit, 6x40ml Plus 2x32ml Each
MM083400 Bs 400 Urine Diluent 125ml Each
MM083700 Bs 400 Window Xp Pro Embedded Each
MM084000 Bs 400 ?-Amylase Kit, 4x20ml Plus 2x10ml Each
MM084300 Bulbs Microscope 6v 20w Each
MM084600 Calcium Liquicolor Test Kit-(Human) 50ml
MM084900 Calibrated Wire Loops For Culturing, Roll Each
MM085200 Calibrator, Gene Xpert Each
MM085500 Cartillage, Gene Xpert Each
MM085700 Salmonella shigella agar 500g
MM085800 Cary-Blair Transport Medium 500g
MM085850 Cefazoline 1G, Pfr EACH
MM085860 Cefuroxime 1G, Ampoule EACH
MM086100 Cefotaxime 30mcg Discs, 1 X 50 Each
MM086150 Ceftazidime 30ug 50
MM086160 Cefoxitin 30mcg Each
MM086400 Ceftriaxone Discs 30mcg 50
MM086700 Cefuroxime 30mcg Discs, 1 X 50 Each
MM087000 Centrifuge Tube Pp 50ml Conical +Cap 500 PCE
MM087300 Centrifuge Tubes Conical Shape With Screw Cup 15 ml
MM087600 Cephalexin Disc 30µg 50discs
MM087900 Chart, Temperature, Range -40°F To 30°F 60
MM088200 Chloramphenicol Disc 30µg 50discs
MM088500 Chloramphenicol Disc 50µg 50discs
MM088800 Cholesterol Liquicolor Test Kit-(Human), 3 X 250ml Each
MM089100 Ciprofloxacin 5mcl (microlitre) discs 50discs
MM089150 Clindamycin discs 50
MM089400 Cloxacillin Disc 5µg 50discs
MM089700 Colistin Sulphate Discs, 1 X 50 Each
MM090000 Columbia Agar Base, 500g Each
MM090300 Cotrimoxazole Disc 25µg 50discs
MM090600 Couplin Jars (Heavy Glass Rectangular Staining Jar With BroaEach
MM090900 C-Reactive Protein Test Kit,100ml (Human), 2 X 72 Each
MM090921 CRP Calibrator Super high PACK
MM091200 Creatine Kinase Test Kit (Human) 50ml Kit
MM091500 Creatinine Liquicolor Test Kit (Human), 200ml Each
MM091550 Creatinine XL System packs, R1.5 x 44ml PACK
MM091800 Cross Match Sticker Label 1000
MM091850 Cross matching tubes (75 x 12mm) 1000
MM092100 Cryovial Tubes 100
MM092120 Cryovials 2 ml 100
MM092130 Cryovials 2 ml Each
MM092400 Cryptococcal Latex Antigen Test Kit
MM092700 Crystal Violet Powder 100g
MM093000 Culture Swabs, Sterile Cotton, Fixed To A Wooden Or Plastic 1000
MM093300 Cylinder, Measuring 1000ml With Lip Each
MM093500 Blood Culture broth each
MM093600 Cylinder, Measuring 1000ml With Stopper Each
MM093900 Cylinder, Measuring 100ml With Lip Each
MM094200 Cylinder, Measuring 100ml With Stopper Each
MM094500 Cylinder, Measuring 10ml With Lip Each
MM094800 Cylinder, Measuring 10ml With Stopper Each
MM095100 Cylinder, Measuring 250ml With Lip Each
MM095400 Cylinder, Measuring 250ml With Stopper Each
MM095700 Cylinder, Measuring 25ml With Lip Each
MM096000 Cylinder, Measuring 500ml With Lip Each
MM096300 Cylinder, Measuring 50ml With Stopper Each
MM096600 Cystine Lactose-Electrolite Deficient (Cled) Medium 500g
MM096900 Dbs Collect. Kit Vl + Eid, 50tst, Single Use 1KIT
MM097200 Dbs Filter Grade 903 50
MM097250 Dessicant packs 690
MM097500 Dextrose, Citrate Blood Bag, 450ml (Cpda-1;Single; 16 GaugeEach
MM097800 Dextrose, Citrate Blood Bag, 250ml (Cpda-1; Single; 16 GaugeEach
MM098100 Diamond Pencil Each
MM098400 Dichloromethane, 500ml Each
MM098450 Disposable Glass Pasteur Pippettes 150mm 250
MM098700 Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate 500g Each
MM098750 Distilled water,5L Each
MM099000 Distyrene, Plasticizer, And Xylene (Dpx) Mountant 500ml
MM099300 Doxycycline 30mg Discs, 1 X 50 Each
MM099600 Doxycycline Disc 30µg 50discs
MM099900 Ea 36, Stain, 4l Each
MM100200 Ea50, Stain, 4l Each
MM100500 Embedding Cassette, 3x500 Cassette Each
MM100550 Eppendofs Tips 1000
MM100560 FilterTips 960
MM100561 FilterTips 1000
MM100800 Erba-Alanine Aminotransferase (Sgpt), R1:4x40ml Each
MM101100 Erba-Albumin, 5 X 50ml Each
MM101400 Erba-Alp, R1:4x30ml Each
MM101700 Erba-Amylase, 5x20ml Each
MM102000 Erba-Aspartate Aminotransferase (Sgot), R1:4x40ml Each
MM102300 Erba-Bilirubin Direct , R1: 4x50ml Each
MM102600 Erba-Bilirubin Total, R1:5x50ml Each
MM102900 Erba-Bilirubin, Total And Direct, R1: 2x50ml Each
MM103200 Erba-Calcium, R2:2x50ml Each
MM103500 Erba-Chlorides, 4x50ml Each
MM103800 Erba-Cholesterol, 4x200ml Each
MM104100 Erba-Ckmb, R1:2x40ml Each
MM104400 Erba-Ck-Nac, R1:2x40ml Each
MM104700 Erba-Control Lipid, Comb Pack Level 1, 2x5ml Each
MM105000 Erba-Control Lipid, Comb Pack Level 1/2, 2x5ml Each
MM105300 Erba-Control Lipid, Comb Pack Level 2, 2x5ml Each
MM105600 Erba-Creatinine , R2:2x300ml Each
MM105900 Erba-Erba- Norm , 4x5ml Each
MM106200 Erba-Erba- Path, 4x50ml Each
MM106500 Erba-Erba- Wash, 4x50ml Each
MM106550 Erba Wash XL System packs, 4 x 25ml PACK
MM106800 Erba-Ggt, R1:4x10ml Each
MM107100 Erba-Glucose, R1:2x250ml Each
MM107400 Erba-Hba1c Calibration Set, 4x0.5ml Each
MM107700 Erba-Hba1c Control High, 1x0.5ml Each
MM108000 Erba-Hba1c Control Low, 1x0.5ml Each
MM108300 Erbalyte reagent pack Each
MM108600 Erba-Hdl-Cholesterol, 2x50ml Each
MM108900 Erba-High Density Lipoprotein (Hdl) Direct, 2x30ml Each
MM109200 Erba-High Density Lipoprotein (Hdl)/ Low Density LipoproteinEach
MM109500 Erba-Ldh-P, R1:4x10ml Each
MM109800 Erba-Low Density Lipoprotein (Ldl) Direct, 2x30ml Each
MM110100 Erbalyte Cleaning Solution 100ml 100ml
MM110400 Erbalyte control solution 100ml 100ml
MM110700 Erbalyte K+ Electrode Fill Solution 100ml 100ml
MM111000 Erbalyte Na+ Conditioning Solution Pack
MM111300 Erbalyte Na+ Electrode Fill Solution 100ml 100ml
MM111600 Erbalyte Reagent Pack Pack
MM111900 Erba-Microprotein, 1x50ml Each
MM112200 Erba-Phosphorus, 2x50ml Each
MM112500 Erba-Protein Total, 5x50ml Each
MM112800 Erba-Triglycerides-Sr, 2x50ml Each
MM113100 Erba-Urea, R1:4x40ml Each
MM113400 Erba-Uric Acid-Sr, 2x50ml Each
MM113700 Erba-Xl 200 Alanine Phosphotransferase (Alp), R1:2x44ml Each
MM114000 Erba-Xl 200 Albumin, 10x44ml Each
MM114300 Erba-Xl 200 Amylase, 5x22ml Each
MM114600 Erba-Xl 200 Aso*, 2x40ml Each
MM114900 Erba-Xl 200 Bid, 6x44ml Each
MM115200 Erba-Xl 200 Bit, 6x44ml Each
MM115500 Erba-Xl 200 Calcium (A), 10x12ml Each
MM115800 Erba-Xl 200 Chlorides, 10x12ml Each
MM116100 Erba-Xl 200 Cholesterol, 10x44ml Each
MM116400 Erba-Xl 200 Ck, 2x44ml Each
MM116700 Erba-Xl 200 Ckmb, 2x44ml Each
MM117000 Erba-Xl 200 Creatinine, 2x44ml Each
MM117300 Erba-Xl 200 Crp*, 2x40ml Each
MM117600 Erba-Xl 200 Erba- Norm, 4x5ml Each
MM117900 Erba-Xl 200 Erba- Path, 4x5ml Each
MM118200 Erba-Xl 200 Erba-Xl Wash, 4x100ml Each
MM118500 Erba-Xl 200 Ggt, 2x44ml Each
MM118800 Erba-Xl 200 Glucose, 10x44ml Each
MM119100 Erba-Xl 200 Hdl Direct, 4x30ml Each
MM119400 Erba-Xl 200 Hdl/Ldl Calibrator, Each
MM119700 Erba-Xl 200 Ldh-P, 2x44ml Each
MM120000 Erba-Xl 200 Ldl Direct, 2x30ml Each
MM120100 ph Meter EACH
MM120300 Erba-Xl 200 Magnesium, 2x44ml Each
MM120600 Erba-Xl 200 Microprotein , 10x12ml Each
MM120900 Erba-Xl 200 Phosphorus, 10x12ml Each
MM121200 Erba-Xl 200 Rf, 2x40ml Each
MM121500 Erba-Xl 200 Sgot, 6x44ml Each
MM121800 Erba-Xl 200 Sgpt, 6x44ml Each
MM122100 Erba-Xl 200 Total Protein, 10x44ml Each
MM122400 Erba-Xl 200 Triglycerides-Sr, 10x44ml Each
MM122700 Erba-Xl 200 Urea, 5x44ml Each
MM123000 Erba-Xl 200 Uric Acid - Sr, 10x44ml Each
MM123200 Mindray Urea Kit
MM123300 Erba-Xl 200 Xl Multical, 4x3ml Each
MM123350 Mindray Creatinine Kit
MM123600 Erba-Xl Multical, 4x3ml Each
MM123700 Mindray AST Kit
MM123900 Erythromycin 15mcg sensitivity disc 50discs
MM124200 Escherichia Coli O157 Antiserum, O, 3ml Each
MM124500 Escherichia Coli O157 Antiserum H7, 3ml Each
MM124800 Ethanol 96%, 2.5l 2.5L
MM125100 Ethanol Absolute Un1170 1L
MM125150 Ethanol Absolute 99-100% 5L
MM125400 Face Mask Nh 95 Each
MM125700 Facs Count Clean , 5l (Ref. 340345) Each
MM126000 Facs Count Control. 25 Tests (Ref. 340166) Kit
MM126300 Facs Count Reagents, 50tests (Ref. 340167) Kit
MM126600 Facs Count Rinse, 5l (Ref. 340346) 5L
MM126900 Facs Flow, 20l (Ref. 342003) 20L
MM126950 Mindray Chloride KIT
MM127200 Facscount Paper Thermal (Box) 1x5
MM127250 Ferric chloride 97% 2g
MM127500 Field Stain A Dry Powder (Azure Blue Powder, General Purpose25g
MM127800 Field Stain B Dry Powder (Azure Reddish Powder, General Purp25g
MM128100 Fine Point Permanent Marker Pack
MM128101 Fine Marker each
MM128200 Mindray electrolytes - ISE module KIT
MM128400 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 100ml Each
MM128700 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 1l Each
MM129000 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 250ml Each
MM129300 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 500ml Each
MM129600 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 50ml Each
MM129900 Flask, Conical Erlenmeyer 5l Each
MM130200 Fluorescent Microscope Spare Bulbs Model Bx 41 Tf Each
MM130500 Fluorescent Microscope Spare Bulbs Model L2 Osra Mercury Each
MM130800 Fluorescent Microscope Square Bulbs 100w Each
MM131100 Fluorescent Microscope Square Bulbs 50w Each
MM131400 Formaladehyde (Formalin), 4l 4L
MM131700 Formalin, Buffered, 10%, 20l Each
MM132000 Formic Acid, 4l Each
MM132300 Fuchsin basic dry powder 100g
MM132600 Funnel (Plastic) Each
MM132900 Gama- Glutamyl Transferase Test Kit,10ml (Human) Each
MM133200 Gas Generating Kit Kit
MM133500 Geimsa Powder 25g
MM133800 Gentamicin 10mcg Discs 1 X 50 Each
MM134400 Giemsa Stain Each
MM134420 Giemsa solution 500ml
MM134421 Giemsa Buffer Tablets Each
MM134450 Glucose in urine (Clinistix) 50
MM134460 Glass Tube 250ml Each
MM134700 Glucose (God) Test Kit - Human, 4 X 100ml Each
MM135000 Glucose (God/Pap)-Human, 1000ml Each
MM135300 Glucose Powder, 500mg Each
MM135350 Glucometer SD Each
MM135600 Gram's A Fluid, 500ml Each
MM135900 Gram's Iodine, 500ml Each
MM135950 Gram stain kit Kit
MM136200 Greasemarking Pencil (Mps, Blue Or Red Coloured, 8" Long) Each
MM136500 Haemacue Cleaner 10
MM136550 Haemacue Batteries Each
MM136800 Haemacue Control Micro- Cuvettes 200
MM137100 HaemaCue Glucose 201+ - cuvettes 50
MM137400 Haemacue Glucose 201+ Machine 50
MM137700 Haemacue Hb 201+ - Cuvettes 50
MM138000 Haemacue Hb 201+ Machine Set
MM138001 Haemacue Machine 301 EACH
MM138100 Hematology Analyer-Sysmex KX-21N, SN C0655 Each
MM138300 Haemocue Hb 301 Analyzer With Transformer Each
MM138600 Haemocue Cleaners For Hb 201+ 5pcs
MM138900 Haemocue Cleaners For Hb 301 5pcs
MM139200 Haemocue Cleaners For Wbc Diff Analyser 5pcs
MM139500 Haemacue Hb 301 - cuvettes 50
MM139800 Haemocue Wbc Diff Analyzer With Transformer Each
MM140100 Haemocue Wbc Diff Cuvettes 2x25p/p
MM140400 Haemocytometer Counting Chamber (Cell Depth: 0.100 Mm; CountEach
MM140700 Haemocytometer Cover Glass (Size: Length X Width: 20 X 26mm;Each
MM141000 Haemocytometer, Fertility Semen Counting Chamber Each
MM141300 Haemocytometer, Modified Fuchs Rosenthal Counting Chamber SeEach
MM141600 Haemophilus Influenzae Antiserum Poly,1ml Each
MM141900 Haemophilus Test Agar 500g Each
MM142200 Harris Haemotoxylin, 4l Each
MM142500 Heart Infusion Broth,500g Each
MM142800 Hektoen Enteric Agar 500g Each
MM143100 Hemostat Control Plasma N, 6 X 1ml Each
MM143400 Hemostat Control Plasma P, 6 X 1ml Each
MM143700 Hepatitis B Test Kit, Bioline 100 tests
MM144000 Hepatitis B Test Kit, Determine, 100 tests
MM144300 Hepatitis B Test Kit, Unigold, 100 tests
MM144600 Hepatitis C Test Kit. 100 tests
MM144601 Hepatitis C Test Kit. 25
MM144900 Hexane, 2.5l 2.5L
MM145200 Humastar 180 Acid Phosphatase 6x15ml
MM145500 Humastar 180 Albumin 4x100ml
MM145800 Humastar 180 Alkaline Phosphatase 10x10ml
MM146100 Humastar 180 Alpha Amylase 12x10ml
MM146400 Humastar 180 Autocalibrator 4x5ml
MM146700 Humastar 180 Bilirubin Total And Direct 2x100ml
MM147000 Humastar 180 Cholesterol 4x100ml
MM147300 Humastar 180 Creatine 200ml
MM147600 Humastar 180 Cuvette Block 200psc
MM147900 Humastar 180 Direct Bilirubin 2x100ml
MM148200 Humastar 180 Ggt 10x10ml
MM148500 Humastar 180 Glucose 4x100ml
MM148800 Humastar 180 Glycohemoglobin Hba1 20
MM149100 Humastar 180 Iron 2x100ml
MM149400 Humastar 180 Ldh 10x10ml
MM149700 Humastar 180 Lipase 6x20ml
MM150000 Humastar 180 Pancrease-Amylase 6x20ml
MM150300 Humastar 180 Reagent Bottle, 50ml 25
MM150600 Humastar 180 Serum Caps 500
MM150900 Humastar 180 Sgot (Alt) 10x10ml
MM151200 Humastar 180 Sgpt (Ast) 10x10ml
MM151500 Humastar 180 Total Bilirubin 275ml
MM151800 Humastar 180 Total Protein 4x100ml
MM152100 Humastar 180 Trygericerides 4x100ml
MM152400 Humastar 180 Urea 2x100ml
MM152700 Humastar 180 Uric Acid 3x100ml
MM153000 Humastar 180 Wash Additive 4x25ml
MM153300 Humatrol N, (Human), 6x5ml Each
MM153600 Humatrol P, (Human), 6x5ml Each
MM153900 Hydrogen Peroxide, 250g Each
MM153950 Incomplete ant-D (lgG anti D) 5ML
MM154200 Ink, Indian 5ml 5ml
MM154500 Kovac's Reagent, 100ml Each
MM154800 Lab Coats, Disposable, 10 Per Pack 10/pkt
MM154810 Lab Coats, white, cotton polyester material, knee high, M Each
MM154820 Lab Coats, white, cotton polyester material, knee high, L Each
MM154830 Lab Coats, white, cotton polyester material, knee high, XL Each
MM155100 Lab Consumable Bundle, Aut. Assay (Abbott) 1KIT
MM155400 Laboratory Digital Timer Each
MM155700 Laboratory Lighter (Each Flint Tip Producing Up To 2000 IgniEach
MM155770 Laboratory Weighing Scale Each
MM156000 Lactate (Human) 100ml
MM156300 Lancet, Retractable 2mm Blade, Sterile, Single-Use 200
MM156310 lancets Auto/Haemo 100
MM156350 Leica Microscope Drapes EACH
MM156600 Leischman's Buffer Ampoules, 10x10ml Each
MM156900 Leischman's Stain Grg (Eosin-Polychrome Methylene Blue),100gEach
MM157200 Leishman's Buffer Ampoules, 10 Ml 10 ml
MM157500 Leishman's Stain (Eosin-Polychrome Methylene Blue) 25g
MM157800 Lens Cleaning Tissue 25
MM158100 Lincomycin, Colistin, Amphotericin B & Trimethoprim (Lcat AnEach
MM158400 Loop Handles Each
MM158700 Lugol's Iodine 500ml
MM159000 Lysine Iron Agar 500g Each
MM159300 Macfarlands Turbidity Standard, Pack Each
MM159600 Magnetic Spinning Bar (Box Contains 16 Assorted Bars; It ConEach
MM159900 Malachite Green Dry (Malachite Green Hydro Chloride, Dye Con100g
MM160200 Mayer's Haemotoxylin,4l Each
MM160500 Methanol 2.5l Each
MM160800 Methicillin Disc 5µg 50discs
MM161100 Methylene Blue Dry (Methyl Thionine Chloride, Dye Content:Ap500g
MM161400 Metronidazole 50mcg Discs 50
MM161700 Micro Pipettes 2 - 10µl Each
MM161701 Micro Pipettes 2 - 20µl 1000
MM162000 Micro Pipettes 50- 200µl Each
MM162300 Micro Pipettes 200- 1000µl Each
MM162600 Micro Pipettes 5 -50µl Each
MM162900 Micro Plates With 100 Wells 10/pkt
MM163200 Microscope Cover Slip 0.2, Depth, 22mm 50
MM163500 Microscope Cover Slip 22mm X 22mm 50
MM163505 Microscope Cover Slip 22mm X 22mm 100
MM163530 Microscope Slide holding box of 200 slides Each
MM163535 Microscope Slide holding box of 100 slides Each
MM163550 Microscope Cover Slip 22mm X 22mm 200
MM163800 Microscope Cover Slip 22mm X 45mm 50
MM164100 Microscope Cover Slip 22mm X 50mm 50
MM164400 Microscope Cover Slips, 0 .1 Depth, 22mm 50
MM164700 Microscope Cover Slips, Size: 22mm X 22mm,50 Per Pack Each
MM165000 Microscope Cover Slips, Size: 22mm X 40mm, 50 Per Pack Each
MM165300 Microscope Cover Slips, Size: 22mm X 50mm, 50 Per Pack Each
MM165600 Microscope Cover Slips, Size: 24mm X 45mm, 50 Per Pack Each
MM165650 Microscope Cover Slips, Size: 24mm X 50mm, 50 Per Pack 50
MM165900 Microscope Slide 75mm X 25mm 50
MM166200 Microscope Slide Frosted End 75mm X 25mm 50
MM166500 Microscope Slide, Frosted End (With Positive Charge) 50
MM166800 Microtome,Disposable Blades,Stainless Steel,Length: 80 Mm; H50
MM167100 Microvial Flat Bottom With Screw Cup 2 Ml 500
MM167400 Microvial, 2ml, Flat Bottom, With Screw Cup, With White Plac250
MM167700 Middlebrook 7h9 Broth 500g Each
MM167750 Mindray, Alanine Aminotransferase, 100ml 1000ML
MM167780 Mindray Aspartate Aminotransferase kit 100ML
MM167785 Mindray Chemistry QC (Normal & Pathological) Set of 2
MM167790 Mindray, E-Z Cleanser EACH
MM167792 Mindray FBC Cyflow lyse 500ML
MM167795 Mindray HDL KIT
MM168000 Mindray Bc 5500 High Control 5ml
MM168300 Mindray Bc 5500 Low Control 5ml
MM168600 Mindray Bc 5500 M50 Cleanset 1L
MM168900 Mindray Bc 5500 M50 Lba Lyse 1L
MM169200 Mindray Bc 5500 M50 Leo 1 Lyse 1L
MM169500 Mindray Bc 5500 M50 Leo 2 Lyse 500ml
MM169800 Mindray Bc 5500 M50 Lh Lyse 500ml
MM170100 Mindray Bc 5500 M50d Diluent 20L
MM170400 Mindray Bc 5500 M50p Probe Cleanser 50ml
MM170700 Mindray Bc 5500 Normal Control 5ml
MM170702 Mindray alkaline Phosphatase KIT
MM170705 Mindray ALT KIT
MM170706 Mindray amylase KIT
MM170709 Mindray AST KIT
MM170710 Mindray Creatinine KIT
MM170712 Mindray lipid control sera pathological KIT
MM170713 Mindray lipid control sera normal KIT
MM170714 Mindray lactate KIT
MM170715 Mindray direct bililubin KIT
MM170716 Mindray LDL-C KIT
MM170718 Mindray glucose KIT
MM170720 Mindray LDH EACH
MM170728 Mindray Albumin Kit
MM170729 Mindray total cholesterol KIT
MM170730 Mindray Total Protein KIT
MM170731 Mindray gamma GT KIT
MM170749 Mindray Urea KIT
MM170750 Mindray uric acid EACH
MM170751 Mindray 5800 Cleanser 1L Each
MM170755 Mindray 5800 Diluent, 20L Each
MM170760 Mindray triglycerides KIT
MM170761 Mindray multi calibrator KIT
MM170762 Mindray lipid calibrator KIT
MM170763 mindray Bilirubin- Total mindray KIT
MM170764 Mindray Chloride KIT
MM170765 Mindray control sera normal KIT
MM170766 Mindray Potassium KIT
MM170767 Mindray Sodium KIT
MM170768 Mindray 5800 LBA Lyse 1L Each
MM170770 Mindray 5800 LEO(I)Lyse 4L Each
MM170771 Mindray 5800 LEO(I)Lyse 1L Each
MM170775 Mindray 5800 LEO(II)Lyse 500ml Each
MM170780 Mindray 5800 LH Lyse 500ml Each
MM170785 Mindray 5800 Probe Cleanser 50ml Each
MM170790 Mindray Calcium kit Kit
MM170791 Mindray Magnessium kit Kit
MM170792 Mindray multi Control Sera Normal Kit
MM170793 Mindray Bc 5800 Calibrator 2x3ml Kit
MM170794 Mindray Bc 5800 Control 3x3ml Kit
MM170795 Mindray Bc 5800 Clean set 1L
MM171000 Minotrol Tm-16 (Control For Abx Micros) Pack
MM171300 Modified Thayer Martin Agar 500g Each
MM171600 Monocontainers 4oz (50g) 1000
MM171601 Specimen container with orange cap (monocontainer) 500
MM171650 Spectinomycin 25g 50
MM171900 Monocontainers 4oz (50g) W Blue Top With A Scooping Spoon At1000
MM172200 Msample Preparation System Reagent (Dna) 96tst 1KIT
MM172500 Msample Preparation System Reagent (Rna) 96tst 1KIT
MM172800 Mueller Hinton Agar, 500g CC
MM173100 Mueller Hinton Broth, 500g Each
MM173400 Multichanelled Pipettes (12 Channels) Each
MM173700 Multichanelled Pipettes (8 Channels) Each
MM174000 Multistix,10 Parameters ( Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specif50
MM174001 Multistix,10 Parameters ( Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specif100
MM174300 Nalidixic Acid 30mcg Discs 5x50
MM174600 Nalidixic Acid Disc 30µg 50discs
MM174900 Needle Vacutainer 21g Plus Holders 1000
MM175200 Neisseria Meningitidis Antiserum Polyvalent, 1ml Each
MM175500 Nitric Acid, 5000ml Each
MM175800 Nitrofurantoin Disc 300µg 50discs
MM176100 Norfloxacin Disc 5µg 50discs
MM176400 Novobiocin Disc 5µg 50discs
MM176700 Nutrient Broth, 250g Each
MM177000 O G6, Stain, 4l Each
MM177300 Oil Immersion (Cedarwood) 100ml
MM177350 Oligonucleotides Set
MM177600 Optical Calibration Kit M2000rt *F 1KIT
MM177900 Optochin Disc 5µg 50discs
MM178200 Oxacillin Discs 1µg 50
MM178250 Tobramycin 10mcg (Microgram) discs 50
MM178500 Oxidase Strip Reagent 10
MM178800 Paediatric Blood Collecting Plain Tube Vaccuated,2ml 100
MM179100 Paediatric Blood Collecting Tube Vaccuated,With Edta 2ml 100
MM179400 Paper Filter Whatman No.1 Size 10cm 100
MM179450 Paper Filter Whatman No.1 Size 125mm 100
MM179700 Paper Filter Whatman No.1 Size 15cm 100
MM180000 Paper Filter Whatman No.1 Size 24cm 100
MM180300 Paper Towel Each
MM180600 Paraffin Wax Each
MM180900 Parafilm, Thermoplastic, Self-Sealing, 10.2 Cm X 76.2 MeterEach
MM181200 Partec Cd4 % Easy Count Kit (100 Tests) Kit
MM181500 Partec Cd4 Easy Count Kit (100 Tests) Kit
MM181800 Partec Cleaning Solution 250ml
MM182100 Partec Decontamination Liquid 250ml
MM182400 Partec Inline Filter For Sheath Container Each
MM182700 Partec Sample Tube, 3.5ml 500pcs
MM183000 Partec Sheath Water Production Kit Each
MM183300 Pasteur Pipettes, 5ml, Disposable 400
MM183301 Pasteur Pipettes, 3ml, Disposable 1000
MM183302 Pasteur Pipettes 1ml 1000
MM183350 Pasteur Capilarry Pippettes 150mm 250
MM183370 Plastic Sheets Each
MM183600 Pcr Film Seal, Adhesive 100 PCE
MM183900 Pcr Film Seal, Adhesive 100 PCE
MM183940 Pcr Mix(250U,1250rxn) Set
MM184200 Pcr Plate 96 Wells 4j71-70 20 PCE
MM184500 Pcr Plate 96 Wells 4j71-70 20 PCE
MM184550 Pcr Tubes Set
MM184800 Penicillin G 1 Unit Disc 50
MM185100 Peptone Broth, Powder 500g
MM185400 Petri Dishes Disposable Polystyrene; 100x20mm, With Lid, Ste10
MM185450 Petri Dish 90 x 15mm 10
MM185700 Phenol Crystals (Purity: 99.5%) 500g
MM185750 Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) (sigma Ph 7.4 dry powder in PACK
MM186000 Phosphorus Test Kit-Human, With Micropippete Ref No.: 10027 100ml
MM186300 Pima Beadstandard Set Each
MM186600 Pima Analyzer (Including B.S) Each
MM186900 Pima Analyzer Bag Each
MM187200 Pima Analyzer Bag* Each
MM187500 Pima Cd4 100x, 100tests Each
MM187800 Pima Cd4 Analyser & Accessories, Point Of Care Each
MM188100 Pima Printer Each
MM188400 Pima Printer Paper 1, 10rolls Each
MM188700 Pima Printer Paper 11, 10roles Each
MM189000 Pimafinger Stick Sample Collection Kit , 100tests Each
MM189300 Pimafinger Stick Sample Collection Kit, 100tests Each
MM189350 PIPETS TIPS,YELLOW,0-200uL,no-filter,Bulk 1000
MM189360 Pipette tips (50-800mls) 1000
MM189361 Pipette Tips(2-20ml) 1000
MM189600 Pipette Tips 200-1000mcl (Microlitre) 1000
MM189900 Pipette Tips 50-200mcl (Microlitre) 1000
MM190200 Pipette, Pasteur Plastic Disposable 3ml 1000
MM190500 Pipettes, Disposable, 3ml, 1000 Per Pack Each
MM190501 Pippette Straight 1mls Each
MM190502 Pippette Straight 2mls Each
MM190503 Pippette Straight 5mls Each
MM190504 Pippette Straight 10mls Each
MM190505 pippette Straight Grade B Each
MM190506 Pippette Wester Green ESR 300mm Each
MM190507 Pippette Wester Green ESR 190mm Each
MM190508 Pippette Wester Green ESR 5ml Each
MM190509 Pippette Wester Green ESR 2ml Each
MM190510 Pipette tips 5-200mcl (microlitre) 960
MM190800 Plain Swab, Disposable, 100 Each
MM191100 Potassium Permanganate Each
MM191400 Potassium Permanganate,99%, 250 G Each
MM191700 Potassium Phosphate Dibasic(Anhydrous) 500g
MM192000 Potassium Phosphate Monobasic(Anhydrous) 500g
MM192300 Pregnancy Test Kit (Human - Chorionic Gonadotrophin (H 100
MM192600 Prostate Specific Antigen Test (Rapid) Kit Each
MM192900 Prothrombin Time Test Kits, (For Factors Ii, V, Vii And X) 6x1mls
MM192950 Rabkin Reagent Each
MM192980 Rack Drying 10
MM193200 Rack For Westergreen Esr To Take 6 Tubes Each
MM193500 Rack For Westergreen Esr To Take 6 Tubes Each
MM193800 Rack For Westergreen Esr To Take 6 Tubes Each
MM194100 Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit For Malaria 25
MM194150 Rapidiff Stain Each
MM194400 Reagent Trough Eia. (Part No. H205808b) Pack
MM194700 Reagents For Chemistry Analyser Bs 400 Each
MM195000 Reagents For Chemistry Analyser Erba-Xl 200 Each
MM195300 Reagents For Haematology Analyser Act Diff 2 Each
MM195600 Real Time Hiv-1 Ampli. Reagent Kit, 96 Assays *F 1KIT
MM195900 Real Time Hiv-1 Control Kit, 3x8 Vials *F 1KIT
MM196200 Realtime Hiv-1 Qual Ampli. Rgnt Kit, 96 Assays *F 1KIT
MM196500 Realtime Hiv-1 Qual Control Kit, 2x12 Vials *F 1KIT
MM196800 Rectangular Hotplate Each
MM197100 Red Litmus Test Strips, 1 X 100 Each
MM197400 Rheumatoid XL System packs, R1.5 x 44ml 45ml
MM197700 Safranin-O, Stain 500g Each
MM198000 Salmonella (H) Antisera, Poly 2m
MM198300 Salmonella (H) Factor 0 2m
MM198600 Salmonella (H) Factor 1 2m
MM198900 Salmonella (H) Factor 1, 2 2m
MM199200 Salmonella (H) Factor D 2m
MM199500 Salmonella (H) Factor G, M 2m
MM199800 Salmonella (O) Factor (Vi) 2m
MM200100 Salmonella (O) Factor 2 2m
MM200400 Salmonella (O) Factor 4 2m
MM200700 Salmonella (O) Factor 6, 7 2m
MM201000 Salmonella (O) Factor 9 2m
MM201300 Salmonella Antisera Poly A-S 2m
MM201350 Sample cups 500P/PK 500
MM201600 Scale, Blood Weighing Each
MM201900 Scott´s Water 2.5L
MM202200 Glucosticks SD Check 50
MM202500 Sharps Container Biohazard Each
MM202800 Shigella Dysenteriae 1 Diagnostic Antiserum, Monovalent, 2mlEach
MM203100 Shigella Flexneri (Group B) Diagnostic Antiserum, PolyvalentEach
MM203400 Shigella Sonnei (Group D) Diagnostic Antiserum, Polyvalent, Each
MM203700 Simon Citrate Agar 500g Each
MM204000 Sodium Azide, 20 Each
MM204300 Sodium Chloride, 1kg Each
MM204600 Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate 500g Each
MM204900 Sodium Dithionite Powder 500g
MM205200 Sodium Dithionite Powder (Sodium Hydrosulfite) 250g
MM205500 Sodium Folmate, 500g Each
MM205800 Sodium Hydroxide Crystals Each
MM206100 Sodium Hypochloride, (Strength 3.5) 1L
MM206400 Sodium Metabisulphote Powder (Disodium Metabisulfite) 250g
MM206450 Specimen Bottles wire sterile EACH
MM206700 Sodium Thiosulphate, 500g Each
MM207000 Spirit Lamps (Metal Spirit Burner With Wick And Screw Cap, AEach
MM207300 Starch Laboratory Grade Sigma, 500g Each
MM207600 Sulmethaxazole Discs 1.25mcg 50
MM207900 Sulphuric Acid (Minimum Assay: 98%), In Amber Glass Sealed I2.5L
MM208200 Syphilis Test, Rapid 100
MM208500 Sysmex 8 Check H Each
MM208800 Sysmex 8 Check Control 1.5Ml x 12 Low Level Each
MM209100 Sysmex 8 Check N Each
MM209400 Sysmex Cell Clean 50ml
MM209700 Sysmex Cell Pack, 20L EACH
MM210000 Sysmex Stromatolyser 3x500ml
MM210300 Sysmex Stromatolyser 4dl 20L
MM210600 Sysmex Stromatolyser 4ds 20L
MM210900 Sysmex Stromatolyser Fb 20L
MM211200 Sysmex Sulfolyser Each
MM211500 Sysmex Thermal Printer Paper 5rolls
MM211800 Test For Streptococcus Pneumonia Kit Each
MM212100 The Bd Mgit™ Tbc Identifi Cation Test (Tbc Id), Each
MM212400 Thermal Printer Paper (5pcs) For Cyflow Counter Sl2 Each
MM212700 Thermal Printer Paper For Humalyzer 3000 100
MM213000 Thermometer -10-100 Degrees Centigrade Each
MM213300 Thermometer Minimum & Maximum Each
MM213350 Thioglycollate medium Each
MM213360 Tissue Culture Each
MM213600 Tobramycin 10mcg (Microgram) Discs 50
MM213900 Toluene, 2.5l 2.5L
MM214200 Tood-Hewitt Broth 500g Each
MM214500 Total Protein Test Kit (Human) 1000ml
MM214800 Toulene (Histology Grade; Purity: >98%) 2.5L
MM215100 Tourniquet Each
MM215400 Transfusion Set Blood Administration + Pump + Needle (With IEach
MM215700 Transfusion Set Blood Administration With Needle, 18g X 1 1/Each
MM216000 Transport Swab, Disposable, 500 Per Pack Each
MM216300 Transport Swab, Viral, 25 Per Pack Each
MM216600 Trichloroacetic Acid Crystals (In Glass Bottle) 100g
MM216900 Tri-Chloroacetic Acid, 500ml Each
MM217200 Triglycerides Test Kit (Human) 100ml
MM217500 Trisodium Phosphate (All Purpose Cleaner) 100g
MM217800 Trypticase Soya Broth (Soybean-Casein Digest), 500g Each
MM218100 Tryptone Soya Agar 500g Each
MM218400 Tryptone Water 500g
MM218650 Tube capillary heparinised 100
MM218700 Tube Capillary Plain 100
MM218701 Tube Capillary Plain 200
MM219000 Tube Capillary, Edta 100
MM219300 Urea Crystals (Purity: >99.0%; In Screw Top Lab Bottle) 500g
MM219600 40% Urea Solution 50ml
MM219900 Urea Test Kit -Human (Cat 10505) 200ml
MM219950 Urea XL System packs, R1.5 x 44ml PACK
MM220200 Uric Acid Test Kit-Human (Cat 10691) 4x100ml
MM220500 V (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) Factor 100discs Each
MM220550 V factor Disc 50
MM220800 Vacutainer, Plain Glass, 5ml (Red Top) 1000
MM221100 Vancomycin Discs 30mcg 50
MM221400 Vibrio Cholera - Inaba 2m
MM221700 Vibrio Cholera - Ogawa 2m
MM222000 Vibrio Cholera Bengal 0139 2m
MM222300 Vibrio Cholera Polyvalent 2m
MM222600 Vironostika (96 Tests) Kit
MM222900 Wash Bottles (Squeeze Bottle) 250ml
MM223200 Wash Bottles, 250ml Each
MM223250 Weighing paper,Pack of 200 Each
MM223500 Wash Bottles, 500ml Each
MM223800 White Saponin, 500g Each
MM223850 White Tips 500
MM223860 White Tips,50-800mcl 1000
MM223870 White Tips,50-800mcl 960
MM224100 Widal Test Kit 5ml (For Salmonella Antigen: Ah, Bh, To, Th, 8
MM224400 Wire, Nichrome Inoculation Loop (24 Standard Wire Gauge (SwgRoll
MM224700 Wooden Applicator (Orange) Sticks, 6" X 1/12" Round With Squ1000
MM225000 X Factor Discs 100
MM225300 Xv Factor Discs 100
MM225600 Xylene 2.5L
MM225601 Multistix 13 Parameters 50
MM225700 Coagulation tests-CA104-Actin FS Kit
MM225800 Coagulation tests-CA104-Calcium Chloride Kit
MM225900 Coagulation tests-CA104-Ci-Trol 2 E Kit
MM226000 Coagulation tests-CA104-Innovin Kit
MM226100 Coagulation tests-CA104-SUL-400A COMPLETE Kit
MM226200 Coagulation tests-CA104-Ci-Trol 1 E Kit
MM226300 Lipase Each
NN000300 Band,Compression Set
NN000600 Biopsy Tray,CT Each
NN000900 Box viewing (Field area 120cm x 43cm) Each
NN001200 Box viewing (Field: area 35cm x 43cm) Each
NN001500 Cannula, uterine, leech wilkinson with stilettes, christmas Set
NN001800 Cannula,Biopsy, Semiautomatic, 18 mm Each
NN002100 Cannula,Biopsy, Semiautomatic, 10mm Each
NN002400 Carbex granules and solution Kit
NN002401 Care Stream Dry View Laser Imaging Films DBV 6850,20x25cm,kobox
NN002402 Care Stream Dry View Laser Imaging Films DBV 6850,25x30cm,koBox
NN002403 Care Stream Dry View Laser Imaging Films DBV 6850,35x43,kodaBox
NN002700 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, moEach
NN003000 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monEach
NN003300 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monEach
NN003600 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monEach
NN003900 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monEach
NN004200 Cassette with intensifying screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monEach
NN004500 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic- bEach
NN004800 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN005100 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN005400 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN005700 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN006000 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN006300 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN006600 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN006900 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN007200 Cassette with screens ,X-ray, (screen type, monochromatic-blEach
NN007500 Cassette with screens, Gridded, 24x30cm; Screen Speed:400, Each
NN007800 Cassette with screens, Gridded, 35x35cm; Screen Speed:400, Each
NN008100 Cassette with screens, Gridded, 35x43cm; Screen Speed : 400Each
NN008400 Clock, interval timing (Timer, 0 to 120 mins ) Each
NN008700 Contrast, Barium sulphate for suspension (Enema; Disposable400g
NN008701 Barium sulphate disposable enema 93%, 400g EACH
NN009000 Contrast, Barium sulphate for suspension (Oral administratio300g
NN009300 Contrast, Barium sulphate for suspension (Oral administratio176g
NN009600 Contrast, Omnipaque 370 mg/ml 50ml
NN009900 Contrast, Resovist, MRI-T2 5ml
NN010200 Contrast,Barium sulfate suspension (E-Z-E-M) - (Oral adminisEach
NN010500 contrast,Barium Sulphate 40% w/v (Tagitol V) - (Oral adminKit
NN010800 Contrast,Barium sulphate for suspension (Oral administration340g
NN011100 Contrast,Feridex,MRI-T2 5ml
NN011400 Contrast,Iodixanol 320mg/l (Vispaque) 50ml
NN011700 Contrast,Omnipaque 300 mg/ml 50ml
NN012000 Contrast,ProHance-MRI-T1 5ml
NN012300 Contrast,SonoVue 8 microlitres Kit
NN012600 Cylinder ,Cheatle holding, Stainless steel, 750ml Each
NN012650 Cytografin 100 ml Each
NN012900 Densitometer (QA density reader;Battery operated X-rite B/W Each
NN013200 Developer, X-ray film to make 20L (Used on Automatic procesKit
NN013500 Dilator,mini cervical, hegar-fullerton double ended, 222mm aSet
NN013800 Disposable high pressure syringe for CT injector Kit
NN014100 Effervescent powder, ENO, 5g satchet Each
NN014400 Effervescent powder, ENO, 5g satchet Each
NN014700 Electrodes, Echocardiography ECG, ambu Blue sensor, VLC sin25
NN015000 Endovagina Transducer sheath, Disposable Each
NN015300 Endovaginal Transducer sheath, Disposable Each
NN015600 Envelope for sonograms 100
NN015900 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper; Size: 30x40cm) 250
NN016000 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper; Size: 18x24cm) 250
NN016050 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper; Size: 7x10cm) 250
NN016200 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper; Size: 35cm x 35cm) 250
NN016500 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper; Size:24x30cm) 250
NN016800 Envelopes for films (Khaki paper;Size: 35cm x 43cm) 250
NN017100 Films,Laser, carestream dryview 6850 Imager compartible, 25Each
NN017400 Films,Laser, carestream dryview 6850 Imager compartible, 35Each
NN017700 Films,Laser, carestream dryview 6850 Imager compartible, 35xEach
NN018000 Fixer for Automatic processes ;(to make 20 litres) 5L
NN018300 Forceps, sponge holding, foerster, serrated jaws, straight, Each
NN018600 Forceps, Vulsellum, schroeder,1 x 1 teeth, box-joint, 229mm Each
NN018900 Forceps, Vulsellum, St Mary Pattern, 2x2 teeth, box joint, 2Each
NN019200 Forceps,cheatle steriliser, Extra large,screw joint, 279mm Each
NN019500 Gadolinium MRI contrast, IV administration, 100ml 100
NN019800 Gadolinium MRI contrast, IV administration, 20ml 100
NN020100 Gadolinium MRI contrast, IV administration, 50ml 100
NN020400 Gallipot, stainless steel, 120ml Each
NN020700 Gallipot, stainless steel, 350ml Each
NN021000 Gallipot, stainless steel, 50ml Each
NN021300 Gastrografin (Oral/rectal administration;sodium amidotrizoat100ml
NN021600 Gel warmer, Ultrasound, Multi-Bottle, 220V for 3 Dispensers Each
NN021900 Glass,magnifying, Mammo image analysis Each
NN022200 GoLYTELY to make 4 litres jug
NN022500 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN022800 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN023100 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN023400 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN023700 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN024000 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size:Each
NN024300 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size: Each
NN024600 Grid, Stationary (Filters excess radiation; Parallel; Size: Each
NN024900 Grid, Stationery, Parallel, 24cm x 30cm, 30 strips per centiEach
NN025200 Grid, Stationery, Parallel, 35cm x 35cm, 30 strips per centiEach
NN025500 Grid, Stationery, Parallel, 35cm x 43cm, 30 strips per centiEach
NN025800 Guide, Biopsy, CT- E-Z- positioning grid for CT biopsies;Pac25
NN026100 Guide, Biopsy, Mammo E-Z-grid Needle positioning guide, 5
NN026400 Guide, Biopsy, Percuguide lesion marking system Set
NN026700 Gun,Biopsy, Titanium Fully Automatic ,high-speed double shooEach
NN027000 Insufflator ,electric (CT colonoscopy Carbon dioxide pump; iEach
NN027300 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN027600 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN027900 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN028200 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN028500 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN028800 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN029100 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic -blue emmitting; SpPair
NN029400 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic; Speed: B 200; SizePair
NN029700 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emitting; SpeePair
NN030000 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic--blue emmitting; SpPair
NN030300 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic--blue emmitting; SpPair
NN030600 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN030900 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN031200 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN031500 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN031800 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN032100 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN032400 Intensifying screen (Type: monochromatic-blue emmitting; SpePair
NN032700 Jopamiron/Iopamidol 200mg/ml 20ml
NN032750 Jopamiron 300mgl/ml, 50ml Each
NN033000 Jopamiron 370mgl/ml vial EACH
NN033300 Kidney dish, plastic, 750ml Each
NN033600 Lamp,Angle poise, mobile flame, electric cables and lamp holEach
NN033900 Lead rubber (X-ray protective aprons up to 150kVp 0.5mm) Each
NN034200 Lead rubber sheet (Lead rubber sheet for scatter radiation cEach
NN034500 Magnevist.MRI-T1 100
NN034800 Marker ,Mammo, Basic Mammography, Hanging Hole Style Set
NN035100 Marker ,Mammo, Basic Mammography, Suction Cup Style Set
NN035400 Marker ,Mammo, Basic Mammography, VELCRO brand Style Set
NN035700 Marker ,Mammo, Nipple Artifact Markers, 2-mm lead ball on a Each
NN036000 Markers,AP/PA (Floating anatomical markers left and right) Pair
NN036300 Markers,AP/PA (Metalic clip"ON" cassette anatomical marker) Pair
NN036350 Mobile (Portable) X-Ray Machines EACH
NN036600 Monitors, Medical Imaging, 4MP 30inch Wide Colour LCD with mEach
NN036900 Monitors, Medical Imaging, 5MP 21.3inch Monochrome LCD for MEach
NN037200 Monitors, Medical Imaging, Dual Head 3MP colour LCD with matEach
NN037500 Monochromatic (blue senstive) X-ray Film, screen Size: 18cm 100
NN037800 Monochromatic (blue senstive) X-ray Film, screen Size;Size: 100
NN038100 Monochromatic (blue senstive) X-ray Film, screen Size;Size: 100
NN038400 Monochromatic blue senstive X-ray Film, screen Size;Size: 30100
NN038700 Monochromatic blue senstive X-ray Film, screen Size;Size: 35100
NN039000 Monochromatic blue senstive X-ray Film, screen Sizec;Size: 3100
NN039300 Needle,biopsy, 20G, 10cm long, Pack of 10 Each
NN039600 NuLYTELY to make 4litres jug
NN039900 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN040200 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN040500 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN040800 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN041100 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN041400 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut biopsy needles with Each
NN041700 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut self aspiring cut, wEach
NN042000 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut self aspiring cut, wEach
NN042300 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut self aspiring cut, wEach
NN042600 Percuteneous Needle,biopsy, CT-Percucut self aspiring cut, wEach
NN042900 Percuteneous Needle,bone biopsy 17G, 5cm Each
NN043200 Percuteneous Needle,bone biopsy, 17G, 12.5cm Each
NN043500 Percuteneous Needle,bone biopsy, 17G, 15cm Each
NN043800 Percuteneous Needle,bone biopsy, 17G,10cm Each
NN044100 Percuteneous Needle,bone biopsy, Accessory hand grip, Non-stEach
NN044400 Percuteneous Tray,Mammo, procedure tray Each
NN044700 Perflubron, oral administration, perfluorooctyl bromide 100ml
NN045000 Printer, ID (Type :Dark room use for Radiograph identificatiEach
NN045300 Printer, ID Camera (Actinic marker for daylight film/radiogrEach
NN045600 Thermal superior density printing paper 110mm x 20m, 200 EACH
NN045900 Printing paper, Ultrasound, Type IV High Density UPP-110HD,15 rolls
NN046200 Processor cleaner fluid (Used on Automatic processors) Litre
NN046500 Pump,Air insufflator, Manual Rubber pump with valve, 50mls) Each
NN046800 Roll board (Roll board for patient transfers (bed-couch and Each
NN047100 Ruler, Flexible, Radiopaque Extremity Ruler, 115cm L x 1/16"Each
NN047400 Ruler,Rigid, Acrylic, Radiopaque Extremity Ruler, 115cm) Each
NN047700 Ruler,Rigid, Acrylic, Radiopaque Extremity Ruler, 45cm Each
NN048000 Safelight box (With metal casing and filter for dark room fiEach
NN048300 Safelight filter (Safelight filter for darkroom use) Each
NN048600 Screen cleaner,X-ray (Screen cleaner,X-ray cassette;Package:bottle
NN048900 Screening , Mammo, Suction Cup Style Set
NN049200 Sensitometer (Single sided exposure X-rite QA box ;Battery oEach
NN049500 Speculum, Vaginal, Cusco, stainless steel;Sizes: Small, mediSet
NN049800 Stepwedge, Alluminium stepwedge,21 step Each
NN050100 Ultrasound Gel, High viscosity, water soluble hypoallegenic,0.25L btl
NN050400 Ultrasound Gel, High viscosity, water soluble hypoallegenic,0.5L btl
NN050700 Ultrasound Gel, High viscosity, with 2 dispensers 5L
NN051000 Ultrasound thermo printer Each
NN051300 Ultravist, 240mg/ml(iopromide), IV administration, 50ml btleEach
NN051600 Ultravist, 300mg/ml (iopromide), IV administration, 50ml btlEach
NN051900 Ultravist, 370mg/ml (iopromide ), IV administration, 50ml btEach
NN052200 Ultravist, 370mg/ml, IV administration, 20ml Each
NN052210 Ultravist, 370mg/ml, IV administration, 30ml Each
NN052500 Urografin/Urovideo 60% (IV/Cavity filling ;Sodium+ meglumine100ml
NN052800 Urografin/Urovideo 76% (Sodium+ meglumine diatrizoate inj.20100ml
NN053100 Uterine Sound, Malleable, shaft graduated in centimeters, siEach
NN053400 wiper, Mammo, in gravity feed disposable, (wet) Pack of 10BXEach
NN053700 wiper, soft paper, Disposable Roll
NN054000 Xenetix, IV administration, 200mg/ml, Iobitridol 50ml Each
NN054300 X-Prep Bowel, senna, with sugar, bottled Each
NN054350 X-Ray Detectable Gauze EACH
NN054380 X-Ray Machine (Computerised) Stationary EACH
NN054600 X-ray protector (Lead rubber Skirt;CE marked) Each
NN054900 X-ray Protector , thyroid, Lead neck. Each
NN055200 X-ray Protector, eyes, Lead goggles Each
NN055500 X-ray Protector, Gonad (Female adult; CE marked) Each
NN055800 X-ray Protector, Gonad (Female child;CE marked) Set
NN056100 X-ray Protector, Gonad (Male Adult ; CE marked) Each
NN056400 X-ray Protector, Hands, Lead rubber gloves Each
PP000300 Abrasion Slurry Opalustre Tube
PP000350 Aesculap Each
PP000360 Ash England Explorer Probe no7 Each
PP000370 ASH england probe no 11 Each
PP000385 Ash England Probe No 14 Each
PP000386 ASH england probe no 6 Each
PP000387 Ash England Probe Proffessor Each
PP000600 Acrylics, Kerr Formatray Each
PP000900 Acrylics, Wright Excell Each
PP001200 Air motor, integrated spray, autoclavable, ISO-205 (NSK) Each
PP001500 Alginate Aerosol Adhesive, 200 ml can
PP001800 Alginate Hold Liquid Adhesive, 30 ml Each
PP002100 Alginate impression material (Supreme) 500g
PP002400 Avogyl anticeptic paste, 12 gm Each
PP002700 Amalgam capsule, # 1 Spill, non-gamma 50
PP003000 Amalgam capsule, # 2 Spill, non-gamma 50
PP003300 Amalgam Capsule, # 3 Spill, Non-gamma 50
PP003600 Amalgamator Each
PP003900 Archbar, fracture binding wire Each
PP003950 Autoclavable sunction tips, 6mm, No 10 (Cattan or equivalentEACH
PP004200 Ball burnishers for filling Set
PP004250 Beeveej Each
PP004300 Dental polishing paste Each
PP004320 Dental High Speed handpiece Each
PP004500 Barbed broaches xxx-fine/coarse Each
PP004600 Dental Chair Set
PP004700 Electric Dental micro motor Each
PP004750 Eascularp (DG555R) Lower Molar Each
PP004800 Biosonic (UC32) cleaning solution, 236ml Each
PP005100 Bite wafers, wax, white laminated (kerr) Pack
PP005400 Brushes, Brittle, RA, pack of 20 Pack
PP005410 Calcium Hydroxide with idioform paste Ecah
PP005700 Polishing Brushes (lethel) Black 3.5'' 4 arrows 12
PP006000 Burs, composite finishing system (Brilliant gloss kit) Set
PP006300 Burs, diamond flat-end, tapered long, FG medium Each
PP006350 Diamond bars for fast hand piece Each
PP006600 Burs, diamond, cylinder long, FG medium Each
PP006660 Burs, diamond, round FG 1011, medium EACH
PP006661 Burs, diamond, round FG 1012, medium EACH
PP006662 Burs, diamond, round FG 1013, medium EACH
PP006663 Burs, diamond, round FG 1014, medium EACH
PP006664 Burs, diamond, round FG 1015, medium EACH
PP006665 Burs, diamond, round FG 1016, medium EACH
PP006666 Burs, diamond, round FG 1019, medium EACH
PP006900 Burs, diamond, round FG, medium Each
PP007200 Burs, Pameijer for crown & bridge Set
PP007500 Burs, steel round, PC5, PC8 10
PP007501 Burs, steel round, PC5 EACH
PP007502 Burs, steel round, PC8 EACH
PP007503 Burs, steel round, PC5, PC8 6
PP007800 Burs, TC round, oral surgery Each
PP008100 Burs, TC round, plain cut, no. 6, 7, 8 Each
PP008101 Burs, TC round, plain cut, no. 6 EACH
PP008102 Burs, TC round, plain cut, no. 7 EACH
PP008103 Burs, TC round, plain cut, no. 8 EACH
PP008400 Burs, TC tapered, fissure, oral surgery Each
PP008700 Burs, TC, acrylic Each
PP009000 Burs, TC, acrylic, trimmers Each
PP009300 Burs, TC, Jota Carbide cutter, CX138/023 Each
PP009600 Burs, TC, Jota Carbide cutter, CX486F/023 Each
PP009900 Burs, TC, Jota Carbide cutter, CX75/060 Each
PP010200 Burs, TC, Jota Carbide cutter, CX77/070 Each
PP010500 Burs, TC, Jota Carbide cutter, CX79/040 Each
PP010550 Burs, TC, Cutter Each
PP010800 Burs, two stripper, FG544, FG545 Each
PP011100 Calcium Hydroxide Set
PP011400 Carbamide peroxide 10% sustained release whitening gel Kit
PP011700 Carrier for Amalgam (Aesculap DF 16C) Each
PP012000 Cassette for OPG film 15cm x 30cm with intensifying screen gEach
PP012300 Casting wax smooth 0.35mm green, pack of 15 Each
PP012600 Casting wax smooth 0.40mm green, pack of 15 Each
PP012900 Casting wax smooth 0.60mm green, pack of 15 Each
PP013200 Cavit medium 28g
PP013500 Cephalometric X-ray films Pack
PP013800 Chisel, enamel (Aesculap DC 81) Each
PP014100 Chlorophenol solution 1/2 oz Each
PP014400 Cold mould seal 2.5L
PP014401 Cold mould seal 5L
PP014700 Coltene GI Mask Each
PP015000 Composite chemical cure & etching system Pack
PP015300 Composite finishing system Each
PP015600 Composite flowable Dyroet (Dentisply) Pack
PP015900 Composite flowable revolution (Kerr) Pack
PP016200 Composite light cure syringe (per 4g syringe) Pack
PP016201 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade A1 EACH
PP016202 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, Shade A2 EACH
PP016203 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade A3 EACH
PP016204 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade A3.5 EACH
PP016205 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade A4 EACH
PP016206 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade B1 EACH
PP016207 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade B2 EACH
PP016208 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade B3 EACH
PP016209 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade C1 EACH
PP016210 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade C2 EACH
PP016211 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade C3 EACH
PP016212 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade C4 EACH
PP016213 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade D2 EACH
PP016214 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade D3 EACH
PP016215 Composite light cure, 5g Syringe, shade D4 EACH
PP016500 Composite sureful (Dentisply) Pack
PP016800 Cones, pointed polishing, medium Each
PP017100 Contra angle h/p IS20 (NSK) Each
PP017400 Coupling, quick disconnecting, PTL (NSK) Each
PP017700 Cresophene 13ml root canal disinfectant Each
PP018000 Crown & bridge impression material Set
PP018300 Crown forms acetate assorted Pack
PP018600 Crown forms PD aluminium assorted Pack
PP018900 Crown forms polycarbonate assorted Pack
PP019200 Crown forms stainless steel assorted Pack
PP019500 Cup, Rubber, RA, pack of 20 Pack
PP019800 Cutter, wire (Aesculap DP 551) Each
PP019850 Dental Unit Compressor,230 – 250v,2HP,50Hz,130 –150Lt/min,7B60L
PP020100 Dental floss Oral B waxed Pack
PP020400 Dental hand scalers Set
PP020700 Dental lathe polishing brushes, course Each
PP021000 Dental lathe polishing brushes, fine Each
PP021300 Dental light cure machine Each
PP021600 Dental scalers (automated machine) Each
PP021900 Dental Technician lab kit case
PP022200 Dentisply De Trey Zinc cement (liquid & powder) Set
PP022500 Dentisply Kalzinol Zinc cement (liquid & powder) Set
PP022800 Dentsply Core and Post System (Dentsply) Kit
PP023100 Desensitizing agent Kit
PP023400 Desensitizing agent, Flor - Opal sustained release fluoride Kit
PP023700 Desensitizing agent, Flor - Opal varnish white (bubble gum oKit
PP024000 Diamond Grinders, set of 30 Set
PP024300 Disinfectant fine spray 500ml
PP024600 Duplicating material, Coltene Lab Putty and Activator Set
PP024900 Electrical pulp scanner Each
PP025200 Elevator, Coupland no. 2 (Aesculap DL 47) Each
PP025500 Elevator, Coupland no. 3 (Aesculap DL 48) Each
PP025800 Elevator, Cryer no. 30 (Aesculap DL 211) Each
PP026100 Elevator, Cryer no. 31 (Aesculap DL 212) Each
PP026400 Elevator, Warwick James, L (Aesculap DL 263) Each
PP026700 Elevator, Warwick James, R (Aesculap DL 264) Each
PP027000 Elevator, Warwick James, straight (Aesculap DL 52) Each
PP027300 Elevator, zygomatic arch Each
PP027600 Endodontic pluggers Kit
PP027900 Endodontic ruler 6" Each
PP028200 Endo-stoppers silicone 150
PP028500 Ethyl chloride gel, flavoured Each
PP028800 Ethyl chloride spray, topical anaesthetic Each
PP029100 Excavator, large (Aesculap DC 239) Each
PP029400 Excavator, medium (Aesculap DC 200) Each
PP029450 Expansion Screw 7.5mm Each
PP029700 Fiber-splint ml (Poldentia) Kit
PP030000 Files, Hedstroem Kerr, 25mm 06-40 Set
PP030300 Files, Hedstroem Kerr, 25mm 45-110 Set
PP030600 Files, K-Flex Kerr, 21mm 06-40 Set
PP030900 Files, K-Flex Kerr, 21mm, 45-110 Set
PP030901 Files, K-Flex Kerr, 25mm,45/80 Set
PP030902 Files, K-Flex Kerr, 25mm 15/40 Set
PP030903 Files, K-Flex Kerr, 25mm,80/100 Set
PP031200 Film, occlusal (Kodak) 50
PP031500 Film, OPG 30cm x 15cm (Kodak) green sensitive 100
PP031800 Film, periapical, adult (Kodak DF58) 150
PP031850 Final Gross Polish 700g
PP032100 Fluoride varnish (Duraphat) Each
PP032400 Forceps for wire ligature (Aesulap DO 872) Each
PP032700 Forceps repositioning (Aesculap DO 321) Each
PP033000 Forceps repositioning (Aesculap DO 322) Each
PP033300 Forceps, lower incisor and biscuspids, adult (Aesculap DG 41Each
PP033600 Forceps, lower incisors, bicuspids, molars, paed (Aesculap DEach
PP033900 Forceps, lower molar, adult (Aesculap DG 565) Each
PP034200 Forceps, lower roots, adult (Aesculap DG 729) Each
PP034500 Forceps, upper incisor, adult (Aesculap DG 006) Each
PP034800 Forceps, upper incisor, adult (Aesculap DG 107) Each
PP035100 Forceps, upper molar paed. (Aesculap DK 60) Each
PP035400 Forceps, upper molar R and L (Aesculap DG 130) Each
PP035700 Forceps, upper roots (Aesculap DG 365) Each
PP036000 Glass dappen dish Each
PP036300 Glass ionomer cement powder & liquid Pack
PP036600 Glass ionomer reinforced powder & liquid (Fujii IX) Pack
PP036601 Glass ionomer reinforced powder & liquid (Fuji 1X) Shade A2 PACK
PP036602 Glass ionomer reinforced powder & liquid (Fuji 1X) Shade A3 PACK
PP036900 Glass mixing slab Each
PP037200 Gloss compound for acrylic Each
PP037500 Gutta percha cone (size 15-90) Pack
PP037800 Gutta Percha points, PD 15-80 Set
PP038100 Hand piece for ultrasonic scaler p5 booster Set
PP038140 Heat Cure Polymer 5kg
PP038141 Heat Cure Monmer 5L
PP038150 Fast hand piece, high torque, twin spray, autoclavable Set
PP038151 Ha-Friedy Graley SGR 13/14 K5 Each
PP038400 Hemostatic sponges, Gelatins sponges, 50 sponges Pack
PP038700 Hemostatic sponges, Spongostan, 1cm X 1cm X 1cm, 24 sponges Pack
PP039000 Hu-Friedy Endo Explorers Each
PP039300 Hu-Friedy Goldstein Composite #4 Each
PP039600 Hu-Friedy Plugger # 153 Each
PP039900 Hu-Friedy Plugger # 154 Each
PP040200 Hu-Friedy Plugger, high grade stainless steel, D 11TS (ThinnEach
PP040500 Hu-Friedy Plugger, high grade stainless steel, D11 S (Thin) Each
PP040800 Hu-Friedy Plugger, high grade stainless steel, D11 T (ThinneEach
PP041100 Hu-Friedy Plugger, high grade stainless steel, DE # 11(StandEach
PP041400 Hydrogen peroxide, 20 vol. 500ml
PP041700 Impression paste/SS white ZOE Kit
PP042000 Impression tray adhesive aerosol Each
PP042300 Impression tray solvent aerosol Each
PP042600 Intensifying screen green sensitive Each
PP042700 Investiment for crown and bridges powder, 6kg Each
PP042800 Investiment for crown and bridges liquid, 900ml Each
PP042900 Intra oral camera, Kodak 1500 I/O wireless Each
PP043200 Intra oral camera, Kodak 1500 USB wired Each
PP043250 Intra oral Tips 100
PP043500 Ketac silver mamixcap (Espe) Pack
PP043800 L C Block Out Resin Tube
PP044100 Lab Hand piece electrical Each
PP044400 Lab putty (coltene) catalyst economy pack Kit
PP044700 Lab, Pumice No. 1 course 25 lb/kg Each
PP045000 Lab,Pumice No. 3 medium course 25 lb/kg Each
PP045300 Lab,Pumice No. 4 fine 25 lb/kg Each
PP045600 LED Dental Head Light +35 x 420 mm Dental Surgical BinocularEach
PP045900 Leddermix Each
PP046200 Light cure composite Kit
PP046500 Lignocaine 2% Adrenaline 1/80,000 cartridge 1.8ml 50
PP046501 Lignocaine 2% Adrenaline 1/100,000 cartridge 1.8ml 50
PP046800 Liner calcium hydroxide Pack
PP04700 Electric Dental micro motor Set
PP047100 Liner, glass ionomer Pack
PP047400 Liner, soft material 5kg
PP047700 Mandibulectomy surgical insrtument set Each
PP048000 Marginal Trimmer (L, R) Each
PP048300 Masks, face, fluid resistant shield 25
PP048600 Mastoidectomy set Each
PP048900 Matrix tape and dispenser 3M Kit
PP048950 Matrix Bands, Adult MOD wide 0.0015 inches 12
PP048951 Matrix Bands, Adult MOD wide 0.002 inches 12
PP048952 Matrix Bands, Adult Universal, 0.002 inches 12
PP048960 Matrix band narrow Pack
PP049200 Mepivacaine hydrochloride 3% plain 1.8 ml cartridge 50
PP049500 Metal alloy, Auro-cast non-precious metal (Woelm) Each
PP049800 Metal alloy, Ceraloy Alloy non-precious metal (N&V) Each
PP050100 Metal alloy, Chroloy non-precious metal (N&V) Each
PP050400 Micromotor, NSK Ultimate XL (NSK) Pack
PP050700 Mirror handles, dental (Aesculap DA 74) Each
PP051000 Mirror heads, dental (Aesculap DA 24) 12
PP051300 Monomer, acrylic denture base 1L
PP051600 Monomer, acrylic self cure, resin base 1L
PP051900 Mops, polishing medium Each
PP052200 Mops, polishing small Each
PP052500 Mouth gag (mouth prop) adult Set
PP052800 Mouth gag (mouth prop) children Set
PP053100 Needle holder, crile-wood (Aesculap BM 16) Each
PP053400 Needle, disposable dental, 27g long sharewood 100
PP053700 Needle, disposable dental, 30g long 100
PP054000 NPG (non precious gold) alloy 50g
PP054300 Oil spray for handpiece, universal Each
PP054600 Opalescence Boost Tube
PP054900 Opalescence Doctor kit Kit
PP055200 Opalescence Endo Tube
PP055500 Opalescence Follow-Up kit Kit
PP055800 Opalescence oh! Tube
PP056100 Opalescence Refill kit Kit
PP056400 Opalescence Tres White Tube
PP056700 Opalescence, Patient kit Kit
PP057000 Optibond solo bonding agent Pack
PP057300 Optiguard surface sealer Pack
PP057600 Orthodontic Exp screws (large) Each
PP057900 Orthodontic Exp screws (medium) Each
PP058200 Orthodontic Exp screws (small) Each
PP058500 Orthodontic molar band Each
PP058800 Orthodontic pliers 64 Each
PP059100 Orthodontic pliers 65 Each
PP059400 Orthodontic wire (size 0.4) 500g
PP059700 Orthodontic wire (size 0.5) 500g
PP060000 Orthodontic wire (size 0.6) 500g
PP060300 Orthodontic wire (size 0.7) 500g
PP060600 Orthodontic wire (size 0.8) 500g
PP060900 Orthodontic wire (size 0.9) 500g
PP061200 Orthodontic wire (size 1.0) 500g
PP061500 Orthodontic wire (size 1.5) 500g
PP061800 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.4) Each
PP062100 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.5) Each
PP062400 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.6) Each
PP062700 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.7) Each
PP063000 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.8) Each
PP063300 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 0.9) Each
PP063600 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 1.0) Each
PP063900 Orthodontic wire tubing (size 1.5) Each
PP064200 Paper point cones (size 15-90) Pack
PP064500 Paper points assorted 50
PP064800 Paper, articulating 200 µm, Bausch Each
PP065100 Paper, articulating blue Pack
PP065400 Parapost XP plastic impression posts Kit
PP065700 Paste filler 25/25-40 Each
PP066000 Path finder 25mm K1 Each
PP066300 Pencils, indelible Each
PP066600 Periodonic instrument, Grace curette 13/14 (Hu-Friedy) Each
PP066900 Periodontal probe, CPITN Each
PP067200 Periodontal prophylaxis (Aesculap BD 970) Set
PP067500 Periodontic instrument, Grace curette 7/8 (Hu-Friedy) Each
PP067800 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette 1/2 (Hu-Friedy) Each
PP068100 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette 11/12 (Hu-Friedy) Each
PP068400 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette 3/4 (Hu-Friedy) Each
PP068700 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette 4R/4L, Universal (AesEach
PP069000 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette Hoe (Aesculap) Each
PP069300 Periodontic instrument, Gracey curette Sickle Scaler (Hu-FriEach
PP069600 Phosphori Dental adhesive system (Scothbond multipose 3M) Pack
PP069900 Photac Fil Quick Aplicap Pack
PP070200 Plastic Bib, adult Each
PP070500 Plastic Bib, children Each
PP070800 Plastic impression post refill #3 Brown, pack of 20 Pack
PP071100 Plastic impression post refill #4.5 Blue, pack of 20 Pack
PP071400 Plastic impression post refill #5 Red, pack of 20 Pack
PP071700 Plastic impression post refill #5.5 Purple, pack of 20 Pack
PP072000 Plastic impression post refill #6 Black, pack of 20 Pack
PP072300 Plastic impression post refill #7 Green, pack of 20 Pack
PP072600 Plastic impression refill #4 Yellow, pack of 20 Pack
PP072900 Plastic instrument Set
PP073200 Plastic instrument (Aesculap DE 6) Each
PP073500 Plastic instrument (black) (Aesculap DE 621) Each
PP073800 Plastic instrument (Frahm) ( Aesculap DF 50) Each
PP074100 Plastic instrument (Heidmann) (Aesculap DE 420) Each
PP074400 Plastic instrument (Hollenbach) (Aesculap DE 424) Each
PP074700 Plastic instrument (Hollenbach) (Aesculap DE 676) Each
PP075000 Pluggers (hand instruments) Set
PP075300 Polishing kits amalgam (shofu) Kit
PP075600 Polishing system enhance (Dentisply) Kit
PP075900 Polyether adhesive, Impregum F Adhesive Set
PP076200 Polymer acrylic, denture base 3kg
PP076500 Polymer acrylic, self cure, resin base 5kg
PP076501 Polymer acrylic, self cure, resin base 500g
PP076800 POP dental stone, ortho 25Kg
PP077100 POP dental stone, yellow 5kg
PP077400 POP dental white 5kg
PP077700 Porcelain powder (Assorted) Each
PP078000 President impression materials Set
PP078300 Priemier topicale gel pump 43g Each
PP078600 Prima Periodontal probe Each
PP078900 Prima probe SE #54 Each
PP079200 Probe dental (Aesculap DA 470) Each
PP079500 Prophylactic paste 500g
PP079800 Pumice 5kg
PP080100 Putty, silicone based impression material, 7.5kg + catalyst Kit
PP080400 Readymatic developing solution 1L
PP080700 Reamers No. 10-80, pack of 6 Pack
PP081000 Re-enforcement ribbon connect-(Kerr) Kit
PP081300 Retainer & bands matrix (Prima Siqveland) Set
PP081600 Retention pins, Stabilok pins (Fairfax) Pack
PP081900 Retention pins, Whaledent max pins Pack
PP082200 Retention pins, Whaledent TMS Kodex Drills Pack
PP082500 Retention pins, Whaledent TMS System, pack of 20 Pack
PP082800 Retention pins, Whaledent Unity pins Pack
PP083100 Retractor, cheek, Langenbeck (BT320, BT321) Each
PP083400 Retractor, cheek, Langenbeck (BT322, BT323, BT325, BT326) Each
PP083700 Rolls, cotton dental 750
PP083701 Rolls, cotton dental 1000
PP083750 Root canal cleaner, antiseptic ( camphor monochlophenol) 15ml
PP084000 Root canal fast set Set
PP084050 Root canal file no. 45-80 set
PP084300 Root canal sealant ( Regular) Set
PP084600 Root canal sealer (Dentisply AH plus) Kit
PP084900 Root canal spreader S/E NI-TI Each
PP085200 Root canal spreader, SE # 25 Each
PP085500 Root canal spreader, SE # 25S Each
PP085800 Root canal spreader, SE # 40 Each
PP086100 Root canal spreader, SE # 40S Each
PP086400 Rubber Dam complete kit Kit
PP086700 Safety goggles clear 100
PP087000 Saliva ejectors, disposable with removable tips 100
PP087300 Sand Blast powder Set
PP087600 Silicon base impression material Set
PP087900 Silicone duplicating material (N&V) Each
PP087910 Silicone Sheets 1.5 x 3inch Each
PP087940 Single bottle bonding systems, 5ml (Wrights Aristobond equivEACH
PP088200 Solder (N&V) for Ceraloy box
PP088500 Solder (N&V) for Chroloy box
PP088800 Solder (N&V) for Silver (12x) Stick
PP089100 Spatula for cement (Aesculap DF 153) Each
PP089400 Spatula, tongue (Bruenings) (Aesculap OM 208) Each
PP089700 SS White Zinc cement (liquid & powder) Set
PP090000 Stainless steel tumbler Each
PP090300 Sterilization Pouch 90 x 230 mm Pack
PP090600 Sterilization pouches (Sultan) 70 x 255 mm Pack
PP090900 Sterilization Pouches (Sultan) 85 x 165 mm Pack
PP091200 Straight h/p, surgical (Micro Mega) Each
PP091500 Suction tips, white, PVC autoclavable (Cattani) Set
PP091800 Sunburst alloy 100
PP091850 Surgical Heamostatic Agent Spong (Gelatamp or equivalent) EACH
PP092100 Syringes for dental cartridge, 2ml Each
PP092400 Teeth, acrylic anteriors, assisted shades & moulds (acrotonePack
PP092410 Teeth (Acrotome), Anterior upper, mould A26, Shade 66 20
PP092411 Teeth (Acrotome), Posterior lower, mould 20, Shade 77 20
PP092412 Teeth (Acrotome), Posterior lower, mould 3P, Shade 61 EACH
PP092413 Teeth (Acrotome), Posterior upper, mould 20, Shade 66 20
PP092414 Teeth (acrotome ),anterior upper, mould 136, Shade 62 20
PP092415 Teeth (acrotome) anterio upper, mould 137, Shade 66 20
PP092416 Teeth (acrotome) anterio upper, mould 267, Shade 61 20
PP092417 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper mould, 267, Shade 66 20
PP092418 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 137, Shade 67 20
PP092419 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 137, Shade 77 20
PP092420 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 136, Shade 67 20
PP092421 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 136, Shade 77 20
PP092422 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 137, Shade 61 20
PP092423 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 266, Shade 61 20
PP092424 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 266, Shade 66 20
PP092425 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 266, Shade 67 20
PP092426 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 266, Shade 67 12
PP092427 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 266, Shade 77 20
PP092428 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 267, Shade 67 20
PP092429 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 267, Shade 77 20
PP092430 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 3P, Shade 61 20
PP092431 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 3P, Shade 62 20
PP092432 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 3P, Shade 66 20
PP092433 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 3P, Shade 67 20
PP092434 Teeth (acrotome) anterior upper, mould 3P, Shade 77 20
PP092435 Teeth (acrotome) anterior, upper mould 137, Shade 62 20
PP092436 Teeth (acrotome) posterior upper, mould 4, Shade 62 20
PP092437 Teeth (acrotome) posterior upper, mould 4, Shade 66 20
PP092438 Teeth (acrotome) posterior upper, mould 4, Shade 67 20
PP092439 Teeth (acrotome) posterior upper, mould 4, Shade 67 20
PP092440 Teeth (acrotome), anterior upper,mould A26, shade 67 20
PP092441 Teeth (acrotome), anterior upper,mould A26, shade 77 20
PP092442 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper , mould 4H Shade 66 20
PP092443 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 136, Shade 66 20
PP092444 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 136,Shade 61 20
PP092445 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 4H, Shade 61 20
PP092446 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 4H, Shade 62 20
PP092447 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 4H, Shade 67 20
PP092448 Teeth(acrotome), anterior upper, mould 4H, Shade 77 20
PP092449 Dental Syringes Each
PP092450 Pack Teeth 14
PP092451 Plastic coating solution 5
PP092452 Teeth (Acrotome) Anterior LOWER 18shades 61 20
PP092453 Teeth Posterior UPPER MOULD 18 shades 66 20
PP092454 Teeth (Acrotome) Anterior LOWER 18shades 66 20
PP092455 Teeth (Acrotome) Anterior LOWER 18shades 77 20
PP092456 Teeth (Acrotome) Anterior LOWER 4 shades 67 20
PP092457 Teeth (Acrotome) Anterior LOWER 4shades 77 20
PP092458 Teeth (Acrotome) Posterior LOWER 4shades 61 20
PP092459 Teeth (Acrotome) Posterior LOWER 4shades 62 20
PP092460 Teeth (Acrotome) Posterior Upper 18shades 62 20
PP092461 Teeth (Acrotome) Posterior Upper 20shades 20
PP092462 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior 18 shades 67 20
PP092463 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior LOWER 18 shades 67 20
PP092464 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior LOWER 18 shades 61 20
PP092465 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior LOWER 18 shades 77 20
PP092466 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior lower 20 shades 62 20
PP092467 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior lower 20 shades 66 20
PP092468 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior LOWER 4 shades 66 20
PP092469 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior UPPER 18 shades 67 20
PP092470 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior UPPER 20 shades 61 20
PP092473 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior UPPER 20 shades 77 20
PP092474 Teeth (Acrotome)Posterior UPPER 4 shades 67 20
PP092475 Teeth (Posterior) UPPER 20 shades 67 20
PP092476 Teeth Acrotene upper A23-61 Pack
PP092477 Teeth Acrotene upper A23-62 Pack
PP092478 Teeth Acrotene upper A23-66 Pack
PP092479 Teeth Acrotene upper A23-67 Pack
PP092480 Teeth Acrotene upper A23-77 Pack
PP092481 Teeth Acrotene upper44-77 Pack
PP092482 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower 16-61 Pack
PP092483 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower 16-67 Pack
PP092485 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower 3P-66 Pack
PP092486 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower 3R-77 pack
PP092487 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower 46-62 Pack
PP092488 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower 46-67 Pack
PP092489 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower3P-62 Pack
PP092490 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower3P-67 Pack
PP092491 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower3R-61 Pack
PP092492 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower3R-62 Pack
PP092493 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower3R-66 Pack
PP092494 Teeth Acrotome Anterior lower46-66 Pack
PP092495 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 136-61 Pack
PP092496 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 136-62 Pack
PP092497 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 136-67 Pack
PP092498 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 136-77 Pack
PP092499 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 266-61 Pack
PP092700 Teeth, acrylic anteriors, assisted shades & moulds (senator)Pack
PP092710 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 266-67 Pack
PP092711 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 266-77 Pack
PP092713 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 267-61 Pack
PP092714 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 267-62 pack
PP092715 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 267-66 PACK
PP092716 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 267-77 Pack
PP092717 Teeth Acrotome Anterior upper 3P-61 Pack
PP092718 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 3P-62 Pack
PP092720 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 3P-67 Pack
PP092721 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 3P-77 Pack
PP092722 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 3R-67 PACK
PP092723 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 46-61 pack
PP092724 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper 46-77 pack
PP092725 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper A26-61 Pack
PP092726 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper A26-62 Pack
PP092727 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper A26-66 Pack
PP092728 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Upper A26-67 Pack
PP092729 Teeth Acrotome Anterior upper3P-66 Pack
PP092730 Teeth Acrotome lower 3p-77 Pack
PP092731 Teeth Acrotome Upper 136-66 Pack
PP092732 Teeth Acrotome Upper 137-61 Pack
PP092733 Teeth Acrotome Upper 137-62 Pack
PP092734 Teeth Acrotome Upper 137-66 Pack
PP092735 Teeth Acrotome Upper 137-67 Pack
PP092736 Teeth Acrotome Upper 137-77 Pack
PP092737 Teeth Acrotome Upper 267-67 pack
PP092738 Teeth Acrotome Upper 4H-61 Pack
PP092740 Teeth Acrotome Upper 4H-62 Pack
PP092743 Teeth Acrotome Upper 4H-66 Pack
PP092745 Teeth Acrotome Upper 4H-77 Pack
PP092746 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower 14H - 62 Pack
PP092747 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower  3R shade 67 Pack
PP092748 Teeth Acrotome Anterior Lower   16 shade 66 Pack
PP092749 Teeth Acrotome Anterior  Upper 135_3A Pack
PP092750 Teeth Acrotome Anterior  Upper 266_66 Pack
PP092751 Teeth Acrotome Anterior  Upper 4_A1 Pack
PP092752 Teeth Acrotome Posterior Lower  20 shade 67 20
PP092753 Teeth Acrotome Posterior upper  18 shade 77 Pack
PP092754 Teeth Acrotome Posterior upper  18 shade 77 Pack
PP092755 Teeth Acrotome  Upper 2_3A Set
PP092756 Teeth Acrotome  Upper 20_62 Set
PP092757 Teeth Acrotome  Upper 20_77 Set
PP092758 Teeth Acrotome  Upper A26_77 Pack
PP092759 Teeth Acrotone postorior upper 16 shade Pack
PP092760 Teeth Acrotone postorior upper 18 shade 61 Pack
PP092761 Teeth Acrotone Upper 135-3D pack
PP092762 Teeth Acrotone upper 16-62 Pack
PP092763 Teeth Acrotone upper 18-66 Pack
PP092764 Teeth Acrotone Upper 18-77 Pack
PP092765 Teeth Acrotone upper 1-A3 Pack
PP092766 Teeth Acrotone Upper 1-C2 Pack
PP092767 Teeth Acrotone upper 20-61 Pack
PP092768 Teeth Acrotone upper 4 shade 77 Pack
PP092769 Teethe Acrotone postorior lower 20 shade 61 Pack
PP092770 Teethe Acrotone upper 2-c2 Pack
PP092771 Upper Molar Left Extraction Forceps Pack
PP093000 Teeth, acrylic posteriors, assisted shades & moulds (acrotonPack
PP093300 Teeth, acrylic posteriors, assisted shades & moulds (senatorPack
PP093600 Temporary cement, 3M Relyx Temp NE Set
PP093900 Temporary cement, Kerr Tempbond Set
PP094200 Tips ultrasonic scaler Set
PP094500 Tissue conditioning and Reline, Dentsply Viscogel Kit
PP094800 Tissue conditioning and Reline, G C Relining Kit
PP095100 Tissue conditioning and Reline, Kerr FITT Kit
PP095400 Tofflemire matrix band Each
PP095700 Tray impression, autoclavable, medium, lower adults Each
PP096000 Tray impression, autoclavable, medium, upper adults Each
PP096300 Tray impression, autoclavable, small, upper adults Each
PP096600 Tray impression, autoclavable,large, lower adults Each
PP096900 Tray impression, autoclavable,small, lower adults Each
PP097200 Tray, endodontic, complete kit Set
PP097500 Tray, impression, C & B adjustable (Aesculap DR 751) Each
PP097800 Tray, impression, lower dentate (Prima) Each
PP098100 Tray, impression, lower endontulous (Prima) Each
PP098400 Tray, impression, lower, child (Prima) Each
PP098700 Tray, impression, upper child (Prima) Each
PP099000 Tray, impression, upper dentate (Prima) Each
PP099300 Tray, impression, upper edentulous (Prima) Each
PP099600 Tricresol formalin TCF 1/2oz Each
PP099900 Trimmer, gingival, margin L (Aesculap DC 77) Each
PP100200 Trimmer, gingival, margin R (Aesculap DC 78) Each
PP100500 Trimmer, Mitchell's, osteo no. 4 Each
PP100550 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C251/060 EACH
PP100551 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C75/060 EACH
PP100552 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C77/060 EACH
PP100553 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C77G/070 EACH
PP100554 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C78/060 EACH
PP100555 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, C79/040 EACH
PP100556 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, CX138/023 EACH
PP100557 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, CX251G/060 EACH
PP100558 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, CX251SG/060 EACH
PP100559 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, CX73/060 EACH
PP100560 Tungstein Carbide Acrylic Trimmers, CX795G/070 EACH
PP100561 Tungstein Carbide Inverted Cone, No. 37 EACH
PP100562 Tungstein Carbide Inverted Cone, No. 35 EACH
PP100563 Tungstein Carbide Round Burrs, No. ˝ EACH
PP100564 Tungstein Carbide Round Burrs, No. 2 EACH
PP100565 Tungstein Carbide Round Burrs, No. 6 EACH
PP100566 Tungstein Carbide Round Burrs, No. 7 EACH
PP100567 Tungstein Carbide, Cross-cut straight, No. 558, EACH
PP100568 Tungstein Carbide, Cross-cut tappered, No. 700, EACH
PP100569 Tungstein Carbide, flat end straight, No. 557 EACH
PP100800 Turbine h/p, intergrated F/Omach-lite (NSK) Each
PP101100 Tweezers, dental (Aesculap DA 204) Each
PP101400 Ultradent IsoBlocks Tube
PP101700 Ultradent ultracal xs Kit
PP102000 Unicore post and Drill System Kit
PP102300 Vermix stone 25Kg
PP102600 Viscogel tissue conditioner (Dentisply) Kit
PP102900 Wax blue inlay (kerr) Pack
PP103200 Wax model cement (Dentisply) Pack
PP103500 Wax occlusal indicator (kerr) Pack
PP103800 Wax periphery sticks Pack
PP104100 Wax Separator, Die Hardener bottle
PP104400 Wax Separator, Die Spacer Thinners bottle
PP104700 Wax Separator, Die Spacer, Silver bottle
PP105000 Wax Separator; microfilm Die lubricant bottle
PP105300 Wax toughened #4 box
PP105600 Wax, modelling, no. 4 gauge 500g
PP105900 Wedges transparent, (assorted) 20
PP106200 Whaledent Parapost XP Drills Kit
PP106500 Whaledent Taper Lux Posts and Drills Kit
PP106800 Ligature wire, 0.16 inches (0.406mm) roll Each
PP107100 Wire ligature 0.5mm (020 0.508 mm), roll Each
PP107400 Wright Polycarboxylate cement Set
PP107700 Zinc oxide eugenol Liquid PACK
PP107750 Zinc oxide eugenol Powder Pack
PP107751 Zinc Oxide BP Powder 28g Each
PP108000 Zinc oxide Eugenol impression paste kit Kit
PP108300 Zinc phosphate cement (liquid & powder) Set
PP108600 Zinc polycarboxylate (powder & liquid) Set
PP108900 3M Durelon Set
PP108910 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 10mm Each
PP108920 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 14mm Each
PP108930 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 14mm Each
PP108940 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 16mm Each
PP108950 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 18mm Each
PP108960 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 20mm Each
PP108980 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 22mm Each
PP108990 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 48mm Each
PP109000 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 50mm Each
PP109010 4.5mm broad compression plates 6holes, 103 mm Each
PP109020 4.5mm broad compression plates 7holes, 119 mm Each
PP109030 4.5mm Malleolar screws 25/12mm length Each
PP109040 4.5mm Malleolar screws 30/15mm length Each
PP109050 4.5mm Malleolar screws 35/18mm length Each
PP109060 4.5mm Malleolar screws 40/20mm length Each
PP109070 4.5mm Malleolar screws 45/22mm length Each
PP109080 4.5mm Malleolar screws 50/24mm length Each
PP109090 4.5mm Malleolar screws 55/26mm length Each
PP109100 4.5mm Malleolar screws 60/28mm length Each
PP109110 Charriere Amputation Saw, 12mm wide Each
PP109120 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 10holes,122Each
PP109130 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 5holes,62mEach
PP109140 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 6holes,74mEach
PP109150 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 7holes,86mEach
PP109160 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 8holes,98mEach
PP109170 AO standard Screws with correct pitch( TP) 3.5mm 9holes,110Each
PP109890 3.5mm Small fragment cortex Screws 50mm Each
PP109900 Bonding agent for composite filling Each
PP110000 Etchant for composite filling Each
PP110100 Grinding Discs (Dental lathe wheel) Each
PP110200 Upper Premolar forceps Each
PP110300 Upper right molar forceps Each
PP110310 Teeth, acrotome anterior 46-61,Lower PACK
PP110320 composite light cure, 5G syringe,Shade B4 EACH
PP110330 composite light cure, 5G syringe,Shade D1 EACH
QQ000300 CMST Drugs and Medical Supplies Catalogue Each
QQ000600 Controlled Drugs Book ( DDA) Each
QQ000900 Prescription Pads For Prescription only Medicines(POM) Each
QQ000920 Prescription Pads For Central Hospital Each
QQ000925 Prescription Pads For District Hospital Each
QQ001200 Requisition book (MED 94) Each
RR000300 Air Mattress Each
RR000600 Air Ring Each
RR000900 Blanket cellular, adult, blue, 100% cotton, marked MOH 200 cEach
RR001000 Mattress, adult, 25kgs, water proof, PVC leather, 1mm thick EACH
RR001100 Mattress, infant EACH
RR001200 Blanket cellular, adult, gold, 100% cotton, marked MOH 200 cEach
RR001500 Blanket cellular, infant, blue, 100% cotton, marked MOH, 15Each
RR001800 Blanket cellular, infant, gold, 100% cotton, marked MOH, 15Each
RR002100 Cot sheets, white, rexin base wash proof, top layer 100% cotEach
RR002400 Dirty linen carrier bag ( hard plastic) Each
RR002700 Draw sheets, white, 100% cotton marked MOH– 150 cm x 120cm,Each
RR003000 Eletrical adult blankets Each
RR003300 Eletrical peadiatric blankets Each
RR003600 Green towel for covering trolleys 100% cotton, 120cm x 120cmEach
RR003900 Hospital foam mattress with 25kg foam and waterproof PVC leEach
RR004200 Hospital foam mattress, waterproof PVC leather cloth cover oEach
RR004250 Linen Savers 50
RR004500 Patient Uniforms Adult Large Each
RR004800 Patient Uniforms Adult Medium Each
RR005100 Patient Uniforms Adult Small Each
RR005400 Patient Uniforms Paediatrics Each
RR005700 Pillow case, blue, 100% cotton, marked MOH 69 cm x100 cm, maEach
RR006000 Pillow case, gold, 100% cotton, marked MOH, 69 cm x100 cm, Each
RR006300 Pillow case, white, 100% cotton, marked MOH 69 cm x100 cm, mEach
RR006600 Pillows foam Each
RR006900 Sheets bed adult, blue, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm x Each
RR006910 Theatre Material for Drapes and Gowns, Cotton Drill, Green 1 Metre
RR006920 Material for Wrapping instr for CSSD Casualty, Cotton, Brown1 Metre
RR006930 Material for Wrappiong Delivery packs, Cotton, Deep Blue 1 Metre
RR007200 Sheets bed adult, gold, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm x Each
RR007500 Sheets bed adult, white, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm xEach
RR007800 Sheets bed infant, blue, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm x 2Each
RR008100 Sheets bed infant, gold, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm x 2Each
RR008400 Sheets bed infant, white, 100% cotton, marked MOH - 150cm x Each
SM000200 Polythene apron reusable EACH
SM001200 Black disinfectant EACH
SM006400 Diazepam, 5mg/ml, 2ml EACH
SM008100 Syntometrime (Ergometrine 0.5mg+ Oxytocin 10 IU/ml, 1ml) EACH
SM012300 Cannula IV (Venflon) 18 EACH
SM012400 Cannula IV (Venflon) 20 EACH
SM012500 Cannula IV (Venflon) 22 EACH
SM012600 Cannula IV (Venflon) 24 EACH
SM016200 Gauze absorbent 40m EACH
SM017000 Gauze swabs 8-ply 10cm x 10cm EACH
SM018500 Ferrous sulphate 200mg/folic acid 250micrograms EACH
SM021400 Catgut chromic 0 on needle rb ˝ c 40mm EACH
SM022400 Clips umbilical cord polythene EACH
SM022500 Tape, umbilical cotton, non-sterile EACH
SM023800 Maternity pads EACH
SM024200 Cotton wool 500g EACH
SM040400 Gloves disposable latex medium EACH
SM040600 Gloves disposable latex large EACH
SM042800 Gloves surgeon size 7 ˝ sterile EACH
SM044000 Gentian violet paint, aqueous EACH
SM045000 Sodium chloride 0.9% EACH
SM060900 Transfusion set, blood EACH
SM122400 Giving set iv administration + needle 15drops/ml EACH
ST002000 Azthromycin 250mg EACH
ST003400 Amitriptyne 25mg 500
ST008700 Determine syphillis 100
ST008800 Determine HIV 1/2 EACH
ST008900 Haemastrip EACH
ST009000 Unigold EACH
ST009100 Bioline EACH
ST009200 Veronostika EACH
ST009700 Gentamicin 40mg/ml, 2ml EACH
ST010100 Spinal needle EACH
ST010200 Spinal needle EACH
ST010600 Needle disposable 19G EACH
ST010700 Needle disposable 21G EACH
ST010800 Amitriptyne 25mg EACH
ST010900 Determine HIV 1/2 rapitt kit EACH
ST011000 Speculum, vaginal (Grave's) 115 x 35 EACH
ST011100 Speculum, vaginal (Grave's) 75 x 20mm EACH
ST011200 Speculum, vaginal (Grave's) 95 x 35 EACH
ST011400 Clotrimazole vaginal pessaries EACH
ST011500 Clotrimazole 500mg Viganal Pessary EACH
ST011600 |Ciprofloxacin EACH
ST011700 Metronidazole 2mg tabs EACH
ST011800 Azithromycin 500mg 3
ST011900 Erythromycin oral suspension EACH
ST012200 Azithromycin for oral suspension 1200mg EACH
ST020000 Metronidazole 250mg, 1000 tablets EACH
ST020100 Erythromycin oral suspension EACH
ST022400 Benzathine benzylpenicillin 1.44g (2.4MU), PFR EACH
ST026100 Metronidazole 200mg 1000
ST032500 Hepatitis B EACH
ST042700 Prickers, blood lancets EACH
ST044000 Gentian violet paint, aqueous EACH
ST055000 Cotrimoxazole Pessaries EACH
ST059000 Nystatin pessaries 100,000 IU EACH
ST059600 Needle disposable Luer 21g x 4cm EACH
ST062000 Needle Spinal 20G EACH
ST062400 Podophyllum paint 15% in compound benzoic tincture EACH
ST062500 Female Condoms EACH
ST106900 Syringe, autodestruct, 2ml, disposable, hypoluer with 23g neEACH
ST107000 Syringe hypoluer 2mL 23G disposable EACH
ST107200 Syringe hypoluer 5mL 21G disposable EACH
ST107500 Syringe, autodestruct, 5ml, disposable, hypoluer with 21g neEACH
ST107600 Syringe ,10ml, disposable 21g needle EACH
ST108100 Syringes, disposable, autodestruct, 10ml with 21G needle EACH
TB000100 N95 Face Masks 35
TB000110 N95 Face Masks 10
TB000200 Ethambutol 400mg 672
TB000300 Ethambutol 100mg 500
TB000301 Ethambutol 100mg 100
TB000400 Ethambutol400mg/isoniazid 150mg tablet (Fatol®) EACH
TB000450 Ethanol 96%, 1L Each
TB000460 Ethanol 70% denaturated, 1L Each
TB000475 Ethanol for stain solutions and decolourization 99%, 1L Each
TB000500 Rifampicin60mg/Isoniazid30mg/Pyrazinamide150mg(RHZ) 84
TB000600 Adrenaline 1/1000 1ml EACH
TB000630 Battery Pack for UPS 3000VA Each
TB000635 Battery supply unit for primo Star Fluoscence ILed or LED (DEach
TB000640 Brain Heart Infusion agar 500g
TB000645 Dihydro-streptomycin for laboratory use 5g
TB000650 Dihydro-streptomycin for laboratory use 1kg
TB000655 Ethambutol-for laboratory use 25g
TB000660 Isoniazid-for laboratory use 5g
TB000665 L-Asparagine-monohydrate 100g
TB000666 L-Asparagine-monohydrate, 500g Each
TB000670 Magnesium sulfate-heptahydrate 500g
TB000680 Magnesium Citrate 1kg Each
TB000685 Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1kg
TB000690 Ready mixed TB/LJ Base 500
TB000695 Rifampicin for laboratory use 1g
TB000700 Isoniazid 100mg (100) 100
TB000701 Isopropanol 70%, 5L Each
TB000702 Sodium chloride for analysis 1kg
TB000705 Sodium pyruvate, 50g bottle 25g
TB000710 Tri-Magnesium Di-citrate nonahydrate 100g
TB000715 UPS-300VA-2100W Each
TB000800 Isoniazid 100mg (1000) 100
TB000900 Isoniazid 300mg 672tabs
TB001000 Pyrazinamide 400mg 672 tabs
TB001100 Rifampicin 150mg 100
TB001200 Rifampicin 150mg/isoniazid 100mg tablet (Rifinah®) EACH
TB001300 Rifampicin 150mg/isoniazid 75mg 672
TB001400 Support stand retroit kit EACH
TB001500 Bilogical safety cabinet EACH
TB001700 Petri Dish 90 x 15mm EACH
TB001800 Hydrochloric acid EACH
TB001840 Microscope  Premo Star with iLED Kit
TB001900 Hydrochloric acid 32% SG Bottle
TB001910 Hydrochloric acid 36-37%, Cat3, 1 Each
TB002000 Alluminium foil sheet Roll
TB002900 Deacon detergent EACH
TB003000 Sputum containers 4oz 1000
TB003050 Sputum Container plastic 40ml with lid 100
TB003100 Methylated spirit 98% 2ML
TB003200 Methylated spirit 70% 2.5L
TB003300 Methylated spirit 20L
TB003350 Middlebrrok OADC enrichment 20ml 10
TB003360 Broth medium BBL, 7H9+glycero, 5ml 10
TB003370 Mycobacterial growth indicators tubes 7mls (BBL) 100
TB003380 Mycoprep specimen, 10x150ml Each
TB003400 Universal Bottles 40ml EACH
TB003500 Cryo Labels EACH
TB003515 BD Bactec MGIT 960 calibrator Each
TB003520 BD Bactec MGIT 960 sire kit Each
TB003525 BD Bactec MGIT 960 supplement kit Each
TB003700 Potassium Phosphate EACH
TB003800 'self-refilling syringes 1-10ml EACH
TB004300 Microscope slides-frosted G-edged EACH
TB004350 Microscope slides frosted end 76x26mm trop. pack, 1000 pce Each
TB004400 Streptomycin Suphate injection 1g EACH
TB004500 Sulphuric acid EACH
TB004700 Simmons citrate agar 500mg EACH
TB005000 Auramine ‘O’ Gurr powder EACH
TB005200 Bromothymol blue EACH
TB005400 Glycerol analar EACH
TB005900 Filter paper No. 1 EACH
TB006000 Sodium hydroxide 500g
TB006400 Diazepam 5mg/ml 2ml EACH
TB007000 Diamond writing pencil EACH
TB007500 Loop holder insulated 152mm EACH
TB007700 Markers (super colour) extra fine EACH
TB008000 Methylene blue, 100g EACH
TB008010 Methylene blue, 500g Each
TB008100 Adhesive labels EACH
TB011100 Polyethylene glycol EACH
TB011200 Universal bottle EACH
TB011300 Polypropyline plain label EACH
TB011400 Culture tubes 15mm EACH
TB011500 Round based screw caps centrifuge tubes 13.5ml EACH
TB011600 Ballotin glass balls 2mm diameter EACH
TB011700 Sterile graduated pasteur pipettes EACH
TB011800 Alcohol 95% EACH
TB011900 Plastic loops disposable EACH
TB012000 Alcohol 98% 2.5L
TB012900 Levofloxacin 250mg 100
TB020000 Aniline EACH
TB020100 Safety boxes EACH
TB020200 Specimen containers 1000
TB020600 Lens cleaning tissue EACH
TB022000 Oxacillic acid EACH
TB022100 Sodium chloride crystals 500g
TB022300 Hycoline(disinfection) EACH
TB022400 Microcentrifuge tubes 2ml,self standing with screws cap EACH
TB022500 Grip Seal bags heavy uty 5 x 8 EACH
TB022600 Leak buster specimen container 40ml EACH
TB022700 Skimmed milk, Lab grade EACH
TB022800 Maccertinery bottles EACH
TB022900 Cryovials storage boxes,2ml external thread EACH
TB023000 External thread cryovials 2ml EACH
TB023100 Capilia TB Neo EACH
TB023200 Capilia TB extracion buffer EACH
TB023300 Folded paper towels EACH
TB023350 Paper Towel 4500 Box GDF Each
TB023400 Conical flasks 1000ml EACH
TB023500 Conical flasks 2000ml EACH
TB023600 Conical flasks 3000ml EACH
TB024200 Ethanol absolute 2.5L EACH
TB024800 Garage rolls EACH
TB025200 Ethanol GPR 98/99% VWR 2.5L
TB031700 1ml syringe Depo EACH
TB033800 Oil Immersion(BDH brand) EACH
TB034000 Potassium permanganate EACH
TB034500 Safety Boxes EACH
TB034600 Water for injection, 10ml EACH
TB034700 Water for injection, 5ml EACH
TB034800 Water for injection, 5ml EACH
TB034900 Para Amino salicyclic acid 400mg EACH
TB036100 Phenol crystals, solid 99% 250g EACH
TB036130 Phenol crystals, solid 99% 500g Each
TB036150 Phenol crystals, solid 99% 1.5kg Each
TB036200 Laboratory Diagnostic kit (Equipment Kit) Kit
TB036300 Laboratory Diagnostic kit (Microscope Kit) Kit
TB036400 Laboratory Diagnostic kit (Consumable kit) Kit
TB036500 Cotton wink for alcohol lamp 1ml Each
TB037400 Carbol fuchsin basic dry powder EACH
TB037450 Carbol fuchsin basic Strong Liquid 500ml
TB039800 Xylene EACH
TB040000 Rifabutin 250mg EACH
TB040001 Rifabutin 150mg 100
TB040300 Rifampicin 150mg 1000
TB040500 Co-trimoxazole 480mg EACH
TB040700 Amikacin sulphate 250mg inj EACH
TB040800 Amikacin sulphate 500mg inj EACH
TB040900 Amikacin sulphate 1g inj EACH
TB041100 Capreomycin sulphate 1g EACH
TB041200 Ciprofloxacin 250mg EACH
TB041300 Ciprofloxacin 500mg EACH
TB041500 Cycloserine 250mg 100
TB041600 Cycloserine 250mg Blister Packs 100
TB041700 Ethionamide 125mg EACH
TB041800 Ethionamide 250mg 100
TB042000 Kanamycin sulphate 250g EACH
TB042100 Kanamycin sulphate 500g EACH
TB042200 Kanamycin sulphate 1g EACH
TB042400 Microscope slides-frosted end(Tropical packaging),1000pcs EACH
TB042500 Rifampicin150mg/Isoniazid75mg/Pyrazinamide 400mg/Ethambutol 672
TB042600 Rifampicin60mg/Isoniazid60mg 84
TB042700 Rifampicin150mg/Isoniazid75mg/Ethambutol 275mg (RHE) EACH
TB042800 Isoniazid 300mg 1000
TB042900 Rifampicin60mg/Isoniazid30mg/Pyrazinamide150mg(RHZ) 84
TB043000 Rifampicin 60 mg/isoniazid 30mg 84
TB043100 Rifampicin 80 mg/isoniazid 30mg EACH
TB043200 Ofloxacin 200mg EACH
TB043300 Ofloxacin 400mg EACH
TB043900 Protionamide 250mg EACH
TB044000 Protionamide 125mg EACH
TB044100 Protionamide 250mg EACH
TB044200 Terizidone 300mg EACH
TB044300 Isoniazid RM 50g Each
TB044400 Ethambutol dihydrochloride RM 25g Each
TB044450 Rifampicin RM 25g Each
TB044500 Tube culture pyrex with screw caps 16x25mm EACH
TB044600 Weighing Boats ( Capacity 1000ml) EACH
TB044700 Serological Pipette Disposable 10ml EACH
TB044800 Graduated Pasteur Pipettes Sterile 3ml EACH
TB044900 Isonicotinic cid Hydrazide 50g
TB045000 Microscope Slide Holding Box EACH
TB045100 Sterile QuadLoops 10ul EACH
TB045200 Atoclave Tape Indicator Roll
TB045300 Mercury Thermometers range -10 to +110 EACH
TB045400 Malachite green powder "Gurr" Certistain Oxalate 100g
TB045500 Rifampicin Powder (3-[4- methylpaperaznyliminomethyl] SV 50g
TB045600 Dihydrostreptomycin 50g
TB078600 Safety boxes EACH
TB081700 Vitamin A+E softgel capsule EACH
TB089700 Specimen containers EACH
TB106900 Syringe, disposable 2ml, hypoluer with 23g needle EACH
TB107000 Syringes 2ml, disposable hypoluer with 21g needle EACH
TB107200 Syringes 5ml, disposable hypoluer with 21g needle EACH
TB107500 Syringe, disposable 5ml, hypoluer with 21g needle EACH
TB107600 Zip-lock A4 Plastic Bags EACH
TB107700 Zip Lock Plastic Bags Small EACH
TB107800 Weighing boats 100ml EACH
TB107900 TB Test Kit MPT64 25
TB132300 Basic Fuchsin 100g
TB150100 Weighing Boats 250 ML EACH
TB150200 Autoclave bags EACH
TB150300 Cornical Bottles with Red Top 25
TB150400 Hematology Analyzer Sysmex XN-1000 + accessories SA01 Set
TB150500 Sysmex RET licence for XN-10 Each
TB150600 Microscope Premo Star with iLED Set
TB150700 Equipment and starter kit for LED microscopy GDF Each
TB150800 Diagnosis and Consumables kit for LED microscopy GDF Each
TB150900 Lowenstein medium base, 500g Each
TB151000 Agar Base dehydrated BBL blood, 500g Each
TB151100 GeneXpert cartridge MTB/RIF, 50test Each
TB151200 GeneXpert IV 4 modules laptop SET
TB151250 GeneXpert IV 4 modules desktop Set
TB151300 Amitriptyline HCI, 25mg coated, tabs 1000
TB151400 Amoxycillin 250mg, capsules 1000
TB151500 Beclomethasone diproprionate inhalation, 50mcg/dose, 200 dosEach
TB151600 Chlorphenamine mileate 4mg, tabs 1000
TB151700 Dextrose 5%, 250ml Each
TB151800 Diclofenac sodium 50mg, enteric coated 1000
TB151900 Dihydrostreptomycin, 100g Each
TB152000 Ferrous Sulfate 200mg coated (65mg iron), tabs 1000
TB152100 Fluconazole 100mg, cap 100
TB152200 Fluoxetine 20mg, cap 30
TB152300 Furosemide 40mg, tabs 1000
TB152400 Glibenclamide 5mg, tabs 1000
TB152500 Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg, tabs 1000
TB152600 Hydrocortisone 100mg inj (as sodium succinate) Each
TB152700 Hydrocortisone acetate 1% skin ointment 15g Each
TB152800 Ibuprofen 400mg, film coated tab 1000
TB152900 Loperamide HCI 2mg, tab 1000
TB153000 Methyldopa 250mg film coated, tabs 1000
TB153200 Metronidazole 200mg, tabs 1000
TB153300 Omeprazole 20mg, cap 1000
TB153400 Oral Rehydration Salts 20.5g/L for 1L, Each
TB153500 Paracetamol 500mg, Tabs 1000
TB153600 Promethazine hydrochloride 25mg/ml, 2ml Each
TB153700 Sodium lactate compound (Ringer's lactate), 1000ml Each
TB153800 Spironolactone 25mg, tabs 1000
TB153900 Tramadol HCI 50mg, cap 100
TB154000 TLR 21 UVGI Fitting Each
TB154100 UV Air Irradiation System wall mounted Each
TB154200 UV Lamp TLR21/22, PL-S 9W 60V Each
TB154300 Zinc 20mg Dispersible, Tablets 100
TB154400 Adapter for rotor TX400 f 4x50ml conical tubes, 4 pce Each
TB154500 Aspirating tube for Humalyte plus, Each
TB154600 Autosampler for Humalyte plus, Each
TB154700 Barcode scanner RS232, Each
TB154800 Biohazard bag 36x48cm red 200
TB154900 Biohazard bag 42x61cm clear 200
TB155000 Bottle dropper plastic 15ml with cap, 25 pce Each
TB155100 Electrode Ca for Humalyte plus 5, Each
TB155200 Electrode Cl for Humalyte plus Each
TB155300 Electrode internal f Humalyte plus Each
TB155400 Electrode K for Humalyte plus, Each
TB155500 Electrode Na for Humalyte plus Each
TB155600 Electrode pH for Humalyte plus 5, Each
TB155700 Electrode reference f Humalyte plus, Each
TB155800 Electrolyte analyzer Humalyte Machine plus 5, kit
TB155900 Humalyte cleaning solution daily, 100ml, Each
TB156000 Humalyte cleaning solution weekly, 100ml, Each
TB156100 Humalyte plus filling solution Ca, 100ml, Each
TB156200 Humalyte plus filling solution K, 100ml, Each
TB156300 Humalyte plus filling solution Na/Cl/pH, 100ml, Each
TB156400 Humalyte plus filling solution ref, 100ml, Each
TB156500 Humalyte Plus Na conditioner 100ml, Each
TB156600 Humalyte Plus QC solution 100ml, Each
TB156700 Humalyte Plus QC solution 2ml, 10 vls Each
TB156800 Human thermal printer paper 57mm, 5 rolls Each
TB156900 Peristatic pump tubing for Humalyte plus, 1 pce Each
TB157000 Reagent pack Humalyte Plus 5, Each
TB157100 Reference membrane for Humalyte plus, Each
TB157200 Tubing set for Humalyte plus, Each
TB157300 Urine diluent f Humalyte plus, 100ml, Each
TB157400 Levothyroxine sodium 0.1mg 28 tab blister Each
TB157500 Phenytoin sodium 100mg, tablet 1000
TB157600 Potassium chloride 600mg, slow release, Tablet 100
TB157700 Salbutamol 4mg tablet 1000
TB157800 Sample cups humastar 100/200, 2ml, 500
TB157900 Resuscitator adult reusable Ambu mark IV+masks 2&5, Each
TB158000 Scissors dissecting Mayo 17cm str bl/bl M035017, Each
TB158100 Cap for test tube 16mm, stainless steel 144
TB158200 Centrifuge Sorvall ST16R 230V Each
TB158300 Centrifuge tube plast. Sterile 15ml conical + cap 500
TB158320 Centrifuge tube plast. Sterile 15ml conical + cap 750
TB158350 Centrifuge tube plast. Sterile 50ml conical + cap 500
TB158400 Microscope slides frosted end 76x26mm trop. pack, 144 pce Each
TB158500 Rotor TX400 round bucket, 4pcs Each
TB158600 Swing out rotor TX400 for centrifuge SL16R Each
TB158700 Wash bottle plastic 500ml squeeze type, 6 pcs Each
TB158800 Disposable wipes, tissue paper 50
TB158900 Pencil permanent for marking slides Each
TB159000 Test tube plastic sterile 17x100mm, 14ml +cap 500
TB159100 Pipette measuring PS sterile 10ml grad. 0.1ml 200
TB159200 Alcohol stem thermometer -10oC to -110oC Each
TB159300 Autoclave tape f steam ster. 19mmx55m,48 rolls Each
TB159400 Test tubes glass 150x16mm+screw cap 1000
TB159500 Measuring cylinder glass 1L, 4pcs Each
TB159600 Measuring cylinder glass 500ml, 4pcs Each
TB159700 Measuring cylinder glass 250ml, 6pcs Each
TB159800 Measuring cylinder glass 100ml, 12 pcs Each
TB159900 Funnel conical plastic 12cm, 12 pcs Each
TB160000 Slide drying brench MH6616/X1 Each
TB160100 Cap for bucket of rotor TX400, 4 pcs Each
TB160200 Autoclave 62L+Accessories Each
TB160300 Rack for pipette for 50 pipettes, PP Each
TB160400 Respiratory fit test apparatus Kit
TB160500 Face mask FFP2 w/o valve disp 20
TB160600 Rifampicin 75mg+INH 50mg dispersible tablets 84
TB160700 Rifampicin 75mg+INH 50mg+Pyrazinamide 150mg dispersible tabl84
TB160800 Lens tissue 10x15cm 100
TB160900 Pipette pasteur plastic 155mm 3ml grad 500
TB161000 Innoculating loop plastic disp. Sterile 10Ul 1000
TB161100 Filter paper round 24cm Whatman grade 1 100
TB161200 Filter paper sheets 47x57cm f general use 500
TB161300 Pipette electronic Multipette M4+accs Each
TB161400 Microtube plastic sterile 2ml screw cap 500
TB161500 Cryotube sterile round bottom 2ml ext. thread 1000
TB161600 Labcoat single use size XL 50
TB161700 Pipette tips w filter, sterile 100-1000uI (10X96 pcs) Each
TB161800 Pipette tips w filetr, sterile 2-2000uI (10X96 pcs) Each
TB161900 Flask erlenmeyer borosiliglass 1L Each
TB162000 Flask erlenmeyer borosiliglass 100ml Each
TB162100 Innoculating loop nickelchrom Each
TB162200 Forceps dressing standard 16cm M060016 5
TB162300 Handle for innoculating loop Each
TB162400 Beaker plastic 1L Each
TB162500 Infusion giving set w airinlet 21G 20
TB162600 Glycerol 100% BP/EP 1L Each
TB162700 Container specimen glass Each
TB162800 Staining rack for dish 300105 Each
TB162900 Timer 60 min+signal Each
TB163000 IV placement unit+injPort/wing 22G 50
TB163100 Alcohol swab 100
TB163200 Examination gloves latex powder free medium 1000
TB163300 Kidney dish s.s. 25cm Each
TB163400 Culture tube glass 15ml Each
TB163500 Culture tube glass 15ml 154
TB163600 Chlorhexidine gluconate 5% solution 1L Each
TB163700 Bedpan s.s. (AISI 304) with lid Each
TB163800 Specimen container glass Each
TB163900 Bowl polypropylene, 2L Each
TB164000 Container specimen glass Each
TB164100 Bag, plastic resealable, 22x28cm 1000
TB164200 Coat medical disp. Sterile large 30
TB164300 Coat medical disp. Sterile medium 30
TB164400 Coat medical disp. Sterile small 30
TB164500 Slidebox plastic for 100 slides 76x26mm Each
TB164600 Rod glass 20cmx0.5cm Each
TB164700 Bottle reagent brown glass 1L with cap 12
TB164800 Deodorizer pads for autoclave 100
TB164900 Amoxicillin 875mg+Clavulanic acid 125mg 12
TB165000 Moxifloxacin 400mg 100
TB165100 PAS sodium 5.52g, 25 Sac Each
TB165200 Clofazimine 100mg 100
TB165300 GeneXpert check kit Each
TB165400 Metoclopamide HCI 10mg 1000
TB165500 Multivitamin coated 1000
TB165600 Haloperidol 5mg 1000
TB165700 Folic acid 5mg 1000
TB165800 Calamine lotion, 500ml Each
TB165900 Pyridoxine HCI 50mg (B-6) 1000
TB166000 Diazepam 5mg tablets 1000
TB166100 Diazepam 10mg/2ml inj Each